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Somehow Wheatley manages to come down from space and land in the strange and brightly-colored world of Equestria. He has no idea what happened, but his plans for dumbing everything down has yet to come to mind. He is picked up by Twilight and her plans for Wheatley are much, much different. Of course, after being turned into one of them, they slowly work him into being used to a body that's not his, and far from being GLaDOS.

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i don't understand what is going on...

Well, that world's f***ed.

1901011 Okay; this is generally for people who have played and finished Portal 2. If you don't have time to play it, I'd suggest watching a play-through of it on Youtube to catch you up :raritywink:

Is this in any way related to My Little GLaDOS?

1901044 Kind of! It's not of any like direct line, but I did figure why not have Wheatley fall out of space and land in Equestria. So I guess it's a yes and no, more directly leaning on no.


i have indeed played portal 2

how else would i know about how Cave Johnson burned your house down with combustable lemons?

1901301 Ahhhhh, mmkay! Hah I totally live in a box underneath Aperture science labs. Wheatley and the Companion cube are getting along just fine xD.

I can imagine Wheatley is going to drive Twilight mad very easily. :rainbowlaugh:

1905112 Quite so xD! Stay tuned, I might update this fic this weekend :).

What, is Twilight going to give him a pony body? Because that would be annoyingly cliche.

1916103 So? Sometimes annoyingly cliche stories can be good if they are done correctly.

Comment posted by Thunderbird deleted Jan 7th, 2013

I have never played portal 2 or watched the videos yet i know whats goin on. :pinkiehappy:
I wonder if i am Pinkie but not a pony!? :pinkiegasp:

This Brony tory, I like it! Another!

2858373 I hope your not... We'd have to block your movements because of spoilers! :twilightoops: evil pinkie senses...

My brother said i'm Rainbow Dash...
But i iz afraid of heights!!! :twilightoops:
How the heck am i going to do a rainboom if i am afraid of heights!? :rainbowhuh:

2948107 could be worse... you could be compared to Tom. :trollestia:

Last night i dreamed i was princess Luna... wat.
I guess we got similarities.

Rushed, well written, disjointed, good grammar. I will be observing you.

Why does Twilight have a lap underground.?

1901407 thanks for telling me that. Be right back...


Good to see another Portal crossover up :pinkiesmile:
I like it so far, I hope to see more from this one!
As for Wheatley's character, I'd say you've got his character down :scootangel:

i request that anyone here to make a wheatley fan fiction i dont' think this guy who made this story will come back please:fluttershysad:

4924841 Don't worry, I'm back! I took an extra long hiatus, but I PROMISE I'll have something posted soon!

Well, Wheatley has a mechanical body, that's lucky. :eeyup:

When he meets Pinkie Pie, he's probably going to fry his logic circuts trying to figure her out. :rainbowlaugh:

I have no idea what's going on, but I like it.

5004493 Indeed he is! He's gonna flip for sure xD

he is like brain cancer... mind cancer... not like brain tumor... hes hurting her ideas!:facehoof:

I NEED MORE ADORABLENESS OwO (Wheatley was somehow my first video-game crush O.O)

Portal MLP Crossovers everywhere.....

It's Pinkie Pie. Don't question it Wheatley.

I' slightly interested of Portal knolege(Glados and the rest) incorporated in ponivile safely

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