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Hi World

Hi World! How y'all doin'? I have crazy ideas in my head, and I just had to type them out into fanfics n' share em with you guys. I hope you like em! :D


Follow Luna, Rarity, Celestia, Rainbow Dash and many more beloved characters as they are whisked into the shoes of the characters from Halo's The Mona Lisa. After salvaging a dying prisoner from Halo's debris played by Lightning Dust, the Ponies of the UPSC Red Horse are left curious and hungry for answers. Commander Princess Celestia and the AI Discord order Sergeant Luna and a squad of seventeen Ponies to investigate the ship Lightning Dust came from: An abandoned Prison Ship known as The Pony Lisa. So what happened on board The Pony Lisa? Did the Griffins playing the roll of Covenant take her over? Or was it just a prison riot? The answer is far more disturbing than anypony could have imagined. Whilst finding a few survivors on the way, and Luna fighting a separate battle in her head, the dwindling squad must push through a horrific infestation and destroy The Pony Lisa's nav systems to stop the evilest thing in the galaxy from locating colonised worlds.

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I would give you a full report on the story...
...but I'm really tired.

It'd be a good idea to use indentations on paragraphs, though, and to even out spacings in between. There were also a few spelling and grammer mistakes, but that's common among any story. I'd also make dialogue flow more easily within the story, if you can.

I did like the joke you played on Lightning Dust's name when she died. And this isn't a terrible fic so far. That this is a crossover with The Mona Lisa adds a few points your way. Just be carefull, and keep the fic up no matter what people say.:pinkiehappy:

3140783 Thankyou :eeyup: This advice will surely help.

Man, I am getting flashbacks of The Library so hard right now. It was bad enough in normal mode… but I imagine the Sergeant Luna and her squad are running a Legendary campaign… :facehoof:

Well that's just dandy :ajsmug: I wanted it to have that Halo feel so it's great that it reminds you of The Library lol. As much as I love The Flood; I hate that level! Hope you have just as much fun reading the rest as I have had making it. Next chapters a biggie and features a new character. Oh and of course they're in Legendary. Was there ever any doubt? :trixieshiftright:

3322932 I hated the Library, too. I think when I played it on Easy mode, I got killed no less then ten times. Normal, more than twice that…! I like what I'm reading so far. Too bad about Bon Bon. I was actually starting to like her…

3322935 Well once The Library was completed, there would be the three greatest levels in the whole Halo series, or at least I think so lol :3 Glad you like it lol, just wait til you see what happens to some of the other characters :pinkiesick: I take it you're reading this with Times New Roman font and Medium Dark background right? :rainbowderp:

3323016 Fuck yeah! Two Betrayals and Keyes are my favorite levels in the Campaign. The only I like better is The Silent Cartographer. I played the demo version of that so much I knew some of the best places to camp out and snipe Unggoy and Kig-Yar with a vengeance :pinkiecrazy:. Actually, Medium Dark and Helectiva.

3323028 Well so long as that font works for you lol.
I loved going up the beach on Silent Cartographer, but not as much as the Warthog run at the end of The Maw. Both were just epic!

3324014 What about the tank crawl in Assault on the Control Room. There's something primal about hitting one of the Banshees with the main gun…

Im really excited to see what happens, since i know nothing about the original story. XD

3345015 Lol then you'll be in for a series of surprises.

3378739 Well I can tell you the spoiler, or I could leave you waiting in suspence... :rainbowderp:

3379486 No please!! No spoilers!! Anything but that!!

3379511 My lips are sealed... Except for when I eat.

3382399 Good. I wouldn't want you to starve to death then not be able to finish the story.

3409119 You think Twilights bad? Wait til u see what happens to ______ and __________ lol :applecry:


Also, this is officially creepy as fuck.

3412269 Lol don't worry I aint gonna tell. And I'm glad u think it's creepy :pinkiecrazy:

It seems that instead of killing all of the ponies, you have resorted to horribly disfiguring them. I have yet to decide if I approve of this or not...

Good chapter never the less.

3445902 Some die, some get infected. Don't worry, they don't all get infected. But if you don't like Ponies being infected then you may not like the next chapter. Especially if you are a fan of ____ or __________.

3447062 Why you do dis to me?! Now I NEED to know who, but of course I don't want you to tell me.

*sigh* I shall just have to wait for the next chapter...

Also, I MUCH prefer the ponies dying to them getting infected. However, I know that this will most likely not change what you have written/are writing...

3447204Exactly! U need to know so u will read the next chapter. Thats y i do this to u :trollestia: As for the story; it was finished way before I published the first chapter. I just do a lil editing n publish each chapter every sunday. everything that happens is set in stone, plus I have to stay true-ish to the original Mona Lisa. (I have added my own lil twists :twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd:) And don't worry! They don't all get infected! :yay:

Trixe is John Smith? Well, I already know how this is gonna end. I really do know, I've read the real story several times. It sure is one creepy story.

3463459 Same here lol. If I read the Mona Lisa any more I will end up memorising it word for word :rainbowlaugh:
Wait til you find out who Henry n' Rimmer are!
Oh and thanks for the fave :pinkiehappy:

Adieu Fleur de Lis. Goodbye Twilight.

Fluttershy! NOOOOO! Now she too will join the Flood.

Why couldn't Flutters have died in a not so gorey way? :'(

3473704 Because nothing makes people cry more than seeing Fluttershy die a horrible death. Since Flutters is my fav pony, it was super hard to write her scene lol :fluttercry:

3473840 I can only imagine how hard it must have been...

Now how the hell am I supposed to answer all of those questions at once? I shall do my best though:

No, didnt see that coming with Trixie, Zecora is probably going to be a general in PONI, Discord will show Celestia a very,very cite kitten, more visits from Nightmare Moon for Luna, and the next chapter will start from Rainbow Dash's PoV (assuming she isnt dead).

There. Answered most if not all the questions! :)

The only thing I dare to confirm is Discord showing Celestia a cute kitten. Just kidding. Not really. Or am I? It's chaos! Anything goes!
:rainbowderp: "Am I dead...?"

*PLOT TWIST* Rainbow Dash is taken to be the Flood's leader!!

3545541 :pinkiegasp: How did u know? The Flood take RD to their holy sanctum and bestow her with gifts. They kneel and bow before their great and powerful god :trixieshiftright: Praising the holy Rainbow.

Best twist ever :twistnerd: (Just kidding btw lol. None of that happens... or does it...?)

3550131 In all seriousness though, I wish the Flood had just killed her, instead of taking her for whatever convoluted porpoise they have in their nonexistent minds.

3550398 Just staying true to the story lol. Rainbow Dash is playing the roll of a pilot called Burgundy, who is captured by the Flood. And lets not forget what 343 Guilty Spark tells us during the Halo CE mission; The Library.
"-their parasitic nature bellies the Flood's intelligence."
Dem Floods are smarter than you think :twilightoops:

God damn it.... Now I want to cry..... TT^TT

3568764 Lol I was originally going to have Pinkie get her neck snapped, but from what we've seen of her in the show; her neck can't be snapped. Unfortunately that meant coming up with something gory that Pinkie won't be able to survive.

I asume u wanna cry cos of the loss of AJ n' Pinkie...

So now Applejack and Pinkie Pie are dead. Is ANYPONY coming out of this alive? (And for fuck's sake, please tell me Trixie has killed off by the Flood. I'd hate to think what would happen if she became one…)

3574248 1. Not even I know lol.
2. You'll find out about Trixie in a later chapter :trixieshiftright:

This is your summary as it displays in compact view:
"Luna, Rarity, Rainbow and friends board a Prison Ship, suposedly compromised by thier Griffin enemies, with the intent of destroying it's nav data. When they learn they're dealing with a parasitic infestation, they may need to re-think thin"
suposedly => supposedly
thier => their
thin => things.

Im pretty sure that the other PONI op was Zecora, who has come to an untimely end. The PONI op could just as easily be rarity, Big Mac, or any of the other ponies that died. Unfortunately, we won't know for a few more chapters.

3602460 What about Derpy? She could be with PONI for all we know... Well... for all you know lol :derpyderp1:

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