• Published 6th Jan 2016
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The Fat and The Skinny - Dinodisneylover1

Can it be? The world's greatest comical duo have somehow arrived in Equestria? Still alive?

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A Strange World

You know, there sure are other worlds. Even with life forms. We have just arrived in one. This is Equestria, a magical land full of hopes and wonder. But you can't exactly call it a utopia, because even in this world there could be danger lurking behind every corner without you knowing. The residents however are not what you expected. There are mythological creatures: Manticores, Griffins, Minotaurs, Cockatrices, and, of course, dragons. But one species of residents was different than all the others. They're a species of talking ponies, each with a different race and special duty. But there's something that keeps them connected and gives their world life and hope: Friendship. Yup, seems like everyone wants to be friends with a person from another world, even if it is a pony. But enough chit-chat, let's move on.

We're going to it's most familiar and famous town: Ponyville. Most ponies go and live there. There is one pony that were going to visit. She lives in a tree and also has a castle of her own. Let's go inside the castle, shall we. There's big room with a table in the middle and some tree roots on the ceiling with gemstones hanging on the roots. But those weren't the only things in the room. There were two life forms. One is a pony, the other a dragon. It's seems like they're preparing themselves for something special.

"Do we have everything, Spike?" The voice belongs to a lavender unicorn/alicorn pony with a deep purple and pink mane. On her flank (that's what they call their butt) is a (butt tattoo? kinky) No! (clearing my throat) Pardon me. It's called a cutie mark. It represents a pony's special ability or talent. Hers is a six-pointed star with five little stars circling around it.

"Almost ready, Twilight." The second voice belonged to none other than the purple dragon with green spikes. You can probably guess where he gets his name from.

"Do you also have my new astronomy book?" asked the unicorn/alicorn named Twilight.

"Of course, and this time it didn't get burnt." the dragon named Spike said with a smile.

With that Twilight laughed a bit and continued "I'm so excited about the new meteor shower. It only happens once every one hundred years." Spike said "A centennial celebration!" Twilight sighed with joy "It's so great to do these things with my friends."

With that, Spike said "Well, let's not have them wait, shall we. I even baked more homemade triple-decker nut-crazy vanilla cream cookies!"

Twilight smiled on that and said "That's great, Spike. That's why you are my number one assistant."

"What was that? I didn't quite hear you." Spike said.

Twilight answered "Now. Let's not go that way again, Spike."

And spike said "Oops, sorry."

"Come on. Let's go!" Twilight said with great joy.

Spike followed her and called for someone, I mean, somepony. "Come on, Owlowiscious! Before we're too late." An owl followed them and together they go to the best place to spot a meteor shower: a hill somewhere out of town.

On the hill, more ponies gathered together to watch the meteor shower. Twilight and Spike arrived just in time.

The first of their friends has arrived: a cyan blue pegasus who has a mane with all the colors of the rainbow. Now that's a special hairstyle. "Hi, Twilight. Hi, Spike.", the pegasus called to them.

Twilight and Spike heard her and went to her. "Hi, Rainbow Dash. Are you ready for the meteor shower?"

With that, the pegasus answered "You bet your life I am. I don't wanna miss this. Not even a show with the Wonderbolts can stop me for seeing this. Unless it's a great show." Twilight rolled her eyes by that.

During that time, her other friends have come. An orange earth pony with a blonde mane and a brown stetson, a white unicorn with a purple mane, a yellow pegasus with a pink mane and a pink earth pony with a deep pink mane. But they weren't alone, they also had three fillies with them: a yellow earth pony with a red mane and a pink bow, a white unicorn with purple and pink hair and an orange pegasus with purple hair.

"Hiya, Twilight. Hiya, Spike." said the orange earth pony.

"Do we have to thank Spike again for this amazing spread?" said the adult white unicorn.

Spike felt flattered and said "Oh, come on. Stop that."

Then the little unicorn began to speak "Hey, everypony! The show is starting!" When she said that, falling stars could be seen in the sky. All the ponies looked at it with awe.

"Wow" said Twilight and Spike in amazement.

During the meteor shower, a huge light could be seen from the Everfree Forest. Spike and Twilight saw it in the distance.

"What was that?" Spike asked questionably.

"I don't know, maybe one of the stars fell in our atmosphere. We should check out later." Twilight said with excitement. But first, they watched further at the meteor showers.

Somewhere in the Everfree Forest, a huge light had shone. But now, it faded. Now there's only darkness in the forest. The light seemed to have revealed something. It opened his eyes, his vision was a bit blurry, but then it was clear again and looked around. "Uh, where am I?" It said. Then it suddenly realised something, it's missing something or somepony.

"Stan. Stan. Stan! STAN!" he yelled.

Then suddenly, another voice began to speak. "I'm here, Ollie!" the voice called out.

"Where?" the first one says.

"Look up!" and with that said, the person with the first voice looked up and saw his best friend in a tree. But he looked a little different. He was a little shocked with that.

"Ollie? Is that you?" he asked questionably.

"Of course, it's me. What happened to you?" he asked looking at his friend.

He doesn't look like a human. Instead he was a pony with light brown skin and a dark brown, straight up mane. He only had a bow tie around his neck. But that's not all, he also had a cutie mark with a small film reel on his flank.

"What do you mean 'what happened to me'?" Stan asked.

"You look like a...pony." Ollie answered back.

"But Ollie, you look like a pony too."

Then they both looked at each other and began to scream. Ollie was also a light brown pony, but with a flat black mane and a moustache. He was also a bit chubbier, he still has his neck tie, his hooves are dark brown and has a cutie mark of a big film reel on his flank. He looks more like a draft horse.

"WAAAAAAAH! What happend to us?!" Ollie yelled. Stan began to panic in a funny kind of way. Then they suddenly began to stop panicking. Ollie began to breath deeply and said "Okay. Let's speak about this later, first we need to get you out of that tree. Drop yourself."

Then suddenly Stan began to panic some more "What? I can't. I could get hurt or, even worse, die."

"Trust me, Stanley. I will catch you. Nothing's going to happen to you." Then Stan felt a little calmer with that. He prepared to drop himself on Ollie. Suddenly Ollie heard something, he looked into a different direction without paying attention to Stanley. Stan dropped himself and yelled while doing it. Ollie saw him coming down and they both fell on the ground.

They stand up and began to shake the dust from them. Stanley was shaking some dust from Ollie and then Ollie was trying to slap Stan's hooves. So Stan held his hooves for himself.

"Okay, so let's put our brains in this situation." Ollie began to speak. "We were sucked into that large hole and then we came here, but as ponies. The whole thing looks screwy to me."

Then Stan began to speak "Look on the bright side, Ollie. You love horses. Now you are one." Ollie felt annoyed of what Stanley said, but Stanley spoke further "You know what?"

"What?" Ollie asked

And Stan said "I think that hole brought us to another world. That hole must have been some kind of portal. So the professor's invention works."

"Where's the portal now?" Ollie asked. Stan looked around, but there's no portal.

"It must have disappeared when we arrived."

Ollie began to look angry "So we're stuck here." He glared at Stanley "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into. If you didn't touch those buttons this wouldn't have happened." He was about to hit Stanley, but Stanley jumped back. Even though Stanley is stupid, Ollie never want to hurt his friend that badly.

They looked at their surroundings and Ollie spoke "Come on, let's reconoiter."

Stanley began to nod his head, but he stopped for a moment because he didn't understand. Then he just nodded. Ollie rolled with his eyes and gave Stanley a sign to come with him. They began to walk through forest.

Little did they know that they were being watched by something in the bushes. Stan and Ollie walked silently. Stan smelled something and it didn't smell good.

Stan patted Ollie on the shoulder, but Ollie jumped a little from that. "Wah!"

Stan hushed "Shhh."

"What is it?" asked Ollie.

"Do you smell something?" Stan asked while sniffing the air.

"Not really. What does it smell like?" Ollie asked quizically.

"It's odorous." with Stan saying that, Ollie began to sniff the air and caught the scent.

"Uh, I smell it too. Where does it come from?" Ollie asked.

"Beats me." Stan answered.

They heard something growling. "Ollie? Is that your stomach?" Stan asked nervously while stopping him from walking further.

"No. Why?" said Ollie.

"Because I hear something." said Stanley.

With that, Ollie said "You're just hearing things. There's nothing to be afraid of." They kept on moving, but then Stan heard it again and stopped Ollie again.

"Ollie." Stan became more nervous.

"What is it now?" Ollie asked impatiently.

"I think we're being watched."

When Stan said that, Ollie took a very good look around and said "Stan. You're just scared and begin to see and hear things. We're going to find a way back home and that's what we're going to do. Now quite stopping me from going any further or I'll go further without you."

Then Stan said "Don't leave me alone."

Ollie spoke again "Than come on." Then suddenly, the growling became a little louder, but this time Ollie heard it. Ollie began to shake and said "Stan. Tell me that it's you who's making that sound."

Stan began to panic and says in a funny way "No."

Out of the bushes, a large wolf came out. But this wolf was made out of twigs and wood and it wasn't alone. Behind it, two more came from out of the bushes. Ollie and Stan were petrified. The wolves came closer to the strangers and began to roar loudly. Ollie and Stan screamed with all their might and began to run as fast as they can. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"

The wolves began to chase them and they're just as fast. While they were running, Stan saw some rocks on the ground. He quickly grabbed a few and began to threw some at the wolves. Since that these wolves were made of twigs, they fall easily when they got hit by the rocks. Stan began to run further while he threw some more at the wolves.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Spike have reached the Everfree forest to find the source of the light.

"Are you saying it came from here?" Spike says.

"Yes, Spike. I'm sure of that." Twilight said.

"But that's the Everfree Forest, It's home to the most dangerous creatures in all of Equestria." Spike says worriedly.

"I know. But I need to know what that light was. It could mean something. And besides, we went many times into the Everfree Forest and lived to tell the tale" Twilight said with great interest.

So they entered the Everfree Forest and began to look. They went very deep. Suddenly they heard something.

"Did you hear that?" said Spike. It became louder and Twilight opened her cute ears to hear it clearer. It seems to be the sound of somepony screaming.

Twilight heard it and said "Somepony's in trouble. We got to help them."

And so, the two were searching for the screaming and those who made the screaming came into view. Twilight saw who they were: A fat pony and a skinny pony. She also saw why they were screaming. "Sweet Celestia, they're being chased by timberwolves."

With that, Twilight came into action. She began to shoot blasts of magic at the timberwolves. The fat pony and the skinny pony saw the blasts of magic coming straight at them.

"Duck, Stan!" They ducked and the blasts destroyed the timberwolves.

"Twilight, that's the first you use your magic to face timberwolves. Usually, you flee for your life." Spike said logically.

"This is different, Spike. Those two ponies are in danger." Twilight said.

Stan and Ollie were standing on their hooves again. Suddenly they heard a voice, it came from a purple unicorn pony.

"Over here! Get away from there!" the unicorn called for them.

"Look, Ollie. It's a unicorn and it talks." said Stan.

"A talking unicorn? Imposssible. Unicorns don't exist. They don't even speak." Ollie said not believing what his friend is saying.

"Maybe they do in this world." said Stan.

"Get away from there! Hurry!" the unicorn spoke out again.

"I think we better go to the unicorn." said Stan.

"Why should we? Those wolves are defeated. It's not like they reconstruct themselves."

But foolish Ollie waved too soon and the twigs were assembling together to become a bigger timberwolf.

"Behind you!" yelled the unicorn to them.

"She says that we have to look behind us." said Stan.

"For the last time, Stanley. They're..." Before Ollie could finish his sentence, big drops of saliva where falling on the ground. The two former humans looked behind them and saw a larger wolf made out of huge logs of wood. It growled ferociously and the two began to scream again. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

"What are you doing?! RUN!" the unicorn yelled once again.

And finally, the two began to run again. The wolf began to chase them. Ollie and Stan went to the unicorn. But the unicorn wasn't leaving yet. Ollie and Stan saw her standing in front of the wolf.

"Leave them alone!" she yelled at the wolf and began to shoot magic at it. It could only break some of the twigs, but not all of them.

It looked like the unicorn was in trouble, but suddenly a tiny little purple guy with green spikes threw a rock inside the wolf's mouth. The wolf swallowed it and began to choke.

The unicorn came to Stan and Ollie and said "Come on! This way!" Stan and Ollie followed her and so was the little purple guy. The wolf began to collapse to the ground, now it was only logs and twigs.