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The Sentient Cloud

I'm The Sentient Cloud, a now-retired fanfiction writer from New Zealand. If you're looking at this, then you've probably already found your way to either "The Piano Man" or "Those Who Came Before".


The Piano Man has spent the last month in captivity, forced to play the piano as part of The Great and Powerful Trixie's traveling show. Now he's free, and recovering under the care of the Equestrian monarchy while Trixie awaits trial for her crimes.
All is not well, however. The Piano Man has a long road of recovery ahead, and all the time he must compete with overbearing carers, his own mental trauma, and even discrimination from members of Equestria's unicorn supremacist subculture.

This story is the kinda (can't stress that part enough) better-written sequel to 'The Piano Man'. Because the first story involved some rather dark scenes, I have included a helpful catch-up in the first chapter - so if you have no interest in reading a dark story, then you can ignore the first piece and skip straight ahead to this one.
'The Piano Man: Act II' is most certainly not a dark story, and neither is it sad. The sad tag is in place for scenes in which I reference the previous installment, and nothing else.

The absolutely amazing cover image was created by the even more amazing WIL_I_ZIN, (deviantART) who is just... just awesome, for helping out.

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Author's Note:

So, guess who just realized that FIMFiction supports tabs in stories? This guy!
I have the second chapter all written up, but after this 4,100 word nuke I've just dropped, I think I'll wait a little while to release it.

I swear there was something else I wanted to add to this author's note, but I can't remember. Maybe later, eh? :twilightsheepish:

So, I just published a new story, and my notification box has been flooded. I once again checked it, and found this in there. Holy. Shit. Made my night.

good to see the piano man back in action

This will be the very first fic with a "sad" tag I've read at this point, I think.

Nice way to start off.

Now the ultimate question is in front of him, which shirt is less gaudy!?

1071482 Aww, aren't I just the greate-*shot*

1071513 Indeed. This is going to be a fun time. A very fun time.

1071542 Well, it's a good thing the story itself isn't actually sad.

1071563 pinkie.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/134285348448.png

Is he gonna be turning into a pony or is the cover art just symbolic?

4.1k words is not a nuke, it's a single bullet :pinkiecrazy:

Well, should be interesting as always.


Enjoyable start, and looking forward to the next chapter.

1071584 I guess we'll find out, won't we? :trollestia: (Oh, I'm just terrible)

1071585 You scare me.
Okay, fuck this. I'm getting the cattle prod. You stay here, and for the love of god, don't touch anything. :derpytongue2:

1071594 Oh god, the pressure. I can't take that many extras yelling at me!

I made it to be symbolic of his now emigration into pony society.


Or i was just being pretentious. XD

1071611 Wait, wasn't it me that told you what I would like for the image? :trixieshiftright:

Ugh, I love leading people on like this. It's so fun.

(And I am getting flooded with notifications. it's a little overwhelming. How many will be waiting for me when I get back from town? *shudder*)

Hehehe, come now Cloud. Can't I have a little fun messing with their heads? XD

1071627 By all means, go ahead.
I'll even help. Here, take some roofies. :pinkiecrazy:

Steps to be successful in Equestria:

Step 1. Sing Team America - F*** Yeah!
Step 2. Oppun Gangnam Style

Huzzah part 2 FTW

Very cool to see this continued with a new story. I never have liked preset tense, but I am committed at this point.

Awesome chapter, although the introduction was a bit pointless if anyone read the previous story.

This one definitely doesn't seem as dark as the last one, so I think I'll enjoy reading it a lot more. :raritywink: And wow. Only 15 likes? What's up with that? :rainbowhuh:

1071671 But necessary for any new readers that don't want to read the darker first story.

1071672 Give it time... It's only been up for... 40 minutes... Wait, this has 29 likes, not 15.
Oh you~

1071683 And now it has 32.

Wait... stop... hold on... IT'S GOING TOO FAST!!! :rainbowderp:

1071699 Yeah. I have to go out to dinner now, and I'm afraid of what I'll return to.
Keep 'er warm for me, guys. I can't wait to see how the viewer reception plays out.

(Oh god, I wonder if this has a chance of hitting the feature box? That would be AWESOME. Just Awesome.)

1071710 Well, Piano Man number one already did. Or didn't you notice? :raritywink:

I hope this story gets more attention then the original, so far it deserves it.

Good... Good...really good...

Just for the record, I came so hard when I saw this.:twilightblush:

Hell Motherfucking yeah!!! Cant wait to see where this story goes!:pinkiehappy:


Looking at the definition of the Sad tag in the faq, I don't think that the flashback alone warrants the Sad tag. Dealing with his mental scarring, however... might necessitate it, depending on the level of detail you plan on going to.


Then promote it like MAD!

Share it with your friends!

Share it with your enemies!

Share it with your frienemies!


1071720 The Piano Man got into the updated area, but this has gotten into the ACTUAL featured part of the feature box.

1071743 Awesome.

1071773 :rainbowhuh:

1072026 I think I'll keep the tag for now. I haven't decided on if it really is necessary yet.

1072278 I got excited, and I came. I would have meme but I'm using my frinds playstation for this.

Actually I'm on this site via PS3 as well. (Comp is in the shop)

As for him doing.... that other thing. Lets just hope he cleans up afterward. XD

1072389 I don't really have an opinion on using a PS3 for the site. The other thing is what I was talking about.

Holy crap!! I was so shocked (IN A GOOD WAY) that you made a sequel to the piano man that my whiskers nearly shot off my face! Speaking of which I really love this chapter. I think you're off to a really good start :D

1072433 Thanks. I have a little mini heart-attack with every Feature Box slot the story climbs. Position four... I never thought I'd reach it.

If by some stroke of... amazing luck (and some sort of cosmic imbalance) this story reaches position one, I will probably have a stroke. :yay:
But I swear, that just won't happen. Nothing I write is that good.

1072430 Yes. Yes I am. :ajsmug:

I was wondering if anyone would get the reference. Congratulations!
Hmm, maybe I should name background ponies after the first people to spot my references.
I know this isn't that popular, But I'm doing it anyway. Give me a name, good sir, and I'll use it.


EDIT: Okay, this is weird. What view-count is it giving everyone? Mine says 270 no matter what, but the chapter itself says 324. What's going on here?

1072340 Perhaps...:trollestia: let me check my pants and I'll get back to you with the results.

1072477 :ajbemused:
You see, it's conversations like this that are why we can't have nice things.

1072480 The story is nice. That is a nice thing you have as well as adoring fans such as myself. I like to get a laugh out of the authors when I can in the name of good fun. Whether the laugh comes from me or from you doesn't matter as long as somepony is laughing. Btw... still working on the pants.

I wonder if Cadance is going to play a part in this story?

1072496 -_-
Is your belt made of dark matter or something?
Do I need to pull out the cattle prod again?

1072519 So thats why this thing is so heavy. And about the cattle prod... I didn't know you were into that kind of thing.:trollestia: Kinky.:duck:

1072534 *grunts in disdain and jabs TRH with the prod*
No! Bad.

1072540 AHHH! Yes master.:fluttershbad: *Continues working on pants*


i can haz new chapter?

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