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I am just a simple writer and brony doing simple things. Story telling has become my hobby and (un)paid job. When I'm not busy and have free time, I'm a gamer on the side. Also referred to as Inrei


Working on another project. · 12:50am Apr 1st, 2015

Now I know that most of you who will be reading this would be hoping for an update for The Atlantean, but sadly, work on that has kind of accidentally slowed down. It's been close to beyond a month now since I posted the last update to that story, and the reason why that is, is because I've started up another fanfic on my fanfiction.net account. It's not a mlp fanfic, but if those of you who would be interested in reading it, here is the link. Enjoy.

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is there like a side story of rainbow dash and leon life before the story 'my little sinner'. :rainbowhuh:just curious.

Star gate Atlantis all the way. SGC is great too. (except Universe)

299461 Somewhere. *hits behind your eye*

But I can't see you....WHERE ARE YOU?:pinkiegasp:

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