• Published 2nd Nov 2012
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Metroid: A Hunter in Equestria - Cusi

Samus crashes in Equestria.How will the legendary bounty hunter fare in the peaceful land of ponies?

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Entering a New World

A/N: Samus and Metroid elements belong to Nintendo. My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro/the Hub. I own nothing but the plot.

Chapter 1: Entering a New World

Samus Aran's Log, entry 001:

Under the suggestion of Adam, my ship's computer, I decided to record important events in my Logbook. He shares a philosophy with the Chozo: "Records of the past may be key in the solutions of the future". This may be of use in the nearby future. At least, I hope so...


Samus Aran's Log, entry 002:

The X parasites have been eradicated from existence and are now extinct. Sadly, the Federation held interest in these parasites and blame me for their extinction. I am now charged with treason and complot against the Federation. Running away from the Federation is my best chance of survival. Perhaps an escape to Tallon IV is in order. The Etecoons and Dachoras will like the planet's ecosystem.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 003:

I've returned from Tallon IV, and left my animal companions there. I wish them a happy life. Tallon IV's scar is healing slowly. I am amazed at the Chozo culture; they perished in the planet cycles ago, and yet their influence persists. Although childish, the idea of a home planet is welcome. After the destruction of K-2L, Zebes, and now SR338, Tallon IV is the closest I have to a home. I miss my Chozo caretakers greatly.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 004:

Adam tells me our resources are dangerously low. We have decided to visit a Zebesian colony nearby; perhaps there are materials we can scavenge. I have a feeling I will find more than just materials, though. I can only hope the Pirates haven't returned.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 005:

I have arrived at the Zebesian colony. Scavenging for materials and fuel was successful, and there was no signs of recent Space Pirate activity. Exploring the ruins of the Space Pirates' base and Chozo ruins, I have encountered unexpected allies. Jayden Stark, a Galactic Federation scholar and leader of a small research team, was studying the same Chozo ruins I am in. He and his team have been here for almost two months. They are supportive to my case with the Federation and the X parasites, and so they have agreed to not alert the Federation of my presence here. At last, I can relax a little, if only a little...


Samus Aran's Log, entry 006:

I have decided to stay for a while and help with the research. Having better acquainted myself with the research team, I now trust them as they trust me. It feels refreshing to have some human interaction again. Yoshi, the youngest researcher, has told me he is a Chozo enthusiast as well, and has eagerly offered me to show me his findings. To say I benefited with his findings would be a great understatement. He found a data recovery system of Chozo origin that was to be installed into my Power Suit, but ultimately failed to do so. Yoshi, however, has managed to crack its programs. The device is now being installed into my suit.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 007:

The installation was a success. The data recovery system has granted me access to every upgrade, weapon, and power-up my suit has ever received, the exception being the Hyper Beam. The P.E.D. systems were recovered, but are unusable without Phazon to power it. It feels good to have all these weapons again. I am now more powerful than ever. No pirate will stand a chance.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 008:

The research expedition has reached its end, and now the team has returned home. Jayden, Yoshi, Elton, Graxon, Tetra, Amy... They are the team of which I was briefly part of, and whom I can now call allies. I have stayed behind to pay my respects and gratitude to my deceased Chozo caretakers. With this expedition, I have a better understanding of my Chozo heritage. Chozo have always had a thirst for knowledge and deep respect for all things alive. As I took part in this team and its mission, I remember something I forgot during my life as a bounty-hunter: respect for living things and a desire to know more about them. In retrospect, the power of the Scan Visor now makes much more sense. I will return to my ship and Adam. I feel lucky to have found allies in these dark times.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 009:

I have discovered the location of an old Space Pirate base. It was full of Pirate activity. I don't know whether to admire their perseverance, or laugh at their stupidity. For such intelligent creatures, it seems they are unable to learn a lesson. They were still trying to clone Metroids. I thwarted their plan and eliminated every pirate and Metroid on the base. Unfortunately, the Federation also found the base. The fact that I destroyed the Metroids there didn't help my case at all. I am now under attack by the Federation.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 010:

The Federation's attempts to capture me have increased in intensity. Losing them has become increasingly difficult. On the bright side, they are hiring other bounty hunters to do their job. While some of them are bothersome, most of the hunters are easily disposed of, and the battle spoils are always welcome, specially the new ship. I managed to recover my Hunter-class Gunship. Transferring Adam to the new ship's computer was fairly easy to do.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 011:

I have been contacted by Jayden and his team. Adam has informed me that they are planning on another expedition, this time to Tallon IV, and have requested my assistance. I agreed. It will be nice to return to Tallon IV and to see my allies.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 012:

My reunions with Jayden's team was a bittersweet one; I'm happy to finally see them again, and angry that they were being followed by the Federation. Luckily, only one squadron was sent to follow the researchers. They were quickly taken care of.


Samus Aran's Log, entry 013:

Uncertainty strikes again. The troopers that followed Jayden's team were on another mission and just followed them because of a mistake on their part. Their real mission was to hunt down Sylux, who is apparently still alive. While this means the Federation likely won't track us down here, it's possible for Sylux to be near. I have to keep my eyes open for any threat; Sylux is an expert in stealth and espionage.


"Well, that just about covers it! Thanks a million again, Samus. Your guidance was key in this investigation, as well as your extensive knowledge on the local fauna and flora. If you ever need any help with anything, feel free to ask me or any of my team. I'm sure they'll be glad to help a valuable friend" said a tall, blond man with a short beard and sharp features. He was wearing a lab coat and black pants, along with square glasses in his eyes. "I'm afraid this is where we say farewell to each other." He said as he gave Samus a friendly hug and a pat on her back.

Samus was without her Power Suit at the moment, so she dressed in her skin-tight full-body blue jumpsuit, or Zero Suit, as she called it. After the hug, she replied "Travel safe, and be on the lookout. I wish you luck."

The man smiled at her as he climbed on to board his ship, where his team awaited him. Waving silhouettes could be seen on the windows as the ship closed its hermetic doors and took off. Samus waved back until the ship was not visible anymore. She sighed, then headed back to her gunship, where Adam, the ship's computer, awaited her arrival.

As she entered her ship, Samus activated her Power Suit, and proceeded pilot the ship to leave the planet she was currently on. Her Hunter-class Gunship was, in all modesty, the best gunship to her tastes. It had the central cockpit, whose front window resembled her suit's visor. on its sides were the pincer-like wings, which carried the ship's missiles and weapons, as well as serving as footstands to support the ship when it was on land. Below the cockpit, a magnetic tracker was installed, which allowed her ship to carry all the big, heavy stuff, she was unable to by her own, using the ship's Grapple Beam. It also had a built-in ammunition microfactory, a medical bay, an energy-recharge station, storage containers, metal windshield shields, an auto-repair function, and most importantly, the most comfortable pilot chair she had ever sat on. And best of all, it was able to be controlled from her suit's Arm Cannon. Yes, she was the proud owner of this particular gunship.

Once she left the planet's atmosphere, she consulted Adam on their course of action. "The elimination of Sylux is our best course of action. A small ship resembling the Delano 7 was detected flying towards Norion. I suggest you follow it." sounded the male voice belonging to Adam.

"Good job, Adam. Set the navigation coordinates to the Kalandor Region. Commence hyperdrive, destination: Norion." Samus ordered.

"Coordinates set. Hyperdrive ready... Incoming message. Message received: 'Travel safe'." This confused Samus.


"Initiating hyperspace travel in 3... 2... 1..." just at that moment, a strong blast hit the ship on its left wing, causing it to greatly alter its planned course. The last thing Samus saw before her gunship entered hyperdrive to an uncharted part of the universe was Sylux's ship, the Delano 7, with its plasma turrets aiming at her ship. As she was flying through the galaxy, Adam reported the sustained damage "Damage reports indicate a malfunction in the navigating system and control panels. I am unable to quit hyperdrive. Piloting the ship is impossible. We can only hope for the best..."

Undeterred, Samus jumped to the pilot seat and grabbed the steering lever. While it was impossible to pilot the ship, as Adam has just said, she would be able to lightly change the ship's course; a good thing, because she was heading to an asteroid field. Sadly, at the speeds they were traveling, it wouldn't do much help; and the damaged navigation system made it impossible to stop. She loudly cursed Sylux's existence.

By a stroke of luck, while passing through the asteroid field, a stray rock managed to hit one of the boosters, exiting hyperdrive and returning some control of the ship to the bounty huntress. Samus didn't relax, though, because she was still inside the asteroid field. Her years of experience in piloting came useful as she maneuvered around the rocks' random courses.

After some very tense minutes, the asteroid field was left behind; however, she saw the reason this part of the universe wasn't charted: glowing yellow spheres of something, presumably pure energy, were floating freely all around the space of her ship. She tried to fly around them, but one sphere managed to touch her gunship, and as soon as it did, it disappeared, but not without making the ship's controls go haywire again. And once again, Samus was flying on a ship with neither a set course nor controls to pilot it. Needless to say, she cursed Sylux's existence again.

Hours passed, and the Hunter-class gunship continued its unknown course. While many conscious beings would be panicking, fearing for their miserable lives, Samus was seating on her comfy pilot seat, no longer in her Power Suit, with her elbows on her knees, her chin in her hands, and boredom in her face. She was going to update her log and curse Sylux again when Adam informed her they had ran out of fuel. She looked at the panels in her ship, and remembered they were useless thanks to some round, shiny pests. Her sight then went to the ship's windshield. It was pure luck, be it good or bad, she couldn't tell, that she was seeing a small planet. With the ship's momentum, it was inevitable to crash on it. The good part was that at the angle at which her ship would enter the planet's atmosphere, the landing wouldn't completely obliterate her transport, along with her on it. Still, touching ground would hurt. A lot.

She asked Adam for the remaining time before collision. Twelve minutes was her answer. She lost no time in activating her Power Suit and going to the back part of the ship, which she assumed would be damaged the least. Minutes went by, and the only thing she could do on was to close her eyes and wait for the best.


In a colossal stadium, with benches full of ponies of all colors and varieties, a show of bravery, skill, and control was being performed by Equestria's top flying squadron: the Wonderbolts. The pegasi, clad in blue spandex, were attempting to awe their audience again by performing the 'Fall of Death', in which they would fly up high, then fall to the ground and pass through rings on fire on both sky and land, grab a flag that was inches from the ground, and return to the podium to place said flag in. With their audience cheering loud for them, the Wonderbolts commenced their trick and gained altitude. However, before starting the dangerous fall, something caught their attention; on the distance they saw a meteor, burning and falling to the earth below. They weren't the only ones, apparently, since the whole pony audience saw it too. After some time passed, they resumed their trick, but not without agreeing on investigating the unusual phenomenon after their show. The audience exploded in cheers once again, the show was still going on, and nothing ever interrupted a show with the Wonderbolts in it.


"I will show you, Twilight. You will see..." an azure coated mare said to herself while blasting away targets sets in nearby trees and rocks, her horn glowing with magical energy "Nopony humiliates the Great and Powerful Trixie and gets away with it. Next time we meet, you better be prepared". Trixie destroyed the last target before picking a glass of water with her magic and began drinking from it. After the glass was empty, a brush levitated and started brushing her platinum mane. Once she was done, she picked her dark purple cloak. She was about to leave the forest she was in when something burning in the sky caught her attention. She looked up to see a meteor falling to the ground, surrounded by flames. It looked like it was going to crash near the very same town she was planning on visiting soon: Ponyville. She pondered what to do for a moment. "Well, I think Twilight and her town may have to wait. This meteor has caught Trixie's attention and Trixie wishes to investigate." With a confident smirk, she headed toward the mysterious space object.


"Thanks a lot for doing mah part, Big Mac! Ah promise ah'll bring ya some cake. Ya know how Pinkie Pie gets when we don' go to 'er parties. Ya sure ya can handle everythin'?" an orange pony with blonde mane and a cowboy hat waved as she left a big, red pony with orange mane and a yoke on his neck. He had a soft expression on his face and responded with a simple 'Eeyup'. He watched his sister leave the apple farm they were in. When he was alone, he turned to the trees full of apples and continued with his apple bucking.

A couple of hours later, Big Macintosh was bucking the last trees for the day. When the tree was free of apples, he gave a tired sigh raised his sight to see how much time had passed, only to find a meteor crashing near the farm with a loud BOOM. He immediately detached his apple cart from his yoke and sprinted toward the crash site.


When Samus saw the ground quickly approaching through the ship's window, she closed her eyes and braced for impact. The ship shook very violently for several moments, sending her flying and bouncing to and from the walls, before coming to a stop. She was sure her ship could handle a rough landing, but a damage report was in order.

After manually opening the ship's hatch/elevator, she went outside to check the damage. Once outside, she took a look to her surroundings. She climbed out of the newly formed crater and saw lots of trees. Not a forest, she could tell, more like the farms she saw on some history reports back on her academy days. An apple farm, one could assume. With no threats on sight, she returned to the crater to inspect her ship. Her scan visor proved useful once again, noting this planet's atmosphere was identical to that of her native planet, K-2L. It was safe to breathe without the aid of her suit. Nonetheless, she proceeded with her suit on.

After a quick scan, Samus concluded that her ship was mostly fine in the outside; only the propulsors were affected by the crash. She consulted Adam on the damage inside, and got disheartening answer. Adam reported that the fission reactor was badly damaged, and without it the ship couldn't initiate its auto-repair functions. She gave a loud, disappointing sigh, and once again, cursed every atom in Sylux's body. With frustration apparent in her face, Samus went inside the ship to collect her toolbox, and then exited it to begin manual repairs.

Oh, how she hated manual repairs.

The bounty huntress deactivated her Power Suit, leaving her in her Zero Suit, to be able to handle her tools; as much as she loved her Arm Cannon, it wasn't particularly useful while handling delicate and precise tools. She began tinkering with the booster, cutting some cables and welding others. After a little while, smoke began erupting from the booster she was working on. When she took notice of this, her eyes widened. "Oh, shi-" she ws cut off as the booster exploded, sending her flying 40 feet in the air.

She landed on a branch of what seemed to be an apple tree. She felt intense pain coming from her left arm when she landed, most likely a fractured bone. The branch she was on snapped and she fell to the hard ground. She saw a red creature with big, green eyes and a sprig on its mouth looking oddly at her. Even stranger that the look it gave her was the green apple tattoo the creature had on its flank. Samus returned the creature's look of wonder with a look of confusion; then, she lost consciousness.

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