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When a spell by Twilight Sparkle brings the Achievement Hunter crew to Equestria what will happen? Will the crew be able to help ponies get achievements? Will they be able to help them get real life achievements? Will Geoff and Jack be able to keep their sanity? Will Ray and Michael be able to hold their excitement? Will Gavin continue to be an idiot? We might only be able to know the last one! Read on to find out!

A/N: This was just a completely random idea that popped into my head when I saw a picture of Applejack with Jack's beard being called "AppleJack Patillo." There will be no shipping or big adventures in this. Just a funny random idea. Enjoy and please if there are any mistakes do not hesitate to tell me! I wish to improve!

Rated Teen for Excessive Cursing. You have been warned!

Picture is from http://amylupus.tumblr.com

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 326 )

Wow. Is this actually happening?

I shall have to read and see. And maybe if it's good enough I shall have to let the RT team know. :P

Oh god, Ponyville's doomed.

It's funny, so I'll look forward to more.

Just tone down the absolute Gavin-hate, and watch out for mixing up your past and present tenses.

I believe Twilight and I have something to say...


Em... I have low knowledge of the Achievment Hunters so, this is a bit wierd.


Oh, well, at least I have a guinea pig.

Firstly, I'm reading the first paragraph, and I can't help but feel that the characters are just way too shallow. Twilight Sparkle searching for a spell book? Spike possibly off to woo Rarity? Everyone hating on Gavin? Although the latter's true to an extent, they're likened to more of the vitrolic best buds type. They have their love-hate moments. But this is just flanderization. Tone that down, and you'll most likely be okay.

Secondly, I can't say I'm too impressed with how this started off in terms of plot. Twilight's looking for a book to summon smart people. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be stupid enough to summon total strangers for questions when she could've just asked her most trusted mentor Princess Celestia. In addition to that, there's the risk of letting said strangers run amuck and cause chaos in Ponyville. Although I'm pretty sure the Achivement Hunter crew wouldn't run that way, Twilight wouldn't just shake that possibility off right away. So, in the event that Princess Celestia finds out about it, there's going to be a scolding or even some form of punishment.

Other than that, this story seems quite promising. Looking forward to more!

Holy shit! You MUST continue this!
Even if i don't know very well the achievement hunters But anyway!
This is gonna be SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

but first I shal read it

Holy fuck yes! MOAR :flutterrage:

You had me at "achievements".

You have captured my attention.

I like where this is going... but please tone down the Gavin-hating, it seems a bit excessive, even for Achievement Hunter. (Also, I get what Gavin says, most of the time)

MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Favored without reading it yet for simple reason: Rooster Teeth gang

To me, Michael is famous for the RageQuit series. Can't wait to see him in action in the land of peace and happiness. It's gonna be flippin' great.


this story is gonna be filled with so much win:rainbowkiss:

But isn't Jack a brony too? Wouldn't he be somewhat excited?

Very realistic

Contact the Internet Box Staff and have them read it on a podcast.

If one of the bronies on the AH team read this...

If I remember correctly in a stream they did someone was holding an Applejack figure and Micheal said she was the worst pony :ajbemused: But yeah a ton of guys at Rooster teeth are into Mlp. For those who don't know how much Micheal is into MLP watch this, so awesome /)^3^(\

*Edit Oh this is great Gavin is just the emotional and physical punching bag XD

Fuck my read later list is getting long...

Poor Kara and also, why do I sense hypocrisy when Twilight says that?

I actually saw their LP of Mari0.

hmmm, my favorite videogamers on the internet in a crossover fic with ponies...you have my attention. also, thank you for writing this idea into a fic, instead of just trashing the idea, thinking that its too far-fetched (even though it is a bit out there)


This. This is... just...
I'm reading this now, not later.

*EDIT*: I thought this would be a serious fic, but I suppose not.

What does make them great achievers? Because they hunt for them! Forever...cause we make them....cause they are our slaves....forever


*see story listed on previews*

YESH! YESH! :trollestia:

I love you so much for making this. I agree with everyone else, please tone down the Gavin hate. Even though I love it when they hate on Gavin, it seems a bit much.

Also, hasn't the Twilight messing up a spell bit been done to death? She's looking for Spike, she doesn't need to summon someone from another planet.

But I do look forward to see where you take this. Disappoint me and you're dead.

Luna has to be a gamer in this fic. She has to.

Bro... I fucking love you. All the homo.

FUCK YEA!!! make sure you get gavins swearing right...oh bullocks!!

Moar!:flutterrage: The Great and Powerful Trixie demands it!:trixieshiftleft:

Rage Quit: Ponyville :raritystarry: I can see it now...

Meh. It stands to be a vaguely funny premise, but the writer's craft is weak, frankly. Unfortunately, that takes away from it a bit.

Perfect example: Twilight made a mental note to increase Spike's chores when she sees him again. She figured he was out trying to woo Rarity. Twilight never really understood why he thought that would work. She is a pony and he is a dragon!

That's one...two...three tense changes. One of them in the same sentence. That and the storytelling's a little blah, and the AH guys' characters are off... you get the idea.

This fic will either be great or absolutely pathetic. Hard to tell...

Please, for the love of everything, PUT. MIKE. KROON. IN. THIS. :flutterrage:

.. I mean, y'know, if that's okay. :fluttershysad:

WE DEMANDS MORE, NOW!!!!!!! if youwhouldn´t mind, that is....

Someone send this to Michael right now.

1067772>>1068762 You pretty much some up how I feel about this.

well Equestria is bucked beyond belife and michail i think is going to do rage quit of well RAGE again cept this time he will be as happy as can bucking be. Gavin is going to have to sound like such a gufumpil dumski that it nearly destroys all of reality.

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