• Published 14th Sep 2014
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Ponyville Public Access - Justice3442

The Ponyville Public Access channel is where any and all Ponyville residents can go to advertise whatever they want or force those with a T.V. to watch their antics.

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Author's Note:

MythrilMoth takes us a bit further just to see what happens.

Princess Celestia stood on the stage of the Canterlot Academy of the Arts Theater, spotlights shining down on her clean, perfect coat and flowing mane.

"Hello, my little ponies. I'm Princess Celestia."

Another Celestia walked onto the stage. In contrast to the gilded, perfect Princess, this Celestia had a grey, filthy coat, a matted, rangy mane, hemp sandals, and a suede jacket.
"And I'm Filthy Hippie Celestia."

Princess Celestia strode over to a plush, comfortable divan and laid down. "I have CelesTV."

Filthy Hippie Celestia tossed her shaggy, unkempt mane. "And I...don't have a TV."

Princess Celestia sipped a fine glass of cognac. "With CelesTV, you get twenty channels of the finest entertainment Equestria has to offer. Music, sports, comedy, drama..."

Filthy Hippie Celestia lit a joint. "I grow my own fun."

Princess Celestia took a delicate bite of a piece of rich, sumptuous red velvet cake. "Plus award-winning customer service and an outstanding record of customer satisfaction."

Filthy Hippie Celestia stared at her hoof. "I wonder what color I taste like."

Princess Celestia stood up. "Don't be like this me. Get CelesTV. It's television from the sun."