• Published 6th Jan 2016
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The Fat and The Skinny - Dinodisneylover1

Can it be? The world's greatest comical duo have somehow arrived in Equestria? Still alive?

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Trouble Already?

Morning. Stan and Ollie had one heck of a party last night. After the party, they went back to the castle. They've slept like roses. They were as comfortable as two peas in a pod. The rays of sunlight began to shine through the curtains and touched their eyes. Ollie opened his eyes and yawned. Stan was still sleeping. Also Twilight woke up and yawned cutely as always.

"Good morning, Ollie. I see Stanley is still asleep." Twilight said while getting up.

"Yeah, it was one heck of a night even for him." Ollie said.

"Well, you better wake him up. Cause today you promised my friends you would help them." Twilight said.

"Alright, Twilight. Give me a minute." Ollie said.

Twilight was getting out of her bed and went downstairs, while Ollie tried to wake Stanley up.

"Stan. Stan." Ollie woke him up quietly and Stanley slowly opened his eyes.

"Oh. Good morning, Ollie." Stanley said.

"Did you sleep well?" Ollie asked.

"I sure did. Like a bug in a rug. And you Ollie." Stanley asked back.

"Ha. Like a baby. Come on, let's go to the bathroom and get ourselves ready for breakfast." Ollie said.

"Gee wiz. I'm hungry already." Stanley said.

After they washed themselves and brushed their teeth, they went downstairs to the dining hall. Twilight made breakfast. She prepared pancakes, some fried eggs, some toast and some orange juice. The boys took a seat.

"Enjoy." Twilight said.

And with that, they took what they want to eat. Ollie took some toast, fried eggs and orange juice. Stanley took some pancakes and orange juice. Suddenly, Spike arrived too. A little later as usual. He took his Rarity doll with him and sat on his chair. He took some pancakes and orange juice.

"Good morning, Stan. Good morning, Ollie." Spike greeted.

"Good morning, Spike." Ollie greeted back. "Did you sleep well?"

"I slept like a baby." Spike answered.

"Did you enjoy the party?" Ollie asked.

"Sure as heck I did. Me and Pinkie even had a donut eating contest. Pinkie won. I hope you liked the party too." Spike said.

"We had the time of our lives." Ollie said.

"Say, Spike. Doesn't that doll you have look like Rarity?" Stanley asked.

Spike looked at his Rarity doll and quickly hid it behind his back.

"Umm... No. Where did you get the idea?" Spike asked.

"I saw it too, Spike." Ollie said.

"Fine. I'll tell you a secret. But you must promise never to tell anyone else." Spike said.

"Oh. Come on, Spike. Most everyone knows it." Twilight said.

"My lips are sealed." Ollie said.

"Mine too." Stanley said.

"How about a Pinkie promise?" Spike asked.

"A Pinkie promise?" Ollie asked curiously.

"It's a special promise Pinkie made to make sure you never break your promise. Because a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend." Twilight explained.

All of a sudden Pinkie came out of nowhere. Ollie and Stan were scared out of their wits.

"Wah!" They both said in unison.

"FOREVER." She said silently and then disappeared.

Ollie and Stan looked shocked at each other.

"Wh-What was Th- Th- That?" Ollie shivered.

"Just Pinkie. You'll get used to it." Twilight said.

"Fine. We'll do that Pinkie promise." Ollie said.

"Repeat after me. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.". Twilight said while crossing her heart, waving with her hooves and put her hoof in her eye.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Stan and Ollie mimmicked her movements and Ollie accidently hurt his eye with his hoof just like Twilight once did. Stanley checked if Ollie was alright.

"Okay." Spike said.

Spike motioned to them to come closer, so they came closer. But again Spike wanted them closer, so they came once again closer. Then Spike want them to come closer for one last time and so they did.

"I have a crush on Rarity." Spike whispered to the two.

Ollie and Stan were surprised.

"Why, that's wonderful." Ollie said.

"Can you believe that?" Stanley said.

"What?" Ollie asked.

"What a terrible cats-after-me." Stanley answered.

Ollie was about to nod but stopped and looked at the audience with a weird look and then back to Stan.

"Why?" Ollie asked.

"Well, she's a pony and he's a dragon." Stanley answered.

Ollie thought a bit and said.

"Remember: Love is blind. After all, love happens in the unexpected ways and that's nice. Come, Stanley. We better eat and hurry up. Cats-after-me."

Ollie gave an annoyed look by saying that last word.

"So, who have you decided to help first?" Twilight asked.

"We thought we could help Applejack." Ollie said.

"Sounds great. But do you think you can handle applebucking?" Twilight asked.

"Don't worry, Twilight. We'll ask Applejack how to do it and then we put our best hoof forward. Hm, hm, hm." Ollie said.

Suddenly, Stanley accidently dropped a pancake and Ollie slipped. Making him roll on the floor and bumping his head on the wall.

"Wooow!" Ollie screamed.

Spike was trying to hold his laughter the best he can. Twilight also couldn't help but smile and went to Ollie to see if he's alright. Ollie sat on his haunches and looked at Stan who just sat there looking at Ollie.

After an hour, the two arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack was already outside and she was happy to see her two new friends again.

"Boy howdy. Am ah glad to see you again. Ah sure could use the help I can get." Applejack said.

"Well, you've got luck today, Applejack. We're ready for everything." Ollie said.

"That's good. Let's begin, shall we. First, we better start of with some applebucking." Applejack said.

"Oh yes. About that, Applejack. Me and my friend have never bucked apples before. Could you show it to us?" Ollie asked.

"Alright then. Come with me." Applejack said.

They went to the apple trees and stopped at one of them.

"Alright, boys. Watch and learn." Applejack spoke and used her hind legs to kick the tree. When that happened many apples fell from the tree and landed in the baskets Applejack placed earlier. Ollie stood there with his mouth wide open while Stan looked with no reaction. With that Applejack placed one of her forelegs to her other foreleg in a ladylike manner.

"That was amazing." Ollie said.

"Aw shucks." Applejack blushed. "Do you think you can do that?"

"I'll try." Ollie said and went to the tree. He gathered all his strength, raised his hind legs and kicked the tree. A lot of apples fell down into the baskets. Ollie looked at his result and was very proud of it.

"Not bad for a beginner. Alright, Stan. You're turn to try." Applejack said.

Stanley stood a bit and looked but then he went to the tree. He was about to raise his hind legs a few times and at some point he pushed Ollie and Applejack a bit further from him. Then he raised his hind legs with all his might and kicked the tree. A lot of apples fell from the tree into the baskets and one apple hit Ollie.

"Ow! Oh!" Ollie said.

Applejack couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"Why don't you be careful?" Ollie said to Stanley.

"I couldn't know that apple would fall on your head." Stanley answered.

"Are ya alright?" she asked.

"I'm okay." Ollie said while rubbing his head.

"Well, what you just did was very good. But that's just the beginning. There's still lots of apple trees to buck, but don't worry, Big Mac and I will help. And if there's trouble, just talk to me or my brother." Applejack said.

"Thank you very much, Applejack." Ollie said.

"Your welcome, sugarcube." Applejack said.

Suddenly, a green, older pony came to them.

"Good morning, youngun's. Are you ready?" the pony said.

"We sure are, Granny Smith." Applejack said.

"Eeyup." Bigmac spoke.

The pony named Granny Smith looked at the two new ponies very closely.

"Are these the new friends you've been talking about, Applejack?" Granny asked.

"They are. Granny, I'd like you to meet Stan and Ollie. Boys, this is my Granny Smith." Applejack introduced.

"Pleased to make your aqcuaintance, Miss Smith." Ollie said and shook her hoof.

"My, my. Ya sure are a friendly one." Granny Smith said.

Stanley also shook Granny's hoof and stupidly shook Ollie's. Ollie quickly released his hand.

"Ah hope you two are ready too." Granny said.

"We're ready for everything. Aren't we, Stanley?" Ollie said.

"We sure are. As long as we don't have to buck any oranges." Stanley said stupidly.

Ollie was trying to shut him up by gesturing his hands.

"That's good to hear. Alright, you lazy daisies, move your caboose!" Granny said.

It took quite a while to buck as many trees as possible, but it goes well. During that time, Ollie sang a little song that he hasn't sung in a very long time.

"La-da-da-dam-dee-dee-da-da-da-da. La-da-da-dam-dee-dee-dam-da-da.
La-da-da-dam-dee-dee-dam-dee-dee-da. La-da-da-dam-dee-dee-dee-da-da-da.

"Pom-pom." Stanley sung along.













Ollie looked a bit at Stan but sang further.



Ollie looked closely and sang a bit louder.


Stanley looked a bit at Ollie while bucking further. Ollie went back to bucking his own tree after he heard no other noise from Stanley. But suddenly.

"Pom-pom!" Stanley sang and nodded at Ollie.

Ollie jumped a bit by that and with that he sang further while taking a shovel.



And with that, Ollie hit the shovel on Stanley's head really hard with a loud 'DOING'. Applejack and Big Mac saw it.

"I'm singing this song. Let's work further." Ollie said.

"Is there a problem, fellas?" Applejack said.

"Not at all, AJ." Ollie said.

"They sure are funny, Applejack. Strange, but funny." Big Mac said.

"They might be on the silly way, but they sure do a great job in helping us." Applejack couldn't help but smile a bit.

"Say Ollie." Stanley said.


"I have a little idea." Stanley said.

"I hope it's good idea." Ollie said.

"Well, remember that we still have to repay Twilight for everything she has done for us?" Stanley asked.

"Yeah." Ollie answered.

"Well, I've been thinking. What if we put in something extra?" Stanley said.

"What do you mean 'put something extra'?" Ollie asked.

"Well, what does Twilight love the most?" Stanley asked.

"Well, books and studying. Why are you asking me that?" Ollie asked.

"What if we give Twilight a book as a present. But not just a book, a book that she sure would like and doesn't have in her library." Stanley said.

At that moment, Ollie stopped bucking the tree.

"Tell me that again." Ollie said.

"All of it?" Stanley asked.

"Sure." Ollie answered.

"Well, if we give the book Twilight as a present. Something that it would love very much and keep herself in the library. Then the book can read as much as it want. The book needs to be..." Stanley speaking nonsense again.

"I know what you mean. You want to thank Twilight for her charity and give her a present. That's a very good thought. At last, you're using MY brains. After we've done our work and have some money, we'll go to the bookstore." Ollie said

So they kept on bucking apple trees along with some other chores. There's a possibility, there might have been some clumsy moments.

After a lot of hours, Applejack, Stan and Ollie gathered together.

"You fellas did a mighty fine job today. Here's something to thank you."

She gave 100 bits to each of them.

"Thank you very much, Applejack." Ollie said.

"I'm very proud of you, boys. Ah hope ah see you on other days." Applejack said.

"We certainly will. We first want to see what the others need help with." Ollie said.

"Alright. Remember, you're always welcome here." Applejack said.

And so Stan and Ollie moved on.

The two walked back to Ponyville, happy with what they earned.

"Isn't this nice, Stanley. We've finally got our reward for today." Ollie said while Stan is smiling. "Now let's see, we better go to the bookstore first."

"But how do we know what Twilight wants?" Stanley said.

"Why that's simple. We ask somepony who knows her well." Ollie said.

And luckily, they found somepony or some dragon at least. Spike was in Ponyville to get some groceries. Stan and Ollie went to the little dragon. He spotted them.

"Hey, Stan. Hey, Ollie." Spike greeted.

"Hello, Spike." Ollie greeted back.

"So how was your day at Sweet Apple Acres?" Spike asked.

"It went great. And we got paid big." Ollie said.

"Yeah, Applejack sure is loaded. Isn't she, Ollie?" Stanley said stupidly. Ollie gave an unamused look at his friend.

"That's great to hear. What are you doing now?" Spike asked.

"Oh, we're going to the bookstore." Ollie said.

"Yeah, you see it's like this. We..." Stanley said before he's interrupted.

"I better tell him before you ruin anything else. Come closer." Ollie said to Stan before he spoke to Spike.

So Spike got closer.

"We're looking for a book as a gift for Twilight as a sign of our gratitude." Ollie whispered.

"Gee, that's very nice of you, guys. What book are you going to give to her?" Spike asked.

"That's just the problem. We don't know. Do you know if there's a book she desires? A book she hasn't got in her library?" Ollie asked.

"Well, there is one called 'Equestria's Rarest Stories'. She wanted that one for months. It's really difficult to get these days. And if I'm not mistaking, there's one more left in the bookstore. You better hurry, guys, before somepony else gets it." Spike said.

"We sure will. Thank you, Spike. Come on, Stanley. See ya later, Spike." Ollie said while they ran off.

"See ya and good luck!" Spike shouted.

After a couple of minutes, they reached the bookstore. Ollie was looking behind him if Stanley was with him. But he couldn't find him. Suddenly Stanley appeared and tapped Ollie on the shoulder. Ollie jumped a bit.

"Will you please stop doing that? Come on." Ollie said.

They walked inside and looked around. They went to the cash desk to speak with the bookseller.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen. What can I do for you?" The bookseller pony asked.

"We're looking for a book." Stanley said stupidly.

"Well, there are plenty of books here." The bookseller said while he raised an eye to the skinny one.

"Well, you see. We're looking for a special book for a very good friend. And we need..." Stanley said before he was interrupted.

"Will you shut up and let me do the talking?" Ollie said to his pal. "We're looking for a book called 'Equestria's Rarest Stories'."

"You're in luck, gentlemen. We got one more left. Here it is." The bookseller said and showed a brown book with golden letters on it.

"Splendid. Could you also wrap it up?" Ollie asked.

"That won't be a problem." The bookseller said.

"Yeah, we want to give it to our friend to thank her for her clarity." Stan said.

"Not clarity. Charity." Ollie corrected.

"Oh, that's very nice. That would be 300 bits." The bookseller said.

Ollie jumped by that and his eyes shut wide open.

"But we don't have that much money." Ollie said.

"It's a very rare book. Surely you understand that?" The bookseller said.

"Please, sir. Can't you lose that book for 100 bits?" Ollie asked.

"But Ollie, don't we have 200 bits together?" Stanley asked.

Ollie tried to shut him up.

"We can't give up the other 100 bits. We need some of those bits to repay Twilight." Ollie said.

"I'm sorry, gentlemen. I can... Wait a minute. Twilight? As in Twilight Sparkle? The Princess of Friendship? You know her?" The bookseller asked.

"We do. We're good friends of her." Ollie answered.

"But she doesn't like to be called 'Princess'. She doesn't feel more important than any other pony." Stanley said. Ollie raised his eyebrows and turned to Stan.

"Will you PLEASE. SHUT.UP?" Ollie asked.

"Well, I like to do a favor for the princess." The bookseller said.

"So you do it for 100 bits?" Ollie asked.

"For this one time, I'll do it." The bookseller said.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you very much, sir." Ollie said.

"You're welcome." The bookseller said.

The book was paid and they finally have their gift.

"Will you give my regards to the princess?" The bookseller asked.

"We sure will." Ollie said.

The two left the store and went on their way. Until...

"WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Somepony screamed.

"What was that?" Stanley asked.

"Somepony's in trouble. We better see what it is." Ollie said.

The two went straight to the place where that sound came from. They arrived and saw something terrible.

Three dragons attacked some local ponies. There's a red one, a skinny purple one and a fat brown one. The red one grabbed one female pony named Amethyst Star.

"Alright, you namby-pamby pony. This is my town now. You all answer to me now. Give me all your gems!" The red one spoke.

"Wait till Princess Twilight and the other princesses deal with you." Amethyst said.

"YOU'RE PRINCESS is the reason I didn't get my way. It was mostly her little excuse for a dragon who caused it. He will pay. YOU ALL WILL!" The red one shouted while Amethyst trembled in fear.

"Yeah. All of you will pay." The fat brown one spoke.

"Uh, yeah. Pay you all will." The skinny purple one said.

Ollie and Stan looked at the series of events.

"Say, Ollie. You don't think those dragons will get away with that?" Stanley said.

"They most certainly wouldn't . Terrifying poor defenseless ponies like that. Come, Stanley, We'll show him." Ollie said.

"But what if they won't get away?" Stanley asked.

"Will you just leave it to me?" Ollie said.

With great determination, they went to the gang of dragons.

"Pardon me, sirs. Would you mind leaving that lady alone?" Ollie asked friendly.

The dragons looked with weird expression at the two stallions.

"Hahahah! Look over here, boys! These two namby-pamby ponies asked me to leave this mare alone! HAHAHAHAHAH!" The red one spoke.

The two other dragons also laughed hysterically.

"Well, you should or we kick you so hard your grandmother would feel it." Stanley said stupidly. Ollie tried to shut him up.

"Tough guy, eh? And who are you? To be honest, I've never seen you in my life before." The red one spoke.

"Well, I'm Mr. Hardy and this is my friend Mr. Laurel." Ollie introduced.

"Oh, yeah. Well, I don't know you two mugs and I already don't like you." The red one said with a look that can kill. Ollie became a bit nervous.

"Shall we teach them a lesson, Garble?" The skinny purple one spoke.

"Fume. Shut your mouth." The red dragon named Garble said.

"Say, listen. Don't you think you're bounding over your step?" Stanley asked.

"What do you mean 'bounding over my step'? Garble spoke impatiently.

"Oh, he means 'overstepping your bounds.' Hm, hm, hm." Ollie spoke nervously.

"Alright, you freaks. I'll give you one chance to move on or obey my wishes. Or else." Garble threatened them.

"What are you gonna do about it?" Ollie said with a little smile.

"What am I gonna do about it?" Garble said.

"Yeah?" Ollie said.

Garble punched Ollie in the muzzle.

"OW!" Ollie yelled. "Oh!"

Stanley looked at his muzzle and said "Do that again."

With that, Garble punched Ollie again.

"AH!" Ollie yelled.

That does it. No more scaredy pants anymore. Stan and Ollie prepared themselves. Garble just kept looking at the two weird stallions.

"Hike!" Ollie shouted.

Stanley kicked Garble in the leg which made him cringe in pain.

"OOOW!" Garble yelled whil releasing Amethyst.

Then Ollie jumped and gave an uppercut to the dragon's jaw.

"AAH!" Garble yelled.

Then Stanley eye poked him.

"AAAAHHOHOHOHO!" Garble screamed while turning around.

And Ollie gave him a hard push of his hoof. It made him fall on the ground.

"Hm, hm, hm." Ollie said amused.

Garble was very angry.

"Fume! Clump! Get those ponies and teach them a lesson!" He yelled.

"WAAAAAAHHH!" Ollie screamed and Stanley screamed in his funny way. They ran off while the dragons pursued them shooting fireballs from their mouths.

At one point, Ollie accidently dropped the book.

"Oh, the book! Get it, Stan!" Ollie yelled.

Stanley quickly get the book, but before he could escape. The skinny purple dragon named Fume was about to attack.

"Say your goodbyes, namby-pamby pony." he said.

Suddenly the dragon was pushed away by something he didn't quite expect. Another dragon, but a smaller one.

"You. Stay away from my friends!" Spike said.

"Ah,if it isn't Spike. Or should I say 'Shrimp'. I've been looking for you." Garble grinned.

"I had a feeling I would run into you three again." Spike said angrily.

"Clump. Fume. You go after the skinny and the fat pony. I have a score to settle with our former friend." Garble said while cracking his knuckles.

"Got it, Garble." The fat brown dragon named Clump said.

"Oh, no. Now it's me and him. And Stan and Ollie are in trouble." Spike thought in himself.

During that time, Stan and Ollie kept running since Spike showed up to help them. The three dragons still pursued them by flying. At one point, Stan and Ollie ran on some tables that were somewhere in town. The dragons also ran on the tables to chase them. Suddenly, Ollie pulled one of the tables and the two dragons fell on the ground. Then Ollie and Stan pushed the tables to trap and hurt the dragons.

"AW!" They both shouted.

But their strength allowed them to break out of the tables and kept pursueing the stallions.

At one point, Stan and Ollie were hiding somewhere.

"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into. Kicking you so hard your grandmother would feel it. Hmph!" Ollie said angrily.

"But I couldn't help it." Stan cried in a funny way and kept saying words.

"Now what are we gonna do?" Ollie asked.

"We're gonna be roasted alive." Stan cried.

"Oh, shut up. And poor Spike is all alone with that terrible dragon." Ollie said.

Stanley looked around and suddenly saw an old pony with a goatee and a green hat watering flowers. He doesn't know about the situation. Stanley tapped Ollie on the shoulder and whispered something in him. Olie nodded on his idea and went to the pony.

"Excuse me, sir. Could we use that hose for a little while?" Ollie asked.

"Sure." The pony said and gave them the hose.

The dragons have found them.

"Gotcha, chubbie and scrawny." Fume said.

"Consider yourself roasted." Clump said.

They both start to breath fire and Stanley unleashed the water from the hose into the dragons' mouth. Stan's plan worked and accidently sprayed some water on Ollie.

"Ah!" Ollie yelled. "Aim that hose on the dragons, not me!

Stan kept spraying for a little while. The dragons are still not defeated.

"You think some water will save your lives?" Clump growled and started to breath fire. But instead of fire, there was only smoke.

"Uh-oh. I don't have any fire at the moment." Clump said.

"Let me try." Fume said. He tried to breath fire, but gets the same result.

"Haha. Looks like you two are out of fire." Ollie laughed.

"It doesn't matter we can still beat you. Let's get him." Clump said and they flew at them.

At that moment, Ollie and Stan quickly jumped away and the two dragons flew straight into a wagon filled with hay.

"That takes care of those two. Let's help Spike." Ollie said and suddenly Stanley sprayed once again another load of water at Ollie. Stanley quickly turned the hose off. Ollie wiped the water of his face and looked into the camera unamused. He began to sigh.

In the meantime, Garble was fighting against Spike. Spike gained some bruises and cuts and was about to collapse. Garble gained some as well.

"You're tough. I'll give you that. But you're still a loser in my book." Garble said.

Spike coughed. "Why are you doing such things?"

"Why? Why? Because I'm a big, tough dragon. And bigger is smarter, bigger is meaner and bigger is better. Those are the things that you need to be a true dragon." Garble said.

"No!" Spike shouted.

"What did you say to me?" Garble said with a growl.

"I said no. Just because you're a big, tough dragon, doesn't mean you have to be a bully. I'm sick and tired of your insults to ponies. If you and your friends spent some time with them, you'd learn something about respect and true friendship. I won't let you hurt my friends, Garble. Not as long as I'm here." Spike said with a lot of courage.

"Oh, boo-hoo. Now you expect me to cry for al this nonsense. You're a softie. You're not a real dragon. You're not even a dragon at all." Garble growled.

"Don't listen to him, Spike. You're more of a dragon than he is."

Spike heard the voice and looked behind him. It was Ollie and Stan. They're safe.

"Stan. Ollie." Spike said weakly.

"What he said is not true. You've showed the qualities of a true dragon. Not him." Stanley said.

"You two. I'm gonna roast you." Garble growled and lunged at them.

At that moment, Spike gathered all his strength and breathed a large amount of fire, just as big as the one during the Equestria Games. It caught Garble in the blast of fire and send him crashing against a house. Ollie and Stan looked in awe. Garble was defeated, but he stood up again.

"We're not finished yet." Garble growled. "One day, I'll be back with more dragons. Fume! Clump!"

The two dragons that landed in the wagon with hay appeared all of a sudden.

"I'll catch you, Spike. And your little pony friends too!" Garble growled and together they flew off.

The danger has past. For now. Spike collapsed a bit. Stan and Ollie went immediatly to him.

"Spike. Are you alright?" Ollie asked.

"A little. He really did a number on me." Spike said.

"It's going to be alright, Spike. We'll bring you to Twilight." Ollie said.

"They did it! They defeated the dragons!" somepony shouted.

Ponies from everywhere gathered around the two stallions and the little dragon and cheered for them.

"Hey, aren't you two the stallions who last fought against each other?" asked one pony.

"We certainly are." Stanley said. Ollie looked unamused at him.

Amethyst Star came to them.

"I like to thank you for saving me. That was very brave of you standing up against that awful dragon. Um, no offense." She spoke to Ollie, then to Spike.

"None taken." Spike said.

"It's nothing. We couldn't let him attack innocent ponies now, could we." Ollie said.

"Well, I still want to thank you. Both of you." Amethyst said and gave a kiss on Ollie's cheek and Stanley's cheek. Then she moved on.

Stanley looked a bit at her. then he was thinking and then he gave the book to Ollie to go to Amethyst, but Ollie quickly grabbed him and gave him the book back.

"Well, dear citizens, we would like to stay a little longer. But my friend needs medical attention right now. Come, Stanley." Ollie said.

Suddenly, Twilight arrived.

"Sorry I'm late. I had some important things. I heard there was an attack in Ponyville and I came as fast as I can. And..." Twilight said and then saw Spike covered in bruises and cuts. Twilight was shocked. "Sweet Celestia, Spike. What happened? Who did this?"

"Dragons. They sound a lot like teenagers." Ollie said.

"There were three of them and they attacked the ponies." Stanley said.

"Not them." Twilight said. "Oh, Spike. We need to get him to the hospital immediatly." Twilight said.

"Right." Ollie said.

Stanley stood there for a bit.

"Well, don't just stand there. Give me a hoof." Ollie said.

Stanley looked at his hoof and gave it to Ollie. Annoyed, Ollie slapped the hoof away. Everypony laughed at the scene.

"Not like that. Help me get Spike on my back." Olie said.

Stanley helped Twilight picking up Spike and placed him on Ollie's back and moved on. The ponies stepped aside for them.

"Say, Spike. Who were those dragons anyway?" Ollie asked.

"Well, it's a long story. It all began on a beautiful day...." Spike narrated

A few minutes later and Stan, Ollie, Twilight and Spike arrived at the hospital.

"That was really brave of you for not crushing that egg. You have something those dragons don't have: brains." Ollie said.

"Thank you, guys. That means a lot." Spike said.

They entered the hospital and brought Spike to the doctors.

"We need help. It's an emergency." Ollie said.

"We'll take good care of him." said Doctor Horse.

A few hours later, the rest of the Mane Six arrived too.

"Poor little Spikey-Wikey. Fighting against that awful dragon." Rarity said.

"It's too bad I wasn't there. I could teach them a lesson or two. Hurting Spike. They won't get away with this." Rainbow dash said angrily.

"How could a dragon be that mean?" Fluttershy said worriedly.

"Thank you for helping Spike, Ollie." Twilight said.

"It's nothing, Twilight. I hope he's gonna be okay." Ollie said.

Stanley tapped him on the shoulder and gave him the present.

"Um, Twilight. This is for you. We could have brought it earlier. If this mess didn't happen. It's to thank you for what you've done for us." Ollie said.

Twilight took the present. When she opened it, she looked in awe.

"How did you get this?" Twilight asked. "I've been looking for this book for months."

"We bought it in the bookstore. We've got luck, there was only one left." Ollie said.

"Yeah, and the bookseller told us to give you his regards. Didn't he, Ollie?" Stanley said.

"Why surtenly. Oh, and this is to repay the things you bought for us." Ollie said.

"You two are so sweet." Twilight said and gave each of them a hug.

"They're a bit on the weird side, but they're darn hard workers." Applejack said.

Suddenly, Doctor Horse came out of the door.

"You can see him. He's in full health." he said.

They entered Spike's room. Spike was happy to see them.

"Girls! Stan! Ollie!" Spike said with joy.

"Spike, you're okay." Twilight said while hugging Spike.

"Of course, I'm alright. I have to thank Stan and Ollie most of it. They gave me courage." Spike said.

"We couldn't let that dragon say those mean things against you." Ollie said.

"You're right, Ollie. He who filters you're good name steals trash." Stanley said.

Ollie nodded on that.

"Thanks, guys." Spike said.

"Hey, that's what friends are for, isn't it." Ollie said.

"You're more than just friends. You're my family." With Spike saying that, everypony hugged him.

"Ooh-ooh-ooh." Rarity said cutely.

Somewhere on Earth, the three enemies of the Fat and the Skinny were looking for them. To finally bring an end to them. Diavolo saw a bald man with a moustache. (Guess who.)

"Excuse me, sir. Have you ever seen two man with bowler hats? One skinny, the other fat?" Diavolo asked.

"Oh, them. I know them. But what's it to you?" The man asked.

"We had enough of those squealers. We want them dead." Long said.

"Now listen, gentlemen. Violence and revenge doesn't solve a thing." The man said.

Diavolo pulled out his knife and threatened the man with it.

"D'ooooooh!" the man yelled.

"One last time. Where do they live?" Diavolo asked.

"They... They live in an appartement. But I think they're not home. Normally, they would be back from their job, but they haven't come back for like two days." the man said.

"And where do they work?" Barnaby asked.

"In a lab. There's this professor who invent a lot of things. Those two assist his work." the man said.

"Thank you. You're free to go." Diavolo said while putting his knife away.

"And make it snappy before we change our minds." Long threatened.

The man ran away as fast as he can.

"Soon, gentlemen. Revenge will be ours." Diavolo said sinisterly.

Author's Note:

If anyone wants a shipping in this story, let me now. I may have a few little ideas. Maybe Stanley and Applejack, or Fluttershy, or Pinkie Pie or Derpy to begin with.

I hope you like this chapter. I'm doing my very best to make some good epic chapters and bring the good ol' Laurel and Hardy comedy back.