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Hi World

Hi World! How y'all doin'? I have crazy ideas in my head, and I just had to type them out into fanfics n' share em with you guys. I hope you like em! :D


Profanities? · 3:17pm Oct 6th, 2017

Just curious, how would you take to cursing in the upcoming crossover? So far I have words like "damn" and "ass" being spoken exclusively by humans and griffons. No matter what the outcome of this blog is, I will not make ponies swear. Should I crank it up and let humans and griffons say things like "fuck" and "shit," or should I stick to what I've got? I know I'll be happy either way but I don't wanna ruin the story for my audience of three by including the harshest swears. I'm currently

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Yeah I reckon i'd've chosen them the same ha

If you do a Halo: Reach fanfic, be sure to include...
Noble One, Carter (Most likely would be twilight:twilightsmile:)
Noble Two, Kat-B320 (Rarity:duck:the inquisitive one)
Noble Three, Jun (Most likely Rainbow Dash:rainbowdetermined2:)
Noble Four, Emile (Pinkie Pie:pinkiecrazy:)
Noble Five, Jorge-052 (Applejack:ajsmug:)
And last but not least, our (second) favorite Hyper-Lethal spartan, Noble Six, spartan-B312 (Fluttershy:fluttershysad:)

Haven't they? Hmmmm... :trixieshiftright:

Good Idea! Hay, maybe you could write a Halo: Reach/Halo: the Fall Of Reach fanfic! No one's done that yet!

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