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Roasting Bolsheviks in the streets; writing pretty ponies in the sheets.

Readings and OC Usage

If you wish to use Stella for any of your stories, just ask me through PM and I'll say 'yes' 99% of the time. My only request is that you write her IN CHARACTER and don't make any unnecessary changes to her, such as giving her a penis or something.

All readings are welcome for any of my stories, just ask me first and, like above, I'll probably say 'yes.'

Spike x _____________ Humanized Clopshots

Main Projects

  • Metroid Equis A meteor impacts the nation of Equestria, Planet Equis. Tranquility is quickly snuffed out when a poison begins to spread violently. The Princesses cannot combat this unknown threat, as no knowledge of it exists. Help comes from an unexpected source. by Flammenwerfer 269,117 words · 24,365 views · 1,331 likes · 55 dislikes
  • Metroid Equis II: Duality Two and a half years after Samus' successful mission to Equis, the Hunter is reunited with her companions. The circumstances of their reunion, and what they find hidden on the planet, threaten the very place that she now calls home... by Flammenwerfer 81,003 words · 2,326 views · 277 likes · 19 dislikes

Various Oneshots/Short Stories

  • Parallels Paul Werner—a Colonel in the German Army—was deposited in a world vastly different than the one he was forced to leave in 1943. To him, that's the best part. Unfortunately, parallels of his past world refuse to die. One of them, is named Aryanne. by Flammenwerfer 13,507 words · 3,910 views · 543 likes · 36 dislikes

OC: Stella Sabre

"The best drinking game is to quit whingin' about and just drink the whole fuckin' bottle, you cunt."


By Pusspuss


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Bruh, it's Pusspuss' birthday today, go give him birthday wishes  :raritywink::heart:

#377 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

Brodies > Stahlhelms

#376 · 2w, 3d ago · · ·

Hope you like Spiders

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Here, have a watch, you've earned it!


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Speak to me with your dark Tuetoberg forest language for I need more ß and w/v confusion in my life

#373 · 5w, 5d ago · · ·

>>2416805 Indeed. I must also compliment that if she were to have children, Stella would possibly make a caring and strict mother. Of course, it's quite a stretch for me for say that especially since none of your stories have possibly gotten that far yet.

#372 · 5w, 5d ago · · ·

>>2413590 I could not have said it better myself! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

#370 · 6w, 5d ago · · ·

Greetings, sir. I've recently read some of your story My Best Friend Stella and I must compliment that poetically Stella is like a rose: very beautiful in appearance but with very sharp (and possibly poisonous) thorns. Thorns that would be sharp enough to cut deep into one's skin if they were to touch said rose.

#369 · 7w, 17h ago · · ·

>>2412331 *googles that* Well holy shit. That is impressive. Thanks for replying and keep up the good work.


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>>2412329 God i need to stop coming up with ideas because my queue is backlogged as it is from work. :raritydespair:

I'm a Financial Analyst :pinkiesmile:

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Hey Flammen, I noticed that you talk about work holding you down a lot. For the sake of my laziness and out of curiosity, what is your job?

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Alright thanks Flames I was just wandering also whenever you get the chance just say something on your board or homepage that you won't be able to to write due to some reason that you are out it will tell readers that you need the time to yourself ya know

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>>2410939 It's going, don't worry. I was on a business trip for the past week, so my writing is way behind across the board

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Yo Flames have you been working on chapter ten if not could you please start man you left me with the biggest cliffhanger cuntfusion ever alive do please continue I haven't been on for a while due to internet problems and bills but could you do this I will read and give you some feedback

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good chapter.

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>>2358054 glad to see the new post

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