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The Sentient Cloud

I'm The Sentient Cloud, a now-retired fanfiction writer from New Zealand. If you're looking at this, then you've probably already found your way to either "The Piano Man" or "Those Who Came Before".


A crossover of Red Vs Blue - the Halo Machinima series - and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, primarily starring Epsilon, who is recaptured within the Epsilon Unit and finds himself in the land of Equestria. Will the resident ponies and him become best friends, or will the situation degrade into a flurry of insults?
Hedge your bets, folks.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 285 )

Dude, that's RvB spoilers right there in the description! Not cool.

you have some fucking compitition. DarkWing already has his own crossover that makes others that attempt to do theirs cower in fear. but dont get discoraged, i want to see how you take it in the story

I do believe you have captured the essence of Church if he was to one day turn into a talking pony.

I don't care how this turns out, I'm reading it.

best reaction ever ... of all time

751987 Thanks! I'm glad you like it.


751989 You're right. I never actually stopped and considered that... My problem now is that I'm actually unsure how far back the spoilers... spoil. Once I have decided, I will add a spoiler warning to the Long Description, as actually removing the spoilers would leave it vague and uninteresting.

I'm actually sorry about this slip up, because I'm worried that I may have spoiled the newer seasons of Red Vs blue for you... So if I have, well then I am very sorry.


751990 Ah, yes. I believe I stumbled across that a little while ago. I noted that there never seemed to be any lasting tension between any of the characters. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I like to write that way.


752026 752193 752353 Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks. I'm really glad you like it.

Due to time constraints, I doubt I'll be uploading a thousand words a day, like DarkWing, but I'll keep on keeping-on.

753260 OK, I actually didn't pay enough attention to the later part of the description, and I watched up to where this probably starts (it was a while ago, I don't remember). The spoiler is Church's relationship with the AIs and what he is. So you'd better change the title to "Church in Equestria", add a warning that it spoils RvB up to what, season 9? And add extra empty lines to the long description so that you need to click "More" to get to the spoilery parts, which are probably necessary to describe the fic.

753342 Okay then. First I need to change the cover image, so just give me a few minutes.

It's a shame. Church in Equestria just doesn't have the same flow.

753379 Yeah... I am a little confused about how that is actually a spoiler. We know that Epsilon has turned into a new version of Church from mid-season 7 onward, and if you aren't up to that yet, then I don't really see why you would be reading RvB Fan fiction anyway.

753379 753342 Yeah, I've given it some more thought, and I've decided that the name 'Epsilon' is not a spoiler, considering how far it stretches back. In order to make the title flow more, I'm going to change it back to Epsilon in Equestria.

753551 Better make it long. Like over 100 chapters long. Cause there is another fan-fic with more chapters you can read, and I'm looking foward to reading yours.

754521 I already know about My Little Caboose. I don't really see the need for Competition, and I know I can't match the production speed of it either, but I still plan to write this. Thanks for reading.

754701 Well I already read the latest chapter and I'm itching for more.

lol this is awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

I like! Continue! For fun! For fiction! For wasting time! That is our purpose!

759672 What? No! That wasn't meant to be insulting.

759676 Sorry for some reason it seemed that way. But again this is the second RvB crossover and so far I like this one better!

759704 Thanks.

A little note: I edited the last couple of lines of Chapter 2. I realized that the story is a lot more interesting if Church is still unable to accept the whole 'talking ponies' angle, so I made him less calm.
Oh, and at some point I WILL make him remember to call them ponies instead of horses.

dude, great job. I'm loving how this has started off. You know what's funny? That Burnie Burns, the creator of RvB and Church's voice, is a co worker of several Bronies and doesn't believe in the Brony subculture. To have his character become a pony is clear irony.

great job again. Love the chapter and this installment of churches new life in equestria. Keep goin and stay golden^^

760389 Thanks. Stay tuned for some awkward introductions!

BTW, I had no idea that anyone at RT was a Brony. How wonderful!
(And if he dislikes bronies, then I hope he never sees any of the crossover fanfics)

760451 dude, look up something called 'the internet box'. It's done by Michael from rage quit and Ray along with a few others. Seriously, the Brony culture touches even RT.


Now that I have laid my claim. This have got to be one of the more realistic versions of this story I have ever read, and by gods do I love it! Keep up the good work.

761096 Believe it or not, realism is one of the main reasons I started this. I saw a few other RvB in MLP stories, but none of them really rang character-true for me. I acknowledge that in the latest chapter Church was a little Out-of Character, but I' not too good at writing introduction or love scenes.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

(Two chapters in one day. I didn't think I'd ever do that)

this keeps getting better and better :pinkiehappy:

I was EARLIER than first :pinkiecrazy:
just check the first page

So, will this story feature any other RvB characters? There's still Tex somewhere in the unit, so it's not completely outside the realm of possibility. Anyway great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

So.. does church have is cutie mark? Or is he a blank flank?

You missed a m in farm pony. Third from the last paragraph AJs last line.

I will continue to follow this you have my interest.

763115 I have plans to insert the other characters. My main challenge is finding a plausible way to get them within the unit - and I would prefer to actually put them in the unit, rather than wire them in with virtual reality. I think that I have an 'okay' method, although it does use a little bit of Applied Phlebotinum.

763167 I was originally going to have him start out with a cutie mark, but then decided it would add more depth to the overall story by making church earn one. So yeah. He's a Blank Flank.

764269 Thanks for reading, and thanks for pointing out the error. I'll fix that.

This feels somewhat rushed, if you need more time to go over your chapters to ensure their quality take it. We will all wait, and wait patiently at that, for good chapters. Don't feel pressured into updating quickly by other authors schedules, just write at your pace and provide the best quality chapters you can.

765247 how about giving the other characters AI? just copy their personalities and have their AI selves enter the unit.

I feel this chapter was filler, like the walking part would have been better if it were in the middle of a chapter.

766399 Well, now that I've Woken up I can re-read the chapter in a 'fresher' state of mind, and fix it up accordingly. As for taking my time: you're right. My main focuss was making up for the fact that I won't be in a position to post for the next two days.

766740 Don't worry. I have a method of insertion, that I may change based on reader feedback.

766975 Actually, this entire chapter was filler. Twilight needed to send that letter to Celestia, and I REALLY needed to explain how Church would be able to walk.

This is really a good story so far, and an interesting one at that. Can't wait for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

771202 Thanks. I have another chapter almost completed, but I feel that I should stop rushing them out. I'm not in a position to submit tomorrow, so you'll need to wait for two days.

Hmm... I went through and edited all of my chapters, and now it looks like I uploaded them all at once. ^_^'
(Why does that bother me so much?)

and i thought my luck couldnt get any better
first a crossover of halo then dead space then leageu of legends and now THIS!

this is awesome :moustache:
Q: will Church ever tell Twilight the truth? will Celestia or Twilight have a spell that allows them to see his memories to find out the truth?

The writing was very awkward in the first chapters, but has smoothed out nicely. Church has a hell of an attitude on him, but with what he just went through its completely in character for the moment. I do feel that you are really over using the swearwords. While Church does swear quite a bit,its only when he's stressed. And while he is in a high stress position, its actually not possible for a person to sustain a high level of agitation for extinded periods. If I may make a suggestion, try cutting his swearing down to only when something actually sets him off. That would not only add a some extra depth to the story, he would come off as less of a total ass.

Anyhow, I really like the story and will be looking forward to future updates! :pinkiehappy:

784324 That is the magic of frien- story progression. Everything's pretty bland if Church and Twilight are best pals right from the get-go, but If he's constantly spurning her attempts to communicate, then I have something to work with while I blindly make up the story chapter-by-chapter.

784351 I'm sure the initial writing was awkward. I haven't written as any of these characters before, so finding a good spot that doesn't leave them too OOC took a while, and it will take a while (if I ever actually manage) to have them down pat.

Well, I've noted that Church can swear quite a lot... but now that I think about it, you're right. Most of the instances are when he's under stress. He does swear casually, but not as much as I've been having him do in the story. Long story short: I'll keep that in mind.

N.B: Church is meant to come off as an ass. It gives more FLARE *sparkle* to the dialogue. Oh, and everyone in the RvB cannon normally go out of their way to acknowledge that he's rude - even the Director.

EDIT: Guys, I will once again state that I do NOT have a proof-reader, and will not ask for one (and I probably won't accept an offer either, unless you are a good writer) So FEEL FREE to point out any mistakes that I've missed so that I can fix them.


Hehe, that comment about the awkward writing was ment as a compliment. In just a few thousand words you have gotten into the feel of the story amazingly well. :twilightsheepish:

Note to self - never EVER post from my phone again... the errors on my last post make me ill..... :pinkiesick:

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