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After being captured, Starscream is given a final chance at being allowed in the Decepticons. That is, if he can survive a trip with a new prototype machine created by Soundwave called the Trans-Dimensional Warp cannon. Which transports him to Equestria, now all he has to do is return home. With the help of some new (and old) 'friends', what could possibly go wrong? It's only Starscream.
(Potential Spoilers. This is set before Breakdown is killed and before Starscream has the Apex Armor or loses his T-cog).

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Starscream us screwed

How could you guess?:pinkiegasp:

Starscream was leader for 5 seconds before he got shot so he has no chance of actually being a leader for more than five seconds :trollestia: :derpytongue2:

You misspelled Nemesis. Other than that you're good.

Thanks, I've changed it now.

1779498 True also Starscream was also an idiot for starters check this link Idiot

Please tell me there's more.:pinkiehappy:

Don't worry there will be lots more. :yay: I'm just really slow at writing it.

I think we all know which pony he's gonna pick a fight with first:ajbemused:

hm interresting i wonder who that could of ben? :unsuresweetie: :applejackunsure:

2057899 possibly megaton and sound wave i think :unsuresweetie::applejackunsure:

2057899 didnet i reppli to you it might be megs or soundwave thoes were the first that i thought of after reading ch3

Well you will have to wait and see...:derpytongue2:
Thinking of all the characters in transformers prime, what cutie mark would they get?

2059418 hmmm i would say... maby a bow and rrow but the tipf the arrow has a decpticon symbol on it representing his keen eye shot with his blaster
and for soundwave a computer that has a decpticon symbol in because for soundwave he's like the "eyes and ears" of the decpticon and that he is ovusely good with machanichs

Yeah that suits them. What about the others though?

2062041 hmm maby for breakdown i really can'y think of anything sorry :(
aracknid a spider with a web on it but the wab is shaped like a decpticon smybol on it i thought of that because she is a spider
for dreadwing i really can't think of anything sorry :(
for knockout a punching bag with a decpticon smybol on it i thought of that because of his mane it sounded like a wesler type so thats why i did that\
for skyquake BIgg wings and inthe middle of it a decpticon smybol on it it means that he is a really god flyer even better than rainbow dash
thats all that i could think of if i missed annyone else please tell me

(Reads summary) Wait, wasn't Breakdown already dead by the time Starscream got that armor?

Hmm... You have improved since the last two chapters. Congratulations, you have earned yourself a fave. :coolphoto:

Incidentally, do you have an editor? If not, I'd be happy to render services. I really like where this is going so far. :twilightsmile:

That suits them, but I think Knockout's should be more doctor-ish. What abouth the autobots though?

Yeah Breakdown died in episode 33 (:fluttercry:) and Starscream got the Apex aromour in episode 39 (I think). It should probably say: before Breakdown is killed and before Starscream gets the Apex armour, to be clearer.

Thanks for the fave. :pinkiehappy:
No I don't have an editor, and I would be grateful for your help. Though I have no idea how that works.

for optimus Simple :heart: two wings with a autobot smybol in it i though very hard on this
for bumblbee also simple a bumblee :rainbowlaugh:
for arcee: hmm that's a tuffe
for bulkhead defently a punching bag with an autobot smybol on it
for ratchet a a doctor's bag with a blue cross on it and a red autobot smybol on it
for smokescreen a blue and white checkord flag with a autobot smybol on the white squares :ajsleepy:

Yeah I agree with those. :pinkiehappy:
Maybe a wheel or something to do with her partners for arcee?

2121491 hm that sounds good :pinkiesmile:

Very good. So sad that soundwave lost his other three minicons they were like part of him and he lost them in the war, except for Laserbeak. He is the best minicon that Soundwave has ever had.

I found a mistake.

The lead pony who had called down to him was a violet unicorn, with a sapphire blue mane and tail which had violet and pink streaks running through it.

The color of Twilight's mane and tail is dark purple with violet and pink streaks.

Well the MLP Wiki lied. :fluttershysad:
So I'm going to blame Starscream.

What just happened


:rainbowlaugh: That's surprisingly accurate.

Two questions: 1. In what Transformers continuity does the Transformers part of the story takes place? 2. Will the infamous Rainbow Dash vs. Starscream Death Battle be referenced here?

1. This is set in the Transformers Prime continuity.
2. That is a brilliant idea, I'll have to try and see if I can get that into the story. So the answer to that is probably.

What's up with the OC tag? Starscream isn't an original character.

3558425 Well if they do end up fighting, can you at least make it a proper fight instead of "Starscream doesn't stand a chance against Rainbow Dash"? I HATED that part of that death battle.

Starscream just can't seem to get a break, can he?

The OC tag isn't for Starscream, but for some other characters. Which are OC's.
I shall attempt to make it a proper fight, though I still not sure how I'm going to fit it into the story, so it depends on how it turns out.
He can never catch a break. If he did I'm sure Megatron would turn up and beat him half to death.

awww lame he's a pony.

hmm. For proper drama, I bet its two 'bots.

Wow Sweetie, what an absolutely dickish move.

aaaaaand I'm not reading any more.

Prince Demon Scar?

Demon haunt?

good god I think the Sue-ness is infecting me. THose are the most 2edgy4me names I've ever heard.

Learn originality.

Darn Primes.:ajbemused:
Always spoiling the fun.:trollestia:

I guess you've read the covenant of primus

.....so have I

Grimlock activated.

Shitty line, mainly because starscream, but good chapter nonetheless. :D continue.

It seems that Starscream can ruin anything.
Thanks. And I will.

Grim lock deployed. Auto win.

Is Xeno Luna's daughter?

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