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My name is Ian. I have recently gotten into MLP... I've read a few fanfics, so i thought it would be cool to write my own... I am a huge photoshop/design freak, and love art, and music...


So Like.....Yeah · 8:11am Sep 29th, 2013

I don't really write anymore. Not that I thought I was bad at it, but I just kinda stopped. If you like my stories, I appreciate it, and I hope I gave people some laughs.

I'm still in the fandom, I just don't write. HOWEVER, you'll probably see me at Bronycon Next year (I'll be going by Kaoss Walker though. That's my Music alias)

And hopefully I'll perform there.

If you like, I'm always happy to skype or something.

i_make_mats1132 is my skype name.

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Could you please, please, PLEASE make a sequel to 'My Friend the Nurse'? The middle near broke off a small part of my heart, :fluttercry: but the end nearly made me cry in happiness! I want to see them fall in love and get married! It was amazing, and I really want to see what happenes next.

I'm watchin' chu :duck:




I'm not conceited......what are you talking about?:pinkiecrazy:

...or am I?....

I JUST WANT TO BE SEXY!:flutterrage:

Huh, you seem to change your pic alot. :unsuresweetie:

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