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An interlude between Flammenwerfer's fics Metroid: Equis and its sequel, Metroid Equis II: Duality.

The war is over. Equis has survived the dual threats of Phazon and Space Pirate invasion. A new era of peace and prosperity covers the planet, as new trade routes between Equis and the Federation - centered in the country of Equestria - bring new technology and wealth to the nation, and the world.

But these thoughts are far from Fluttershy's mind. Her thoughts are focused on her friends - especially Samus, far distant from the world - her daily life, and her animals.

In particular, a new one... One she's never seen before. But she calls Fluttershy Mama, so of course she'll care for the little flying jellyfish, whatever she is.

What could go wrong?

Edit: It isn't required to read Metroid: Equis to enjoy this story...but it's highly recommended to read it anyway. It's a really good story.

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*knows nothing of Metroid*
*Upvotes and watches because it's by Tatsurou*:derpytongue2:

Emtu #2 · Jun 24th, 2015 · · · Mama ·

*knows Metroid but not the story this is based on*
*Still upvotes and watches anyway, because it's by Tatsurou* :raritywink:

Edit: Also, so far, it's fucking adorable.


One thing though: Recall our conversation how this breed of Equis Metroid will have it's membrane change color based upon its mood? Sapphire hatched as translucent green like a normal metroid but I added a little something for consistency purposes: upon nuzzling Fluttershy, she turned blue to signify love/comfort/trust, etc. All is well now, but feel free to use this ability to your liking!

Seriously though, I like the spin on this so far. I can't to see how this continues! :pinkiehappy:

This is interesting. There aren't many authors who'd let another write for them, even as a spin-off story of sorts. Takes a lot of courage and trust that they won't make any terrible changes, purposefully or not. Props to Flammenwerfer for being brave, and props to Tatsurou for doing a good job on making Space Vampire Parasites cute.

I'll keep that in mind. I'll figure out a way to make use of it.

6131066 It's not more of a spin-off as it is actually a true Interlude between my two stories, though this could very easily stand on its own as the premise of 'Fluttershy raises a Metroid,' references to past events and 'settings' of my story notwithstanding. This thing has been in planning for over a good year, throwing back ideas and what not for what would be included, what would be left to my fics, etc.

Honestly, Tatsurou is awesome. He's provided praise and criticism from my earliest stories (from when I considered myself a very 'meh' writer) and even has edited for me. The very LEAST I could do to repay that is provide my own feedback and hell, let him run with this baton since we're both in love with the Series. He's a wonderful writer and has an interesting way of giving different takes on things without destroying the ideals. I commend him for that and would trust no other with this universe line.

So, I hope you and others really enjoy this interlude fic!

OMG, you just got me to think a Metroid was adorable!

Wow. This is really nice. Very adorable. I enjoyed reading this and i hope to see more in the future.:yay:

When Sapphire thinks 'someone'... would it not be rather 'sometroid'? :pinkiecrazy:

Nope. Metroids don't think of themselves as Metroids. To a Metroid, the world comes in three parts: The Queen, Us, and Food.

6131275 Ooh, I know! As soon as Samus picks up her baby Metroid she should come over to Fluttershy so their "babies" can have a play date.:pinkiehappy:


6131066 Also for getting some payback for Angel. He kinda deserves it and won't be having fun with any girl rabbits any time soon if Sapphire took some energy quickly enough to make him tired.

Man, I have those noises the baby Metroid made in Super in my head and of all those ones from the Prime games. This little thing skreeing is SO GODDAMN CUTE.

"Food!" Sapphire skreed, diving forward and latching her little tendrils around Angel's face. Angel screeched in fear and pain, flailing around as both began to glow with a rainbow light that flowed into Sapphire.

ROTFLMAO!!!! He totally deserves it after all the grief he causes Fluttershy. Good girl Sapphire!

Well, Sapphire will learn, have to wonder if she'll go for Alicorn manes over their bodies since the manes appear to be pure energy. I can just see Celestia's eye twitching as Sapphire gives her an impromptu mane trim while Luna laughs on the side. And would a large dragon even notice the drain from Sapphire feeding on it???

CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS METROID BABYSITTERS YAY!!!! ?????:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie::yay:

6131532 Yes, she is the cutest little predator.

Aaahhh fuck......

*so intersted that he will not put this phone down

*Runs up from a distance*
*Instant fave and upvote*

Yeah, kinda pity they are biologically engineered weapon against Parasite X. So their thought are simple.

6131108 Two of my long time favorite authors collaborating like this? Who spiked my juice? I'm in my happy place.

6131382 But! The series this is based off of is actually during PRIME! So the baby can do it!

Anyone else, this would end very badly, very quickly. But with Fluttershy, it might turn out not as bad. Maybe...?

6133505 Yeah but Samus gets the baby Metroid at the end of Metroid 2: The Return of Samus, which immediately segways into Super Metroid. Unless Samus made a detour to Equis before heading to the Ceres Research Station, I don't see any other opportunity.


its Fluttershy............... WE DO NOT KNOW WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN

Oh dear, I missed something? Darn. Is it necessary to read the first story?

Not entirely. I won't be referencing it much.
But I would highly recommend reading it anyway. Flammenwerfer is an amazing author, and the story is epic.

Well I'll be... This made it to the Features Box. Congrats!

Since this is getting more heat, you may consider adding a note that reading of Equis is NOT AT ALL required

6131031 I've heard of mood rings, but mood Metroids?

FEED HER YOU FOOLS!!!! I'm sure between the six of them if Sapphite takes a little bit they can all recover. And Fluttershy should really consider letting the bigger animals help if they want to, spreading the feeding around means everyone recovers.

Lol Fluttershy isn't pulling any stops at all! That should be an interesting conversation when she elaborates on 'eating them.'


So much :fluttercry:.

inb4 mature rating.

...*Facepalm* Oooh, Fluttershy, you could have phrased that just a little bit better. Heh heh.

I imagine Twilight could possibly feed Sapphire by herself, she has more magic than the average Unicorn and it is show that magic-using ponies can spout magic for the expressed case of going to someone else and I think that as long as they don't give up all their magic they can recover it, so the possibility of it hurting Sapphire should be non-existent.

God Damn it fluttershy >.<

Well....................isn't THAT an awkward question to ask? Sheesh. :ajbemused:

This can really only end one of two ways. What either path leads to, however, remains to be seen.

Well since there are no tragedy or dark Tag, so something good might happen.

If she can reformed a being that can toy around with reality, why not adopt a space vampire parasite?

Oh damn, i didnt know this was published already, Time to get to teh reading.

though i dont think an idea like this would land its way into the story considering im sure the author already knows how he wants it to go. but just a little thought i had would be that Twilight could create a rejuvenating source of energy that the baby could feed off of. like a ball of magic or what ever that obsorbs the natural energy that just there in the world.

I laughed when Sapphire latched to Rarity's horn.


That sum's up pinkie pie's everything.

And it continues! Great scene and I loved all their thought processes. Keep doin' what you're doin' :pinkiehappy:

Once Sapphire released Rarity's horn, the unicorn staggered back before quickly sitting down, her face burning with embarrassment. Twilight had her hooves over Spike's eyes, much to the young dragon's confusion.

Oh myyy!

Ooh! You really should have Sapphire feed on Spike. It would make a nice bit of contrast to your other story where Spike is eating metroids.

I couldn't bare it if she died


"Hang on!" Spike shouted, jumping onto the table and getting everypony's attention immediately. "Lets all take a few deep breaths and think. Fluttershy wouldn't be feeding ponies to her animals, even if they did eat ponies! But she says she's been feeding Sapphire, but Sapphire won't eat now. So let's hear her out, okay?"

*Brofists Spike* way to go little dude!

I love Pinkie's thought process and how much Spike is being the voice of reason here. I can see his turn coming up, him hoarding enough to get a growth spurt, and then feeding Sapphire reverting him to normal... with maybe a little extra height left over if it keeps on happening.

Now, the question is this: if we pump Pinkie Pie full of Caffine and let Sapphire feed on her... how much energy does Sapphire get and how long will she literally be bouncing off the walls????

Oh, and as a minor suggestion, what if Sapphire could groom a pony to get a little extra energy from fleas, ticks, lice, etc????

6154031 Wait what? I find this idea disturbing, yet interesting. I require a link to the story you speak of.

6154052 *enthusiastic businessman type voice* "I like the way you think. I tell ya, you're gonna be going places, kid. You're a genius!" *pauses* "Hey, Jim? Your corner office." *jim* "yea? What about it?" Boss, "pack your stuff, it's going to the new guy"

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