• Published 6th Jan 2016
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The Fat and The Skinny - Dinodisneylover1

Can it be? The world's greatest comical duo have somehow arrived in Equestria? Still alive?

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Earth. (don't forget to stop at 1:20 or 1:56) Perhaps the only planet, we know so far, that is filled with life. But we all know that there are more life forms in other worlds. We just didn't discover them...yet.

But what we're going to witness now begins in Los Angeles. In a silent neighbourhood somewhere in the city. There's an appartement there and in one of those rooms is the home of two people. They're both male. They're not gay, actually they're married...several times. And the two have been through a lot of things: War, Italian bandits, bogeymen and more. We see them sleep in their nice cozy bed. One of the males is a big, fat man with chubby cheeks and a moustache. He's sleeping peacefully.

The fat man opened his eyes, because a strange snoring sound woke him up. “What was that?” He thought in himself. He looked around and suddenly found the source of the snoring. It came from the second male, who is his best friend. A skinny, but funny looking man with his hair straight up. He was snoring in a weird kind of way, just like in the episode 'They go boom!'. The fat man looked annoyed and angry by the sound, but then he tried once again to sleep. Suddenly, the skinny one made a funny noise after the snoring and the fat one woke up quickly. The fat one tried to sleep again, but saw some light coming out of the curtains. He realized it's time to wake up. So he woke up the skinny one.

“Stan. Wake up, Stan. It's Morning.”, the fat one said.

The skinny one opened his eyes, but he still was tired and went to sleep again. Then the fat one was shaking him again.

“Come on, Stan. Wake up.” he replied again and the skinny one was completely awake.

The skinny one yawned and said, “Ollie, can't I stay a little bit longer in bed. It's too early.”

“We can do that another time. Remember: Early bird catches the worm.” The fat one named Ollie answered.

The skinny one named Stan looked quizically. “But Ollie, we're not birds. We don't even catch worms.”

Ollie looked annoyed by his answer and said. “Just get out of the bed and get dressed.”

Stan got out of the bed and went to the bathroom.

Ollie sat there for a moment annoyed by what his friend just said. “We're not birds. Mmph.” He replied.

Ollie stood up, but when he walked he got the door of the bathroom to his face. “AAWW!” Ollie yelled while holding his hands to his face. The one who opened the door was none other than Stan, who returned wearing his grey coat and pants with a bow tie and a bowler hat.

“Why don't you be careful?”, Ollie said.

“I couldn't help it.”, Stan answered.

Ollie put his hands away from his face and jumped by the sight and looks dumbfounded at Stan.

“How did you get dressed so fast?” He asked surprised.

“I don't know.” Stan answered.

Ollie still looked quizically and says “Well, at least I can use the bathroom now. Check if we have any food for breakfast while I'm busy.”

Stan went to the kitchen and looked inside the refrigerator and the cupboards. They still got some food left. So he prepared the table, placing the plates, knives, forks and glasses. He grabbed some bread to make toast with jam and prepared the coffee for both of them. Then he was looking for some napkins to place on the table, but he can't find them. So he went to the stairs and called for Ollie.

“Oh, Ollie!”, he called.

Ollie answered “What?”

“Where do you keep the napkins?”

“In the cupboard in the living room! Right in the middle!”

So Stan went to the living room opened the cupboard and grabbed the napkins. Ollie came downstairs wearing his own black coat and pants with a necktie and a bowler hat.

Stan saw him and said “Breakfast is ready.”

Thank you, Stanley. Let's eat quick.” Ollie said.

Stan looked questionably and asked “Why do we have to eat quick?”

Oliver was once again annoyed by such a question and said “Do I have to tell you everything? Professor Noodle who gave us a job about a year ago wants our help for a new invention of his own.”

“Gee, that sounds great.” Stan said. “You know, with the professor creating those inventions and us helping him, we could help a lot of people from disease, death, aging, hunger and all that kind of stuff and we could also save the planet. We could be heroes.

Ollie heard that and said “Tell me that again.”

Stan answered but in a different kind of way, “Well, If we create the people and bring death, aging, disease, hunger and all that kind of stuff to the professor and the planet and help the inventions. Then those inventions would be heroes.” Then he began to think and said “If the people were...”

“I know what you're trying to say. You want to help humanity and the planet get rid of their problems.” Ollie sat there thinking a little and said “That's a very good idea. And coming out of your mouth as well.”

“You bet your life it's a good idea. You know I'm not as dumb as you look.” Stan answered.

“You bet your life you're not. Anybody that could thi... What do you mean with 'not as dumb as I look'?” Ollie said.

“Well, I...”

“Come on. Let's eat and get moving.” With Ollie saying that, they ate further. While they eat, Stan was buttering a sandwich.

Ollie saw it and asked “Would you mind giving me the butter, please?”

With that, Stan gave him the butter. “Thank you.”, Ollie said. “Could you also pour the coffee?” he asked.

So Stan grabbed the coffeepot. But while Ollie grabs another sandwich and put some butter on it, Stan accidentally poured the coffee in Ollie's lap instead of in his cup. “Aw!”, Ollie yelled and dropped the butter on the floor. Stan quickly put the coffeepot away.

“Why don't you be careful?”, Ollie yelled.

“I couldn't help it.” Stan answered.

“Oh, shut up. Come on, we got to clean up or we're late.”, Ollie said

Ollie stood up to help cleaning up, but then his foot landed on the butter he dropped. He slipped and flew out of the kitchen, into the next room. Screaming while doing it, “AAAAAAAAAAHHH!” breaking the table with his weight and all the rest of the stuff in the room falling to the floor. Stanley heard the noise and went to the room. He saw Ollie lying on the now broken table. Ollie rose his head from the table looking at Stan, who gave a funny smile on his face. Ollie saw that and placed his hand on his cheek while shaking his head to the audience. With that, breaking the fourth wall.

An hour later, they finally arrived at the lab. The professor was there too. “I'm very happy that you two have arrived. You shall be the first witnesses of the greatest invention of the age. And it's mine. All mine!" he said and began to crow like a rooster. “This invention will be just as superior as my juvenation potion which you two, unfortunately, ruined it while the fat one fell into the bathtub and changed into a chimp.”, he continued. Ollie wasn't very happy about that memory, he knew exactly what happened.

With that Ollie said, “Well, it wouldn't have happened if he didn't push me into the bathtub.”

The professor continued further, “You're very lucky that I invented a potion to change you back into a human. But enough memories. Come, let me show you my work.”

They stopped at a large machine with a big hole in it. The professor began to talk again, “Gentlemen, I present to you my newest invention: The Universal Portal Machine or UPM for short.”

Stan and Ollie looked quizically at each other before Stan broke the silence, “What does it do?”

The professor answered, “It's a device that will allow people to travel to other worlds.” Stan and Ollie looked once again at each other.

Ollie began to speak. “Other worlds? As in other planets?”

“Yes!” The professor answered. “Worlds with possible life forms. It tooke a very long time to create such a device.”

There was someone else in the lab, the professore butler Jessup. He began to speak, “Surely, you've been working on that for thirty years.”

The professor answered, “True, my boy. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. And if this experiment proves succesful, I will be nominated with the prize for greatest invention of the age. Just think, when I open a portal to a world different than ours, we could make contact with other living beings we never knew they excist. Haha. Now, we'll do a test.”, the professor finished talking and pushed a few buttons on the machine.

The machine began to shake, some sparks of electricity could be seen, but then the machine went broke and some smoke came out. The professor yelled “No! No! It's not complete!”

It looked like the professor was on the brink of defeat, but he won't give up so easy. “Maybe it needs some more fixing. Gentlemen, would you help me?”, he asked the boys.

Ollie answered “We'd be glad to.” the professor jumped with joy.

“Splendid! Splendid!”, he said. “Check the wires in the machine and see if they need some fixing. But don't screw up anything like the last time.”

With that, Ollie said “Don't worry, we'll be very careful. Won't we, Stanley?”

“We certainly will, Ollie. A road need to be made or you'll never get to the other side.” With that Ollie nodded to Stan.

“Good.”, the professor said, “Jessup, would you like to make some coffee for us, please?”

Jessup answered, “Coming right up, sir.” and went to the kitchen.

“I'll be right back, gentlemen. But you can begin if you like.”, the professor said.

When the professor left the room, Ollie and Stan looked at each other.

Stan broke the silence saying “What do you think about it?”

“The whole thing looks screwy to me, but everything's possible.” Ollie answered, making Stan nod.

“Come, Stanley. Let's check out that machine.” Ollie said and they went to the machine.

Stan and Ollie were opening a fusebox in the machine to look if something needs fixed. Stan went to look inside the fusebox, but Ollie pushed him away.

“Wait, I'll do it. You better watch if something happens with the machine. And don't talk back.”

And with that, Stan stood there watching the machine while Ollie was busy. Stan was standing there a little, but he felt bored and decided to touch some buttons on the machine. And then all of a sudden, the machine began shaking and a portal began to appear in the empty hole. Stan was looking at it. Then the portal became a bit bigger and began to suck Stan like a vacuum cleaner. Stan began to scream while he came closer to the portal.

“Ollie! Save me, Ollie!” He screamed for help.

Ollie heard that and stood up. When he saw Stan being pulled by the portal, he came to the rescue. “Don't worry, Stan! Grab my hand and don't let go!”, he yelled.

Stanley hold his hand very tight, but then the portal became a bit bigger and began to suck them both. They both screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH” and the portal disappeared with them.

The professor returned and saw that no one was in the room. He looked around and calling for the boys, “Hello? Gentlemen? Where are you?

Meanwhile, the boys flew through space holding each other tightly and still screaming. They went faster and faster and all of a sudden, there was a bright light coming straight at them. They entered the light and than BLACK-OUT.

Hasbro and Hal Roach studios

A Dinodisneylover1 story

The Fat and the Skinny
Friendship meets Comedy

Stan Laurel (Arthur Stanley Jefferson)
Oliver Hardy (Norvell Hardy)
Tara Strong
Ashleigh Ball
Andrea Libman
Tabitha St. Germain
Cathy Weseluck

Nicole Oliver
John de Lancie
Other actors

Dennis King as Fra Diavolo

Author's Note:

It's still a bit of a working progress, but don't worry, guys. Everything's going to be alright.