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I HAVE RETURNED!!!!!! · 3:15am Sep 15th, 2014

Hello my fellow followers and people who have been reading my stories! I recently just decided to log back in after deciding that I should /probably/ post something on some of my stories... particularly My Little Wheatley. So here I am! Back! Freshly unbanished from space, it would seem! Well, so to speak, anyways... but yus, I should have something for all of you soon!

Yours truly,

- Dusk

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It's me that guy who pmed you over the course of the week well if your getting this that means you want to have your story added well at the moment i have three hundred other people to deal with so if you wold be so kind as to add it your self i would be ever so greatful.


As a Rainbow fan please consider joining the group Alicorn Rainbow


Yup. Already started on the cast.

Emporer/Vader: Evil Celestia ( Or Trollestia?)

Luke Swywalker: Twilight

Han Solo: Rianbow Dash.
Leia: R arity ( im awar that would make them sisters but it's fan fiction.)
well Good idea?

103058 hahaha :rainbowlaugh: , that's clever. Nice~


cool. But if you ever need an idea for a story, i'm your man.

Ex. I'm thinking Star Wars...WITH PONIES!!!!!

It came to me last night while playing the force unleashed on my PS2

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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