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MCU Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover. Set in between movies.

The Guardians of the Galaxy accidentally find themselves in a different world. A world similar to Star-Lord's home, but filled with more magic than he remembered, and somehow more cartoony. And for some reason, the source of every problem is at a high school.

With a couple gifted students from that school, the Guardians of the Galaxy must protect this world from threats from their world and from beyond the stars.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 100 )

this is gotta be one hell of a story

So, while the ponys deal with the Legends, the girls get the Guardians. Makes sense actually

Didn't James Gunn say the timeline between Vol. 1 and 2 is like two months?

Either way, still interested into seeing how this goes.

Guessing Star-Lord had nightmares.

Just hope th next chapter doesn't take too long to upload.

MCU Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover. Set in between movies.

What about the Equestria Girls movies?

His reaction to it being a school is hilarious

A talking tree, a mutated rodent, 2 thieves, and a vengeful body of muscle, combined with EG....ITS PERFECT!!!!!!!!

8011157 Not a bizzare adventure, but it'll hafta do.

Okay I'm interested in this story!

So which movies set place in this story?

8011157 Hey, Rocket isn't mutated and he's not a rodent!

He's clearly been cybernetically augmented. Also, raccoons are more closely related to dogs than they are rodents.

Well, there's a few bits of formatting that come across as a little weird, but this is off to an excellent start. Here's hoping Peter crosses paths with Vinyl Scratch at some point.

8053253Hey, im just trying to sound like Star Lord from the Movie!

The funny thing is, Gamora actually wouldn't look that out of place.

UH OH this isn't gonna end well:twilightoops::rainbowderp:....Nice chapter! Keep it UP!!!

Poor Drax. Always curious of something he doesn't know about.:moustache:

I'm liking it so far keep it up!

So far Celestia and Luna are taking this well. I can't wait to see how it goes. Though I can imagine Fluttershy trying to cuddle with Rocket. Question is would he like it?

Well, at least they're being straightforward and not smashing anything. That's always a good combination.

Fluttershy:Oh my gosh he is SO cute!!
Rocket: WHO SAID THAT!?!?!?

When is the next chapter coming.

8009941:trixieshiftright: *imitating TFS Vegeta voice* F**k em'.

Star-Lord rolled his eyes, "It's the principle of the thing, Rocket. Plus, if Gamora and Drax really need help in there, I'm not gonna leave them hangin'. But like you said, it's a school. Not a whole lot can happen in there."

"I am Groot." said Groot from his pot.

The Legendary Outlaw pointed a finger at the living tree, "Exactly, pal. Once the crystal charges its power or whatever, we're making a hasty getaway back to our galaxy."

:pinkiegasp: .... Di- did Peter just understand what Groot said? When the Hell did he pick THAT up?

When is the next chapter coming out?

8009567 Yeah. It's a short gap.

8009941 After Legends of Everfree.

8055318 Knowing Rocket. Probably not.

8075149 It was more of a gag that Quill wanted someone to agree with him. I may change that when I rewrite that scene.

8100544 Not a new chapter, but a heavily rewritten first chapter and slighty altered second chapter is coming.

Well their meeting with the two school heads went well. Now to see how the Rainbooms deal with them. Aside from Fluttershy obviously wanting to cuddle with Groot would Spike want to chase Rocket because of his animal instincts?

8108442 I think Fluttershy will want to cuddle with Rocket as well.

On a side note, Quill's reactions to school and such is hilarious for a physically mature adult.

8108449 Especially for a man whose never experienced the high school life.

Hate to break it to ya, Quill. But you're going to have a bad time.

I am Groot.

Best line out of the whole damn chapter. Because Groot.

I'd be shocked if Rainbow Dash isn't immediately awed by Gamora.

Oh, boy! I wonder how things will go next?! Great chapter! Cant wait for the movie and the next chapter!:ajsmug::heart::raritywink::twilightsmile:

8108979 Isn't that all he says but the only reason Peter being able to know because of the tone in Groot's voice?

8108472 Mature?! Starlord? You must be thinking of the wrong guy.

8110323 I said physically mature, not mentally.

8110471 Why, so you did. My apologies.

8108442 I'll address Spike for maybe a quick joke with Rocket. But considering how outlandish the Guardians act, hilarity will ensue.

8110323 Quill can be mature about many things. But considering he left Earth when he was about eight, I imagine him still having a sour taste about school considering his youthful personality. Heck, there are probably other things from his planet he disliked as a kid that still lingers. But I'm ending that gag soon.

8108498 More like a warning for the Rainbooms.

8108979 As a fair warning, Groot may have the best lines in this entire story.

8109380 Vol. 2 hype! :rainbowdetermined2:

8110188 I know it's not canon to the movies, but I recall a few instances in the cartoon where the others understand Groot (unless I'm misremembering).

Awesome job. I loved everyone's reactions. Especially Rocket's.

Not bad, though I'm pretty sure that Sunset's touch-telepathy only works when she comes in contact with bare skin...

Nailed it! Good job, i wonder how Yondu, and perhaps Ronan will fit into all this? Keep it up and can't wait to see whats next!!

8116195 Yeah, Rocket was a favorite in this chapter.

8116563 Oops. I'll adjust it. Thanks for the correction.

8116713 We'll be seeing Yondu, Ronan and perhaps a few more villains as the story progresses. And not just GotG villains either.

8122823 Well keep it up. I hope the next update is soon!! :))

Funny how Rocket was on a coffee craze.

Rocket plus coffee equals :rainbowlaugh:.

As for where they'd camp out, wouldn't it make sense for them to stick close to the Milano? Bare minimum, it's going to have some form of crew quarters in there. If not, well, finding room for Groot will be really easy.

As the title of this chapter suggests, boy you weren't kidding.:twilightoops:

Too much caffeine for a small body equals a very funny moment!!! Very funny chapter you have here, and can't wait to see whats next!!!

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