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A young man with autism, who is a fan of many things. But especially 'My Little Pony G4'.


They're funny, they're a bit different from each other and THEY'RE BACK! They're the greatest comical duo on Earth. They're the best of friends. And somehow, they've landed in the magical world and land of Equestria. What brought them there? What will they encounter? And what kind of adventures are waiting for them there? They're the Fat and the Skinny. They're Laurel and Hardy.

Laurel and Hardy/MLP Crossover.

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Oh my god Laurel and Hardy crossover!:pinkiegasp:

I have great respect for you man!


Good story. Keep up the good work.

6806765 I'm doing the best I can. It's still a working progress, but I'm doing the best I can for Laurel and Hardy and My Little Pony fans everywhere.

Laurel and Hardy in Ponyville. This has the potential to be epic proportions of funny.

This is a crossover that no one saw coming :rainbowhuh:: Laurel and Hardy in Ponyville! :pinkiegasp:
And so far you got the style of their movies.

I pity for Equestria if they meet Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy: Correction: if they meet the CMC! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Just a correction: Equestria's Capital is Canterlot - Ponyville is Equestria's Weirdness Magnet.

I don't know why this wasn't a thing sooner.

Laurel and Hardy in Equestria? This is a crossover i greatly approve of!

6809481 You took the words right out of my mouth.

6807807 Little question. How do you think Laurel and Hardy will react on the CMC? I know how Ollie would react on Pinkie. It would be like this :twilightoops: or :pinkiegasp:. You know Stan and Pinkie are a little bit one and the same, don't you think? Well, Stan got pinkie's bizarreness and derpy's clumsiness.

Yay, a Laurel and Hardy crossover! Awesome idea, mate.

Good chapter. Not to sound insulting though, is English not your first language? The writing is good, don't get me wrong, but there are certain oddities in the way you phrase Laurel and Hardy's dialogue here or there that made me think you primarily speak or write in another language.

I just have one question.... Who's on first? Oh wait, that's Abbot and Costello... :derpytongue2:

Still interesting so far. From which movies are the villains from?

6849041 Long is a villain who returns many times in laurel and hardy episodes and movies. he appeared in going bye-bye, the live ghost, any old port, pardon us and some others. he gets most of all a different first namelike Butch or Mugsie, but his family name remains Long. He's played by Walter Long. Silas Barnaby and his bogeymen are the villains from Babes in Toyland and Fra Diavolo from Fra Diavolo or The Devil's Brother.

6850664 Thank you for the info. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Dinodisneylover1 deleted Jan 19th, 2016

6850831 You're welcome. But tell me. How do you think Stan and Ollie will react on the CMC? it's just to give me an idea.

6877815 At first? That the CMC's are just nice kids. After they got roped in a CMC's crusade? "That is a fine mess that we got into!" :pinkiehappy:

6807807 saw your correction about Ponyville not being the capital and I couldn't help myself but to correct it in my story.

I was reading all the chapters and a grin was plastered on my face all the time, great job!

6951926 Good to know you like it. Did you also listen to the soundtracks I've placed in the links? I'll keep doing my best to make this story, in the words of Rainbow Dash, AWESOME.

6806569 Thank you so much. My apologies I reacted on this later.

Wait, so those two guys in the picture aren't Abbot and Castillo?

7117679 No. They're Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Just to let you guys know. In 'a meeting like no other' I put in links to some pictures so you can know what the villains look like.

Oh gosh, I remember watching those two when I was a kid. Now I wanna rewatch them again to see what I missed.

7119320 I've never heard of them. Any good movies you'd recommend?


I totally recommend Our Relations. That movie is a cracker of laughter! You can easily find it on Youtube!

PS: Don't you dare watch it in colors!

7703409 I've seen it. I even have that one in my collection. It's the movie where Stan and Ollie play a double role as their brothers Bert and Alf. I know, it's hilarious. Looks like someone knows good humor when he sees it.

7701974 Let's see. You've got Way Out West, Saps at Sea, A Chump at Oxford. Fra Diavolo and Babes in Toyland is also terrific. Just to name a few. But there are also hilarious shorts. There's a short that won the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film. It's called 'The Music Box'.


I can't wait to see Fluttershy and Stanley making that trademark cry of his after Oliver says "Here is another nice mess you've gotten me into."

I don't know why I said Fluttershy and Stanley. I just thought it up!

7707390 When you say it like that, it sure sounds funny. Maybe I will. Maybe I will. And Stan's trademark cry will surely happen more.


I think I have a glimpse on how you will make Laurel and Hardy mop the floor out of the villains:

Hardy has that "HORNS" problem.
Laurel has his "Lord Paddington" persona.

Only real Laurel and Hardy connaiseurs know what I am talking about.

7709761 Oh yeah. Well, I want to keep some things a suprise. So I won't tell anything yet.


Of course you won't! I'm just speculating out loud that's all!

7709899 Say, you also seem to know a lot about Laurel and Hardy. Are you a big fan like me?


I watch Laurel and Hardy in French channels since I was 5 so yes I am a big big fan of Laurel and Hardy!


No oh ok

7711275 I need to watch LAUREL and HARDY

Rowan Atkinson. Want to do that?

7902165 I can think about that. Could be a possibility in the future.

7902939 Mr. Bean. Who could forget him?

7902949 :pinkiesmile: No one, of course. He's one of my favorite funny characters. I love Atkinson.

7903005 The Barbarian? I'm thinking about it.

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