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The protector, otherwise known as the Big Daddy, is often regarded as the ultimate killing machine of the underwater utopia known as Rapture. They are nearly indestructible, can endure the crushing pressures of the bottom of the ocean, and possess a variety of killing tools.

Through a completely unexpected sequence of events, a Big Daddy is sent to Equestria through a tear. Knowing the kind of havoc a Big Daddy can cause, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth pursue the behemoth to get it back.

But they're too late.

Takes place in the BioShock: Infinite- Burial at Sea universe, in an alternate timeline. The events of the DLC Burial at Sea: Episode 1 do not happen. Booker and Elizabeth are not trying to find Sally. NONE of your favorite ponies are getting killed, I promise.

Chapters (9)
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Would one have to have played BioShock: Infinite to understand this? I've played BioShock and I'm really interested in this.

I am definetly interested and want to see more, Keep up the good work.


I dont think so. I think we only need to know Burial at sea Booker and Elizabeth are different then Infinite ones(which i actually liked better). Just remember that burial at the sea is an alternate canon or something like that.

3519571 You may have to at least familiarize the characters. Maybe any references to the actual games.:unsuresweetie:

Keep up the good work!:moustache:

3519571 I'd read descriptions of the characters Booker and Elizabeth. That'll probably get you far enough. :ajsmug:

Finally:yay:, Its been AGES seance someones given the Big Daddys attention:raritystarry:

The big daddy is protecting Scootaloo. He's got my approbation. :yay: :moustache: - Look dirty the manticore - Nobody can try to hurt Scootaloo and remain alive. :twilightangry2: Nobody. :flutterrage:

Time for the BioShock wiki!




Only problem, the Big Daddy will consider "menace" anything and anyone who gets close to Scoots (except maybe other fillies). That includes Cheerilee, Rainbow Dash, AJ, Fluttershy.. near all Ponyville.:twilightoops:

Ok, let's look at this story
- I begin to read the story -
Hmm, not bad. Hey look, a distraction!
- I turn my head -
... What was I doing? Ok, let's look at this story
- I begin to read the story -
Hmm, not bad. Hey look, a distraction!
(three hours later)
strange, the computer says that I'm on this page for hours but I can't remember anything. Ok, let's look... - Suddenly black out -
Hey, who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights?

considering that they're all female and generally ponies look like little girls (expecially Fluttershy) I don't think that the big daddy could harm them. who know, maybe his overly protective inducted nature could be applied to all the town
(Perhaps it's just me, but i think that even if he's a cyborg subjected to brainwash, under his cold diving suit beats a great heart)

Takes place in the BioShock: Infinite- Burial at Sea universe, in an alternate timeline. The events of the DLC Burial at Sea: Episode 1 do not happen. Booker and Elizabeth are not trying to find Sally.

Which would then completely defeat the purpose of BaS being a thing, or that universe even existing at all.

Come on, dude. Don't do this to me. Don't act like you misunderstood the point of BaS that much.

Haven't played Bioshock (none, at all), nor have I read any crossover with it, but I like this. My only wish is that you'd tab the beginning of every paragraph.


I understood BaS fine and I loved every minute of it. However, I wanted Booker and Elizabeth to be a part of this story very much and the ending to BaS Episode 1 doesn't allow for them to be characters in this story. So the events of BaS Episode 1 don't happen in this story.

Seems a wee bit fast.
Other than that, good work.

3520945 Mr. Bubbles,Pony Paladin


The fact you have a profile pic I used to have is good.

This story existing is even better.

Intriguing. I shall watch this fiction.

a Bioshock crossover. I like it.

I love Bioshock crossovers and this one so far, my only beef is that the first portion with Booker and Elizabeth fails to "show, not tell." For example, it would have been better to show them taking Suchong's key or have it come up naturally in dialogue rather than just stating it.

3525071 I think I might actually make a change to where it comes up in dialogue...Sounds like a grand idea. :pinkiesmile:

I like it! :pinkiehappy: but you might want to slow down a little bit, not much, it just seems a bit rushed

3526496 I can definitely see where you'd say that. But I've gotten so many complaints in the past about my stories being too slow. I guess you can't please everyone. :ajsmug:

The Only Thing Better Than Flying

Is it sex?

Now things are going to get interesting.

yay,Mister Bubbles!!!

This is really going to be good!

3526544 dude in my opinion this is awesome you already have my fav so don't disappoint me this could grow its at a great pace

3568321 Oh don't worry. I haven't been able to work on this because I've just moved. My Internet will be back up tomorrow and I'll have the next chapter up by the weekend.

The hive would prevail, and nothing would stand in its way

huh I wonder who the villain is I could never guess

Isn't this story about Booker and Elizabeth, in some capacity?

What do we do about the giant murder machine? Nothing. Leave it be. :trollestia:

3579721 It's not really meant to be that hard to figure out.

3579924 They...They're... :facehoof: I mean, they're planning on it, what with Twilight being there and all...just...Just wait and see...

3579751 Yes it is. It's still kind of early on, but Booker and Liz will be heavily featured in the next chapter.

The Big Daddy national defense system,Just point him at something that could hurt his charge,And watch it get obliterated by a drill charging heavily armored,Possibly Plasmid wielding beserker in a diving suit

faved and liked, its good to see a great bioshock story and one that not a ponyfied version

This is a really good story so far :3. When my friend told me that there was a really good Bioshock/MLP fanfic, I was super excited to read it, Bioshock and MLP, my 2 most favorite things in the world coming together, and I'm not dissapointed. This is a really great story so far, and I love it. Keep up the good work :3.

what kind of big daddy is it. rumbler? alpha series? bouncer?

3584517 'Tis a Bouncer, my good man. :pinkiesmile: As if I'd do a different one. :rainbowlaugh:

3584181 I'm truly flattered, I am. Your friend told you about this story? Geez, I'm blushing. :pinkiehappy:

3584983 yep :). He's my friend I talk to online, he's given me a bunch of good fanfics to read. I like to think of him as my fanfic dealer :3.

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