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The Ponyville Public Access channel is where any and all Ponyville residents can go to advertise whatever they want or force those with a T.V. to watch their antics.

Tune into the The Ponyville Public Access channel. It’s literally the only channel that works.

Inspired by a random conversation with Tired Old Man

Now accepting submissions.

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Reminds me of the Saturday Morning Fun Pit. :heart:

you should make it so people can write their own bits for this and post them on here. that, or you should make a quills and sofas advertisement. :derpytongue2:

And of course, the (by now, obligatory) Dan Vs reference.

Dandy so needs to be friends with Love Tap after that. :rainbowlaugh:

This is relevant to my interests...
The Skull Knight approves!


Looks like I'm doing just this (allowing others to post their own stories). I'll make a blog post on this so people can add their own insanity.

Comment posted by Knack25 deleted Sep 16th, 2014

... Yep, madness is the word of the day... also I shan't ever trust a spring matress again.

I was just reading something incredibly dark and needed a nice pick me up to remind me that not all of humanity was utterly evil, and lo and behold this is in one of my tabs waiting to be read.

Grats on hitting the popular section of the page earlier today

5009623 i posted a comment on an addition for this story... Now where did i do it?

Make a chapter thats funny about a psa about not eating random grass, flowers, and especially poison joke, little ponies dont know whos stompd on that grass

....Plumber Crack.

Plumber Crack.

You owe me a new spleen.

5017040 I cannot fucking believe this!!! :rainbowlaugh: That just made my day! Hell, probably my whole month!

Two things:

First, is this continuity the same as Dan & Pinkie Vs, and/or SweetieMash Chronicles. I don't think All That Shimmers lines up with anything (except the obvious) I'm loosing track of what matches up. We already know that Alt Pinkie cursed Dan to meet her (even crazier) pony version, so that lines up. Its just what reverences what that throws me. I'll also assume the one with the zombies is a one-off.

Second, are you changing Dan's pony form to Unicorn? With the accompanying changes to Cutiemark and such?

An on an unrelated note, why in the wide world of Equestria would his parents name him Dandy? I refuse to believe that he was at all pleasant in the first few minutes. They had to know he was just gonna be trouble. Also, his family are probably the least pleasant members of their entire species.

As funny as this is, and it is, I wish someone would make a pontifices version of weird Al's UHF. With cheese sandwich or even pinkie taking lead role. But I can't write to save my life and copying word for word is never fun.


This whole thing is pretty much just random stuff for the sake of comedy. TurboBlaze based his commercial off some events from SweetieMash, but I'm not really going to worry about what's canon for this piece for the sake of submissions or my having to pay attention to what happens here to alter my other stories.

This is pretty much true of anything I write with the 'Random' tag.

5019308 Since I used Button Mash and Love Tap, I thought I'd nod to The SweetieMash Chronicles. It's just that, though, a nod, and not officially part of the SweetieMash canon unless Justice says so. I really just wanted to poke a bit of fun at my favorite video game franchise, Pokemon.

That, and blow shit up. :raritywink:

You can also learn psychology, discover new things about the pony brain! Like I just discovered I am zoophobiac.

Well its true you learn something new everyday

Comment posted by Phoenix Frost deleted Sep 18th, 2014

5003189 Oh my God why did I not see that!? I freaking love Dan Vs!!!!:facehoof:

That chapter was kinda bad. Also, needs massive editing. Several instances where "on" was used in place of "in" (writer's native language Spanish? I have a Mexican friend who does that ALL THE TIME after over 20 years' experience with fluent English) and a plethora of other little errors.

5022685 I AM colombian, we speak spanish here, also i'm sorry.

5022715 Yeah, thought as much. You just need to keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. #1 thing you need to work on is the difference between 'in' and 'on'. Like I said, I have a friend who was born and raised in Mexico, learned English as a second language, presently works in Boston, and is fluent (and often more eloquent than I am). The in/on thing STILL plagues him after 20 years. So just work on that, and keep practicing. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, see, this chapter and the one before are prime examples of how letting your audience submit chapters can be a TERRIBLE idea.


Well I just sort of made this on a whim and it seemed like a decent enough place where people could submit their own sort of random ideas. I have a few more of my own and of course people have sent me a few more ideas, though I'm not sure when I'll get to them with everything else I'm working on. :twilightoops:

Everyone who has submitted either hasn't written much in the way of FIM fan fiction or doesn't seem to do much random comedy, so I'm a just happy I've given a few people the opportunity to try their hands at something new. :twilightsmile:

5026505 Hey, your opinion is perfectly fine. Maybe I shouldn't be writing random humor. Maybe I shouldn't be writing at all, seeing as I'm a chemist. If I had to write, I imagine myself as more of an action/adventure writer. This was my first time writing something this random, not to mention sociopathic. I accept your criticism. :twilightsmile:


I'd say the issue with your writing is more the grammar and spelling than the content. You just need to work on your English more. I think it'd be a shame if you took this as a sign that you should top writing an entire genre or at all. :pinkiesad2:

...I dun geddit... :rainbowhuh:

5037728 neither do i at times ...and i wrote it

I'm not an expert, but I think she's on the wrong end! :trollestia:

I laughed so hard!
I think I busted a kidney!

Now I know that I'm still maturing into the age where comedy is still slowly coming at me.

But I just have to ask was that a reference or something I'm a little confused?

Puppet Band?

Damn you MythrilMoth, I know you hate me, but you don't have to reference a certain thing involving five nights...:pinkiesick:

But now that you wrote a story here, it gives me the motivation to write one story here! THANK YOU! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Funny chapter by the way. :)

I needed a good laugh after a frustrating evening of Mario Kart...

5042596 Actually I was referring to those godawful creepy animatronic puppet bands Chuck E Cheeses has. I've been to Chuck E Cheese like, twice in my life, when I was a little kid, and that shit scarred me for life.

5042621 Skee Ball is the only FUN thing at any given CEC. Too bad the ticket payout sucks monkey balls. :pinkiesick:

Oh. But seriously. Stay away from Five Nights at Freddy's.
:ajsmug: Yes, just yes.

5042690 Agreed. Haven't you people realized animatronic animals at kid's places are scary as hell?

And that propane is clean burning and efficient?

Watch King of the Hill.

Also, I killed fiddy men.

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