• Published 6th Jan 2016
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The Fat and The Skinny - Dinodisneylover1

Can it be? The world's greatest comical duo have somehow arrived in Equestria? Still alive?

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A Meeting Like No Other

Stan, Ollie, Twilight and Spike left the Everfree Forest and stopped at a tree to catch their breath. It was the very same tree where Twilight, Spike and Owlowiscious have stopped after they escaped that green dragon.

"Are you alright, Stan?" Ollie asked.

"I'm fine, Ollie. What about you?" Stan asked back.

"Well, I'm alive. That's the important part. That was close."

"It certainly was." Stan nodded.

"Are you two okay?" Stan and Ollie heard that and turned their attention to the purple unicorn/alicorn who spoke to them.

Ollie and Stan were a bit surprised that they're in the presence of a talking unicorn pony.

"Well... yes. It was kinda unexpected from us, but we're fine." Ollie answered.

"What was that you just saved us from?" Stanley asked.

"You mean you never heard of timberwolves?" Twilight asked in surprise.

"Timberwolves?" Ollie asked quizzically.

Twilight looked a bit surprised and suspicious, because these ponies never heard of timberwolves. Mostly everypony in Equestria knows what a timberwolf is.

"Guess they were too scared to know what timberwolves are." Spike says.

Ollie saw the little dragon and looked surprised. "Is that a talking dragon?"

"Yes, I am." Spike answered.

"You two really should be careful going into the Everfree Forest. There's nothing that some of the creatures in there love more than hunt down innocent ponies." Twilight said.

Ollie and Stan were a bit frightened about that. Ollie broke the silence. "We really appreciate what you've done for us."

"Oh, it's nothing. Anypony would have done it." Twilight smiled.

"No, really. Without you and that little dragon we would be dead." Stanley said.

"I sure don't want to think about that." Ollie said.

"You know, I've never seen somepony like you two here. Are you new?" Twilight asked.

Stan answered on that question. "Yes, we are. We're actually from..."

But before he could finish his sentence, Ollie shut his mouth.

"...someplace far away." Ollie finished. Stanley was trying to say something to Ollie, but Ollie hushed him.

Twilight gave a little strange look at the two ponies. But then the look disappeared.

"However, thanks for helping us." Ollie said.

"It's quite alright. Well, I think we both should head to our homes." Twilight said.

"I'm sorry, miss. But we have no home." Ollie said.

"What? How come?" Twilight asked.

"Well, it's a bit of a long story." Ollie answered.

Suddenly Spike began to speak to Twilight. "Say, Twilight. Why don't we let them stay in our castle?"

"That sounds like a good idea. They look like they're in a bit of trouble." Twilight said.

"You bet your life it's a good idea. Plus, they're funny. Especially the skinny one, heheh." Spike said

Twilight looked with a smile at her assistant and then turned her attention to the two ponies.

"Gentlecolts, we would like to offer you a room in our castle." Twilight said.

"You do?" Stanley asked.

"You bet on it. We always help everypony who's in trouble." Twilight said.

"That's very kind of you, miss" Ollie said.

"Say I got a question." Stanley said.

"Ask me." Twilight said.

"Why are you saying 'everypony' and 'gentlecolts'? Isn't it 'everybody' and 'gentlemen'?" Stanley asked.

Twilight looked with a strange expression and said "Everybody and gentlemen? What kind of words are that?"

Ollie grabbed Stanley and whispered "Other world, remember. Even if it is strange."

"Oh." Was all Stanley could say.

To not say any strange words or tell something secretly, Ollie said. "Uh, you have to pardon my friend. Sometimes he doesn't know what he's saying."

"Okay. Well, let's get to the castle and, in the mean time, you can tell me everything about yourselves." Twilight said.

Ollie heard that and jumped a little bit without making a sound. But then he said.

"We certainly will. But there are some things we like to tell when the time is right." Ollie said.

"Oh, okay. I understand." Twilight said.

Ollie let out a sigh of relief. And so the three ponies and dragon are going to the Castle of Friendship.

After half an hour walking through Ponyville, they finally reached the castle.

"Well, here we are. Castle sweet castle." Twilight said.

Stan whistled to the scenery and said "Gee-whiz."

"Maybe I should first give you a tour around the castle, Mr. ... Well, we haven't been introduced. My name is Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship. And this is my loyal assistant, Spike." Twilight introduced herself and her friend.

"Pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty. I'm Mr. Hardy, Oliver Norvell Hardy; and this is my friend, Mr. Stan Laurel." Ollie introduced.

During the introduction, Stan shook Twilight's hoof, Spike's claw and Ollie's hoof. When he shook Ollie's hoof, Ollie quickly released the hand because Stan was acting idiotic again.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, but just call me Twilight." Twilight said.

"Oh, okay. Twilight." Ollie said.

"So you're a princess?" Stanley asked.

"Yes. But only alicorns are princesses." Twilight said.

"Alicorns?" Ollie asked

Twilight gave another puzzled look at the two. "You don't know what alicorns are either?" Twilight asked.

Ollie was a bit nervious when she asked that and answered. "Well, let's say where we come from, we don't exactly know what alicorns are."

"Okay." Twilight said. She still thinks it's weird that these two ponies don't know what alicorns are, but then she explained it to them. "They're the rulers of Equestria. They have both horns and wings."

"Equestria. So that is the name of this world." Ollie thought in himself.

"But if you're a princess, how come you don't have any wings?" Stanley asked

"That's because I've been working on a new spell to let wings disappear and reappear." Twilight explained

Ollie and Stan looked at each other and both said "Spell?"

With that, Twilight's horn began to glow making Ollie and Stan watch with curiosity. She began to think really hard and, all of a sudden, here wings appeared. Ollie and Stan looked at the spectacle with eyes wide open and their mouths hanging wide open.

"That was unbelievable." Ollie said in amazement.

"That was really magical." Stanley said in amazement.

"Thank you." Twilight blushed a bit. And she made her wings disappear again.

"How did you do that?" Ollie asked.

"Why, it's magic. All unicorns use magic." Twilight explained

"I can do some tricks of my own too." Stanley said.

"Like what?" Twilight said in curiosity.

Stanley held his hoof in front of him. Normally he had fingers to do his trick, but now he must try it with a hoof. He tries to do his famous thumblighter trick and you know what, it worked. The tip of his hoof was on fire. Twilight and Spike stood there with wide eyes and their mouths hanging wide open. Ollie still couldn't believe how his friend does it. He also remembered the time when he tried it and became scared when his thumb went on fire.

"Wow! That is totally amazing!" Spike watched with amazement.

"How did you do that? That's scientificaly impossible." Twilight said.

"I don't know." Stanley answered and blew the fire from his hoof away.

Ollie quickly grabbed his friend's hoof and looked very closely, but then he released his hoof.

"Well, now that we had the introduction, it's time for the tour. This way, gentlecolts." Twilight said. She showed them everything in the castle. "This is the dining hall. Over here's the kitchen if you want something to eat. And over there's my favorite room, the library. If you want to read a book, you're always welcome. My bedroom is all the way up there and Spike's bedroom's over there. They're the only bedrooms in this castle, so you can either sleep with Spike or with me."

"Thank you for your kindness, Miss Twilight." Ollie said.

"Say Twilight, what's over there." Stanley asked while pointing to a room.

"Oh, I almost forgot. That's the throne room. It has a magical table in the centre which is actually a map." Twilight explained

"A map of what?" Ollie asked.

"The map contains all of Equestria. Sometimes, me and my friends are summoned to some places to solve friendship problems." she explained further.

"Is it that serious?" Stan asked

"It's friendship that combines us all. I've learned during my adventures that if one friendship dies, the results can be disastrous." Twilight said.

"I see." Ollie said.

Twilight began to yawn cutely and said "Well, that was the tour. It's really late. I'm going to bed. I don't know if you guys going to stay up a little longer."

"Well, we're also tired at the moment. So, we also better got to bed." Ollie said.

"I'm as tired as a fly on a cake." Stanley said.

"A fly on a cake. Mmph." said Ollie annoyed.

"How about you, Spike?" Twilight said, but then she saw him sleeping peacefully on the floor. "Oh, never mind."

"Was he that tired?" Stanley asked.

"Spike always get tired when it's very late. There are some times that he can stay up really late, but he's a baby dragon after all." Twilight explained. "Well, you can sleep in my room if you want. I'm going to take this dragon to his nest first." When she got in the dragon's room, Twilight woke Spike a little.

"Spike." she said silently. "Spike." she said a little louder.

The dragon woke up with sleepy eyes and said "Twilight, I'm tired. Can't we talk tomorrow?

"It's just a little question, it won't be long." Twilight said.

"Alright." Spike said.

"Don't you think that those two ponies are a bit different than other ponies?" she asked

"What do you mean?" the dragon asked.

"Well, they never heard about alicorns. Everypony knows about alicorns. And Mr. Laurel asked me why I say words like 'everypony' and 'gentlecolts' and he replaced it with words of their own. It's like they're from somewhere else. I'm gonna ask them tomorrow more about themselves."

"But you heard what Mr. Hardy said, they like to talk about them more when the time is right. Let's give them some time." Spike said.

She began to sigh and finally said "Fine. I'll give them the time."

With that, the little dragon went to sleep. Twilight placed his blanket on him and said softly "Good night, Spike."

During that time, Stan and Ollie were heading to Twilight's room to prepare themselves to go to bed.

Stan began to break the silence. "Say, Ollie."


"I wonder how long were going to be in this world." Stanley asked.

"Oh, until we find a way back home." Ollie answered.

"Gee, that's gonna be a long time." Stan said.

"Don't worry, Stan. We'll get back one way or another. And we can trust Princess Twilight. She sounds like a nice lady. For a pony."

"Ollie." Stan said again.


"I've got another idea."

"What is it?" Ollie asked.

"Well, now that we're in another world. We can become friends with the residents. Imagine, we could be the first beings from Earth who communicate with extraterrorism beings." Stanley said

"Not extraterrorism. Extraterrestrial." Ollie corrected. "That's a very good idea. I bet Professor Noodle would also be proud of us."

"You bet your life he will." Stanley said.

Then Twilight came back and said "Alright, sirs. Shall we?"

"After you, madam." Ollie bowed.

"Thank you, Mr. Hardy." Twilight said

Stan was also going to bow, but he knocked his head against Ollie's head. Twilight heard the knock and saw what happened. She was trying her best to hold her laughter.

A few minutes later, everypony went to bed. Ollie and Stan were allowed to sleep in Twilight's room. She was going to prepare two beds, but Stan said that they mostly sleep together in one bed. So she prepared one bed. The bed looked like one of the five beds in the episode 'Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?' Now they can go to sleep.

"Good night, Mr. Hardy." Twilight said.

"Good night, Twilight." Ollie said.

"Good night, Mr. Laurel." Twilight said.

"Good night." Stanley said and hit his head against the head of the bed. Ollie rolled his eyes because of that.

And so, they all fell asleep, dreaming about the sweetest dreams. For tomorrow will be a special day to begin in this new world.

Something's not right on the planet Earth. All the lights were out, except for one. It was somewhere in a dark alley in an inn. Inside the inn were three men surrounding a round table. The first was a prisoner, the kind of a guy who would look for trouble and threaten everyone. The second was a crooked man with a goatee, glasses, a cane and a hat. He was assisted by two horrifying looking creatures who were half man and half animal with great big ears, great big mouth, long claws and hair all over their body. And the final man was a handsome looking fella with a hat with a plume and a velvet cloak that hangs low playing in careless flow. He's assisted with three men. The handsome man began to speak.

"Friends. Comrades. Finally, after many years I've found others like myself."

"Quit the friendly introduction, pretty boy. What do you want from us?" the prisoner began to speak.

One of the men who assisted the handsome guy couldn't stand that the prisoner was insulting his boss. So, he took his knife out of his pants. He was about to attack, but the handsome guy stopped him. So he puts the knife away. The handsome guy spoke further.

"I brought you all here because we have one thing in common."

"And that is?" the man with the goatee asked.

"You know very well what it is, Mr. Barnaby. A fat man and a skinny man who defeated and double-crossed us." the handsome man continued.

"Ah, those two idiots. They humiliated me in front of all of Toyland and stopped me from marrying the girl I fell in love with." Said the man named Barnaby.

"Those two idiots foolishly revealed my cover when I was about to rob one of the richest men in Italy." The handsome man spoke.

"Death to them!" One of the handsome man assisting men yelled.

"Those double-crossing squealers. Those RATS! I'll get even with them if it's the last thing I do. I'm going to search the whole world for them. And if I find those two, I'll rip off their legs and wrap them around their necks." The prisoner threatened.

"I'll make sure you'll get that chance, Long. But to get to them, we need to work together. With teamwork, you can accomplish everything."

"I'm in. The perfect time to get revenge on those two." Barnaby chuckled.

"A wise decision indeed, Mr. Barnaby. Mr. Long?" The handsome man asked.

"Fine. I'm in. We'll deal with those rats." The one called Long said.

"Then it is decided. When we find them, we'll torture them in all our ways." the handsome guy raised his glass and spoke further. "Gentlemen, let us drink on the destruction of the fat and the skinny. Down with the fools."

"Down with the fools!" They all drank their glasses empty and put them hard on the table with vengeance in their eyes.