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Thanks, all the stuff I do comes out as a bit out of the ordinary. I might continue the story in a few months, there's a lot of underlying mysteries going on in the Zone at the time, and that's without the clash of the two worlds.

Not sure myself, I just woke up. But I read The Zone, and though it had plenty of grammar and typo issues, despite my usually cessation of reading when I see that, I kept going because it was quickly rather apparent this wasn't a typical fanfiction, what with the way Hiker just went and killed the janitor pony. And the end came rather abruptly, but that actually seemed to fit with the somewhat strange overall pacing and/or story progression. Sure wasn't any amount of plot armor to be seen.
So I'm gonna have to go with your story just being really atypical.

Not sure what prompted it, but thanks for the watch!:pinkiehappy:

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