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A young man with autism, who is a fan of many things. But especially 'My Little Pony G4'.


Equestria lives in peace and harmony thanks to Twilight and her friends. But nothing can prepare them for what is yet to come. A mysterious being with a shocking past is about to meddle with the lives of not only the ponies of Equestria, but also with another species. Will Twilight and her friends succeed in their task or is the universe going to meet its doom?

A story with laughs, tears and action.

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First like! This looks like it's gonna be an awesome story.

Please don't cancel it!!!

7203505 Thank you very much. It means a lot to me.

This seems interesting. I'll be waiting for more in the future.

I usually never do this, and I chastise people under my breath for saying stuff like this, but: MORE! I AM HUNGRY FOR MORE!

Seriously though. This is A-list. Just a few mispellings, and one or two grammatical errors, but other than that, I can't wait to see more of this.

Good luck, sir! Have a fave and a like!:twilightsmile::yay:

Sorry, for unpublishing that chapter. Forgot to plae the music.

Is this an anon in Equestria story?

7238351 What do you mean? Is Anon a made up character? Because maybe I can name my second character Anon. Or another name.

I was promised Sunset Shimmer. WHERE IS SHE?

7261839 Patience, my Sunset loving friend. It won't take too long before she appears. I don't want to say any spoilers. I want to keep things interesting.

Just to let people know again: I've added some things in the chapter "Welcome to Earth" in the flashback of Spectrus and the Dazzlings.

7239797 Um... It's kind of hard to explain. You're better off looking it up, but the best way for me to describe it is to picture a self-insert fanfic where the reader is the self-insert. ...Clear as mud, right?

7367181 I think I get it. But now that I've been thinking for a long time, I'm gonna give my second character another name.

It's the human sunset shimmer isn't it. And yes I guess on chapter 3

In the new chapter, my second character will be revealed. He will be based on myself. The only similarity that the character and I have are our personalities and our hobbies and interests. I just added some things to him.

When is the next chapter gonna be posted?

7459511 I'm doing my best. The next chapter is almost done.

Another thing Nathan and I have in common is our autism.

Why doesn't this story have a dark tag?

7484101 And I don't think there was enough room for another tag.

The new chapter and the next chapter are 'must read' chapters.

I know who Spectrus is. He is JOHN CENA.

Great story. That's all can I say. GREAT.

7903111 Really? Thank you. I put some references in it. But I mostly came with this story all by myself. :twilightsmile:

Do you ever heard of Criminal Minds before?

This can be the greatest story i ever heard since Code Nexus.

Why there's no one commented on this chapter? This is the greatest chapter of all chapters!!

I have a question? What happened to Starlight Glimmer? Or did I just jumped on the dialogues?

7905063 I know that Criminal Minds is a series, but I never watched it.

7905106 I took a little inspiration from Bad Boys 2 and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron in this chapter. I thought it would be awesome and funny.

7905153 Starlight Glimmer is still in Equestria. There's a possibility that she appears in future chapters.

7905092 In this chapter, I also took a little inspiration from the santa claus fight from Jingle All The Way. Also includes a reference to Wild Hogs.

7905464 Can we make a PM? I have something to introduce you about. Sorry,bad grammar.

7905582 a PM? :rainbowhuh: Oh, you mean a private message. Sure, I would like that.

7905642 Um, could you please PM me? I think I just broke my own PM.

7905777 Have you got the reply on your message?

I hope you can update this story. I can wait.

That meme is way overused and you should feel ashamed.

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