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Sunset Shimmer is having a crisis! A computer crisis to be exact! Right when she’s trying to do a history project too!

So, to solve her problem, she and her friends decide to call the most successful repair shop in town. Quick Fix’s House and Electricity Fixer-Uppers Inc. The answer is simple as that.

Meanwhile, the three most little-minded men in the world, The Three Stooges, are working at the repair shop, and they need money in order to keep themselves going.

So, what happens when you get these two groups of people with some very serious problems together? Well, let’s find out.

Note: This story takes place before the events of “Forgotten Friendship”.

Edited by Norm De Plume on May 24, 2021.

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This is an idea for a crossover that I never expected. I will be interested to see how this plays out.

Gotta hand it to you, this really feels like a Stooges piece. :rainbowlaugh:

You can improve your fic by tightening up some of your prose, and eliminating what's known as "passive voice".

While the Stooges were working on their light bulb problem in the back, there was a man in the front office who was searching through his mail for something.

can become

"While the Stooges worked on their light bulb problem in the back, a man in the front office searched through his mail for something.

You can also change 'then turns' to 'turns', 'soon brings him' to merely 'brings him'. Otherwise, you're adding a modifier that makes it seem like these actions take much longer than they should.

Good idea! Who woulda thunk this?

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More of that good old Stooges slapstick. XD
I'll be interested to see where this goes next...

Can't wait for Moe to poke Pinkie's eyes and hits her with anything, keep it up, buddy.

Oh, by any chance, I hope the Stooges also go to Equestria to look for adventures and jobs, while using Pony Pinkie as a second Curly to Moe, hurting each on the way.

I’ll think about it. I would definitely like to see the pony version of Pinkie Pie be with the Stooges.

But, I will say that before I started making this story, I thought about having them come to Equestria before. However, in the end, I felt that having them be in the Equestria Girls universe would make things easier to work with.

The Mane 6 will also end up being at the receiving end of Moe's slaps and pokes, if they get in his way that is. Also, Moe will rip off a lock of Pinkie's mane like with Larry, and "See this?" Bonk! Ponk! Ow!

You seem to really want them be subjected to the slapstick.

Becuz I hate Pinkie Pie! I hate her with all burning passion and vengeance, if I was there, I would pull off every slapstick technique Moe has performed to his fellas at her, especially poking her in the big eye, you know why, she rambles around like Curly! And performs Deadpool stuff.


A Jack-the-Ripper, eh?

Well, hate to break it to ya chum, but your request isn’t on my to-do list when it comes to this story.

Sorry pal, but I ain't no Jack the Ripper, I just like hurting Pinkie this much, I just hate her, but don't do that sorta thing okay, stick to your own ways, and that thing I said below, ain't my suggestion. Simply expressing how much I hate the living hell outta 'er.


And, uh...thank you for letting me make my own choices. It means a lot to me.

Although, I'm more okay with human Pinkie, she's a bit tamer, and less Deadpoolish than pony Pinkie.

i’m a Gigantic fan of three stooge and I love them so much and I like you contuie writing more chapter please.

Thanks, man.

And don’t worry, working on this story is a complete top priority of mine.

...Jeez, talk about being hit hard in the Nostalgia.

well, I bete if the girls find out that the three guy is the repair men and it going be chaos.

I bet the three guy will get trouble when the girls find out the true

Sunset's house is going to be a ruin by the time this is over, isn't it? :rainbowlaugh:

First and foremost, great to see you back! Second, great movie references! Third, this repair ain't gonna end well!:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

I love old timey comedy and slapstick, men speaking in deep, quick paced, testosterone fueled tone and accents and stop motion monsters picking up doll people who are supposed to be live action actor, the past sure was weird.

look like it gonna be the cat out the bag soon. also i’m happy your back and write new chapter too. also how the summer break going?

Looks cool so far. I didn't realize I would enjoy this so much. :)

Please do the Larry's fist under Curley's chin and Moe hitting Larry's elbow

I'm looking forward to it. This is actually pretty funny and lighthearted

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