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My Little Pony: Isk is Magic - keyan88

A capsuleer exploring wormhole space finds himself trapped in an unknown system. After discovering the only other sentient species, other than humans, are ponies, adventures ensue. He soon learns there are more important things in the galaxy than Isk

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Chapter 7

“Talk to me Aura, whose on my ship?” Keyan said as he walked determinedly down one of his ship’s corridors.

“Princess Luna” The A.I responded.

Keyan’s step staggered slightly but he kept his pace,

“How the fuck did she get onto my ship?”

“It appears she used her teleportation to breach the outer hull. The shield is not active currently.”

“Now I have freaking royalty on my ship. Perfect. Where is she?”

“I have placed her in guest room 03 sir.”

“Oh, the blue one.”

Keyan continued down the hallway and suddenly something came to his mind,

“Aura how big am i compared to ponies?”

“The average male length is--”

“NOT THAT KIND OF BIG! Goddammit Aura!” Keyan cried out exasperated.

“Let me rephrase. The normal ponies shoulders would come up to your waist and their head would vary. Princess Luna’s shoulders would come up to your mid-chest, and Princess Celestia’s to your shoulders.”

“Alright, so shes not bigger than me.”

“If it satisfies your ego, than no sir.”

Keyan snorted. He made one last turn down the guest room corridor and stopped in front of the door.

“Alright Aura, open it.”

“Sir, I advise waiting for her to be prepared, she is indisposed at the moment.”

“Open the door Aura.”

“Sir, she is Royalty you wouldn’t want to offend--”

“Yea, but its my damn ship, and on here i'm the damn captain. Open the damn door!” Keyan interrupted.

“Very well sir.”

The door slid to the side with a soft hiss. Keyan stepped into the room, his footsteps muffled by the azure carpet on the floor. He took a deep breath to calm himself and then purposely stepped into the Princess’s field of view.

Or rather he would have if she wasn’t sprawled out unconscious on the bed. He took a few moments to take in her appearance. He had thought the look of her hair was some trick of the camera but he was surprised. Her hair, “mane” he corrected himself, seemed to shimmer like the evening sky, twinkling with various stars.

He wanted to say she was sleeping gracefully, with all the beauty and poise expected from a ruling diarch, but that was not the case. She was flopped on her back, her hooves spread in every direction. Her tongue was lolling out of her mouth with a small line of drool escaping from her mouth to the bedsheets.

“Aura, what did you do?” The tone he asked his question is was the one a mom would sue when scolding her child.

“I enacted the protocol, dictated to me by you, when an unauthorized non-hostile guest appears on the ship.”

Facepalm of Champions.

“So let me get this straight, one of the ruling diarchs, of the first sentient species found in the galaxy, appears aboard the ship. And the first thing you do is fucking gas her!?” Keyan couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The A.I was uncharistically silent,

“Yes Sir”


“What did you think he meant by guest Twilight?” Rainbow asked the unicorn sitting next to her.

“I don’t know Rainbow. I can’t think of anypony that would be able to get to his spaceship.” Twilight tapped her chin with a hoof. “But either way, I have to start copying and categorizing these notes.”

The studious unicorn began to go about her task but a cyan hoof stopped her,

“Nuh-uh Twi. that can wait till later.” Rainbow said.

“So what am I supposed to do?”

Rainbow thought for a moment,

“Wanna go prank some guards with me?”

Twilight smacked her in her shoulder with a hoof,

“Rainbow! Noo, we’d get in trouble.” She said waving her off.

Rainbow, undeterred, grabbed hold of Twilight’s waving hoof and proceeded to drag the unicorn out the door. Twilight tried to put of a fight but she was no match the the athletic build of the pegasus.

A flash interrupted Twilight’s foal-napping. The two ponies turned to a tired looking Celestia.

“Has anypony seen my sister?” she asked.

Both Twilight and Rainbow looked at each other, than at the probe, then back to each other.

“I think we may have some idea princess.” Twilight said.



“Sister, may I request a break?” Luna asked her Celestia. They had been working with the ponies of Ponyville to repair some of the damage and rescue the trapped ponies. As of now none were dead, but a few were in critical condition.

Celestia turned and looked at her beleaguered sister,

“Yes, Luna go ahead. I have the rest of this well in hoof. Just come back in an hour okay?”

Luna smiled and nodded,

“Thank you sister, I shall take my leave.”

Celestia nodded in acknowledgement as Luna spread her wings and took flight. Celestia assumed that she was going to go someplace and take a nap, but Luna had other ideas. This alien intrigued her, specifically his ship.

A device capable of transversing the stars, traveling to every corner of the galaxy. The thought excited her, as princess of the night her fascination with the stars transcended all attempts at measuring it. Long story short, she wanted a closer look.

The alien had said that he was in geosynchronous orbit, meaning he should always be at the same point in the sky. She landed at her destination softly, her silver hoof caps making small clacking noises. She looked around at Twilight’s balcony, satisfied that no other ponies had been there.

The telescope was unmoved from last night, meaning it was still pointing at the alien’s ship She walked over to it her horn starting to glow. A small ball of light appeared above the telescope. Following the telescope’s trajectory exactly a red beam of light shot out from it. It was easily visible enough to follow.

Luna spread her wings again and took flight, she quickly cast an invisibility spell on herself, lest any stray ponies see her flying off into nowhere. A second spell quickly followed it, this one was a shield to protect her from the rigors of space and high altitude flying.

Her speed picked up as the air grew thinner. With a final flap of her wings she exited the atmosphere, still following the red beam. The shield she casted could protect her from the vacuum of space but it was hard to maintain. She could only keep it active at most for 30 minutes.

She followed the beam of light until she saw it disappear. It didn’t fade away, it just stopped altogether. The alien had said how his ship had a “cloaking” device that was the same in practice as an invisibility spell, this must be where it started. Luna took a second to prepare herself, than with a thrust of her wings she rocketed into the cloaking field, expecting to see the ship in all its glory on the other side.

Sadly that was not the case as her muzzle collided with the hull of the ship moving at full speed with a solid thunk. Luna let out a shriek of pain, surprise, and rage as she held her bleeding muzzle. A short flash of magic and the damage was repaired however. Luna watched as a ripple appeared to move along empty space, before a glimpse of rust colored metal appeared in front of her.

The ripple continued to travel before slowly losing momentum and petering out into nothing. Luna watched silently as a second ripple appeared in the center, this time re-cloaking the ship as it travels outwards.

Luna should have been contented with seeing even this much, she knew what the alien could do if she pissed it off. BUt sadly, the princess had always been the curious one and wanted more.

She slowly reached a hoof out and felt it connect with the metal hull. She began to drag it along the hull causing another hole to appear. This time she started moving as well, she flew around the ship trying to find someway inside.

She suddenly felt a change in texture, going from metal to glass, Luna knew she found a way in. She stopped moving her horn glowing, preparing a teleportation spell. She moved her hoof around, giving her a small glimpse into the ship. It was enough as Luna disappeared and reappeared in a flash.

Luna was in an unremarkable corridor, softly lighted with lights at regular intervals. Just as Luna was about to take her first steps she suddenly felt woozy. In a few seconds she dropped to the floor, thoroughly unconscious.


Keyan walked back to the bridge and the radio, hoping that the others didn’t think he kid(foal?)napped their princess. That could surely put a damper on the burgeoning relationship.

He sat back down in his chair and activated the radio. Immediately the voices of the ponies spoke.

“Do ya thinks hes okay up there? I sure hope she didn’t make Keyan angry.” Applejack said.

“How could he be angry? I’d love a friend to randomly visit and say hello to me!” Pinkie Pie cut in

“Well, we really aren’t his friends yet.” Rainbow Dash retorted.

“Listen everypony, all we have to do is explain the situation to Keyan, and hopefully he won’t be mad.” The reasonable voice of Twilight spoke.

“I’m not mad girls, I’m just a little annoyed.” Keyan said, he opened the camera feed just in time to see the entire group jump, he smiled silently before continuing, “And I’m not going to hurt what essentially amounts to a goddess. I’m an explorer not an idiot.”

The group let out a collective sigh,

“Well shoot, thats the best news I heard all day!” Applejack exclaimed.

Celestia than spoke, “When can we expect my sister back?”

“I can send her back in a shuttle right now if you want, just give me a location.”

“You’re being awfully nice about all of this Keyan. I’d thought you’d be way more mad about somepony sneaking onto your ship. Considering how protective you are.” Twilight stated.

Keyan’s voice turned serious,”Consider this a warning then Twilight, I’m letting her off easy this time. If anybody-”

“pony” Pinkie interrupted

“anypony sneaks onto my ship again, I won’t send them back so soon.”

6 ponies heads nodded dumbly, Celestia’s eyes narrowed,

“Do you are threaten my subjects!?”

“Imagine I was sneaking into your castle, would you do something different?”

Celestia opened her mouth to say something but stopped herself, she would do the same.

Keyan continued, “Listen, I really don’t want to this to sour things, just give me a location and I’ll send her there safe and sound.”

Celestia thought for a moment,

“Do you know the forest near ponyville? there are ruins of a castle there, that is a good location away from any other pony’s eyes.”

“Alright, I’ll send her down now. Keyan out, peace.”

The line beeped.

Celestia turned to the main 6, “I’m going to teleport us, get ready.” And in a flash they were gone.


Keyan looked at the shuttle he was sending down, it was a cheap simple thing but would get the job done. He watched Princess Luna being carted out on a stretcher, still unconscious. If Aura was right she would wake up at some point during the flight down.

Upon its cargo being loaded the shuttle’s door closed with a hiss.

“You have the location right Aura?”

“Yes sir. The location is programmed into the Shuttle.” After a few seconds she added, “I am detecting the princess and the others have teleported to the ruins.”

“Good, send it down.”

Keyan stepped out of the cargo bay as the doors opened and the room depressurized. The shuttle silently lifted off the floor and slowly exited the hanger. When it reached a safe distance the engines flared brightly as it shot towards the planet below.


Luna woke up suddenly. Her eyes opened wide as she took in her surroundings, she appeared to be in some type of jail cell, and judging from the comfort of the bed she was laying on her suspicions were correct.

“Thou dares to imprison a princess?” She called out, knowing the alien was listening. After a few seconds Keyan spoke,

“You’re not in a cell, you’re in a shuttle. I’m sending you back down to the planet. Now tell me why you were on my ship.”

Luna was silent,

“Listen Princess, I’m not mad at you. Just tell me why.”

Luna sighed,

“we were… curious. we are Princess of the Night, your ship is capable of transversing the stars, dost thou not understand our curiosity?”

“No, I do understand it. But that doesn’t change the fact you snuck onto my ship.”

Luna took a deep breath,

“We are sorry”

“Good, now that thats out of the way, can you tell me why you saw “we” when you speak? Its a bit weird.”

“Dost thou insult us?”

“No no, I’m just… curious.”

Luna looked dramatically off into the middle distance,

“It is a complicated story. Dost thou know of the elements of harmony?”

Keyan scratched his chin,

“They told me a little bit, jsut the basic outline really. How does that relate to this?”

“We must tell thee sometime, it is quite the tale. Mayhaps on the day I could return to thine ship.”

Keyan chuckled,

“I’d love to hear the story, but don’t expect to come up to my ship again soon, I’m punishing you.”

Luna stood up enraged,

“Thou punishes us like one would a foal.”

“Thats exactly what I’m doing. But come on, you know you deserve it.

Luna fumed for a moment but then had to agree, his position was completely understandable.

“We accept thine punishment under the condition that I shall be guaranteed a visit to your ship in the future.”

“Deal Luna”

Luna cocked her head.

“Only my friends call me Luna.”

“Well then, deal Princess.”

“You can call me Luna, if thou wishes it.”

“What you wanna be friends?”

Luna smiled,

“That would be an acceptable deal.”

“Maybe later princess, but right now I’m still mad at you for sneaking onto my ship.”

“Thou rejects our offer!?” Luna was offended.

“For now Princess, Give it time and we’ll see.”

“Acceptable” Luna replied.


Celestia stood off to the side of main six, watching them. They all seemed to be taking the news of aliens extremely well. She looked to the skies as a soft humming noise filled the air. All ponies present watched in awe as a dark shape trailing a blue streak made its way across the sky.

Over the course of a few minutes it descended, minimizing the effects of atmospheric entry. The ponies all stepped back as it stopped completely above their heads. A soft hiss accompanied the extension of legs from its hull.

It touched down with barely a sound, the soft humming died down as it sat silently. All the ponies examined it, the first good look at an actual space craft. All of the ponies thought of it as some measure of awesome, except Rarity who thought it looked as garish as everything else Keyan owned.

Suddenly another hiss pierced the night as the door to the shuttle opened. Luna stepped out with a small smile on her lips,

“Greeting Sister, how does thou far this lovely evening?”

The main 6’s faces looked towards Celestia.


“No, harm has been done sister. Keyan and I have worked out all conflict.”

Celestia opened her mouth to argue but Keyan interrupted her, his voice playing through a loudspeaker.

“Don’t get mad at her Princess Celestia, just don’t let ner sneak off again.”

Celestia glared at her sister,

“Very well Keyan, I thank you for my sisters safe return.”

“Its no problem at all.”

The 8 ponies readied themselves to teleport back to Canterlot but Keyan interrupted them one more time,

“Hey wait! Wanna see something funny?”

Rainbow was the first to respond,

“Yea go ahead, I’ll be the judge of that!”

A holographic screen quickly opened up in front of them,.

“Alright, get ready to die of laughter.”

An image of Luna passed out on the bed suddenly filled the screen.

Luna immediately froze up, face frozen in half embarrassment and half pure rage. Rainbow just broke out into gales of laughter, followed by Pinkie and Applejack. Rarity and Twilight tried unsuccessfully to hide their giggles behind their hooves. Fluttershy was hiding her smile behind her mane. Even Celestia was having a difficult time stifling her laughter.

Luna’s rage suddenly bubbled over,

“UNHAND THAT IMAGE AT ONCE!” She shouted in the royal Canterlot voice.

“Make me Princess” came the snarky reply.

Luna’s shriek of rage was so loud Keyan thought that even without microphones he could have heard it.

Author's Note:

Sorry this was a little late, I'm not sure how much I can update this in the future as Varsity Hockey is starting but I'll still chug way at it when I can. Please leave me thoughts and criticism in the comments.

Keyan out, peace o7

P.S I'm thinking of removing the romance tag from the story as its not a central part of the story, leave your opinions of this in the comments please.

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