• Published 14th Sep 2014
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Ponyville Public Access - Justice3442

The Ponyville Public Access channel is where any and all Ponyville residents can go to advertise whatever they want or force those with a T.V. to watch their antics.

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Suicide Hotline

Author's Note:

Today's slice of weird, amusing, and dark brought to you by F1utt3rshy.

The tv produced some static before transitioning to a screen comprised of the following text with a solid white background for about 20 seconds.

The following is a message from the National Agency of Suicide Prevention Ponyville Division. Copyright:lololol

The tv once again transitions, this time to a mare with a silvery yet all at once white mane about shoulders length and a deep black coat that could only be described as a distinctive lack of hue. Her cutie mark is that of a singular telephone surrounded by a noose made of its own cord. She walks over to a table with a telephone firmly in the middle and sits facing the camera.

“Hello,” the mare says in a low calm voice. “My name is Silver Scorn and I manage the Ponyville Division of N.A.S.P. Our number can be found at the bottom of the screen.” For a split second a number appeared at the bottom of the screen but was overtaken by a black bar.

Silver awkwardly pulls out a flashcard and continues. “Now, it has come to N.A.S.P.’s attention that suicides rates in Ponyville have hit an all time high after nearly 23 years without an incident. Just recently stuntpony High Stakes, famous for his signature Market Gardening, cratered and lost all feeling below his neck. Doctors are still unsure of how he even managed to hang himself without assistance.” She tosses the flashcard aside.

Silver turns toward the screen with a determined look. “Do you ever feel like life isn’t worth it anymore? Do you ever feel like giving up, like nothing good can ever happen to you and you should just end it all? Maybe you just want someone to talk to?” Her voiced and gazed become uneasy before returning to a neutral state. She clears her throat.

“If so then please for your safety and for those around you call the number at the bottom of the screen and a operator will be more than happy to try and help you.” The number once again blinks in for a split second and is replaced by nothing the bottom of the screen disappearing into nothingness.

There is a long silence for about 30 seconds as she stares at the telephone becoming more and more anxious looking. She then turns back to the camera with a nervous glance and begins again.

“Maybe you're not thinking about suicide … Maybe you're just are having bad day. Maybe you've just got nothing better to do. If so feel free to call well be more than happy to help you anyway we can.”

Suddenly the camera swivels, exposing a completely empty building save for the mare and the table with the telephone. The camera slams against the stone floor and the bottom of the lense cracks. Silver rushes over and picks up the camera and looks over it in despair, her mane now disheveled and overall looking like a maniac. She points the camera afuly close to her face, still holding it.

“Oh no no no! What am I going to do! My camera is ruined!” Her voice is distorted and sounds very deep and masculine. “Wait, is this still on? If so then please someone call us to let us know.” Looks desperately over to the phone and then back to the camera. “Please someone just call! Its so lonely here. I just want someone to talk to.” She begins crying. “Please just call the numbers…”

The ad ends abruptly with static and a loud beep until suddenly a masculine Mexicolt voice cuts in enthusiastically. “Cinco, Cinco, Cinco, Nueve, Dos, Nueve, Dos.( 555-9292 ) I can work a miracle. I guarantee it.”