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Well guess im back · 1:22am Apr 22nd, 2015

How long has it been since I was last on here...2013? 2014? Well, lets see what I can do now that im back on, I know my first story was kinda...well bad but I plan on making revisions of it and maybe even completely changing it :/ wish me luck guys I need it.

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(Now you guys know that im back and older :D )

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1779201 thats awsome! Can't wait to read it! So how are you doing? :twilightsmile:

1778915 I usually post a new chapter every Sunday. :twilightsmile:

1778232 Anyways how you doing?! and when will the next chapter be out? :rainbowlaugh: im in complete suspense because I want to know when optimus and the autobots will get there memory back, maybe when they get the matrix back? :derpyderp2: if that actually does happen I SO called it :rainbowwild:

1777584 agreed, the revision for my mlp/tf crossover has begun! and boy do I have a good amount of ideas for it!

1778232 Hey dude! I had no idea that you made a Three-quill to your Tf/mlp crossover, I absolutely LOVE to death these stories

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