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"tHe LOngeR THe ICoN oF SiN iS On EArtH, ThE STRongeR hE wiLL beCOmE." - Sam Hayden


Applejack was on her normal day like always.

Until came the newspapers.

Two ponies are now infamous around Equestria for robbing banks and such others. The mane six however try to put peace between the two. But gets worse.

Will they befriend the thiefs of thiefs or will they have a war?

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HELL YES! VANOSS AND DELIRIOUS!!! The great Hoodini strikes again! :yay:

Buddy, you need an editor! Describe things! The five senses! :rainbowwild:

And it isn't Celestia. :rainbowhuh:

7060372 Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

That's the first time I've ever said that.

Atom will hold a backstory soon. In the meanwhile, look forward to some idiots making jokes while fighting for their lives. :pinkiecrazy:

Also dunno why my thumbnail has some ponies ignoring Evan.

So... If they were banished, would their spawn point also be changed unintentionally, or would it remain unaffected from the elements?

7070728 It will basically return them to their spawnpoint unaffected by the elements.

Oh btw this happened after the premiere of season 4. So Tirek isn't defeated yet.

because this is not commented im commenting.... so how is your day?

Weal soowe bronies. I got a break doing other things but I will continue to update.

Anyway I will contiinue to play Automatron if you don't mind.

A filly is a girl a colt is a boy

Oh really?

What I thought is that Fillies are children. So yeah. :rainbowderp:
I'll find that age.

Thanks for the lookout btw.

Holy fucking shit, i saw this and had to fucking click on it. This is great

7115152 Thanks!

Welp there's the second time I said that.

The #Hellyeah or #Hellno should be at least 3 comments.

*Missfire, Celestia is dead, oh FUCK*:trollestia:

I am sorry for those who said #HellYeah. If u feel like disliking the story feel free.

Wooo! Itachi's filler story reference! Woo!


Should I be sad or..?

Why Skyrim? Why?
Each dragon's name is made of three dragon words.
Al. Du. In.

Also my I name some accounts after Salohkniir, though I usually misspell it.
Phantom Sky Hunt, I think he is.

I am still a fan of Skyrim, but.

The Dragon Age will actually fit the tale of Atom. He can also show there is harmony in another way.

Besides you sill expect more chapters like that.

I'm not sure if I'll continue to read this as the chapters come out... I don't know.

Who wants a spoiler? A visible spoiler? :pinkiecrazy: Ok nevermind :facehoof: I'm makin one for all to check.

Spike then entered the coffee shop. He wasn't into coffee but soon he might. But he then focused back to meet Vanoss for some special meeting. And there he was, in a cliché incognito attire. He was sipping his latte. Damn he missed Starbucks. Spike took a seat as Vanoss already knew his presence was here. It's a good thing the Equestria Games are about to start 4 days from now, and he knew he would miss a lot of action.

I'll do another spoiler after the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

I heard that H20 Delirious is actually a brony (in some sense), and that H20_LP_Delirious (here on Fimfic), actually knows him personally.

The word you are looking for is foal which means baby for equines

Waiting for Nogla's entrance to be like this (9:49)

Awesome chapters. you are doing a amazing job. I can't wait for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Remember when I said I'll do another spoiler? WELL HERE IT IS :pinkiecrazy:

Vanoss moved to his right and saw one member of that crew. He was moving around, probably trying to sneak past the cameras. Evan ran fast yet silent, and tackled the crewmate on the ground. Evan was on top of him, the crewmate grabbed his crossbow while Evan grabbed his Marksman pistol. "This ain't gonna work."

Damn, I need a Twinkie

i love you and you know why

7162901 The last comment i posted was nogla's entrance

I think ibasicallydowork just came to equestria

The power of Atom.

Nice Fallout 3 reference :rainbowkiss:

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