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Why so VG? - dereturd

Vanoss and Delirious starts rough in Equestria. And gets even more rough.

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The Darkness Before The Light- Pt.1

A lone pony was walking to the schoolhouse all by himself. Other fillies and young colts either past him or trotted past him. He had a sky blue coat with an Indigo mane and tail. He had a cutie mark of an atom. This was Atom. He was a unicorn. He had a lot of personality, to mention them all, he was generous, nice, full of pride, genius, besides he was a unicorn but he is honest as well.

From his perspective, he had a normal life. He had the same routine, same topics, same meal. Everything for him was normal. That all changed in one day.

He was sent somewhere else. More likely Canterlot. He wouldn't give a shit about leaving Ponyville and off to Canterlot. What he hated was he get to live with his uncle Chewy. His least favorite family member at all. The only bright side is that his uncle gets home every midnight and leaves at four. When Atom's schedule starts at 7:00. He was happy he wasn't bothered playing with checkers or some stupid board games. He had a nice life.

Until a mail came in.

An envelope slipped in the slot. Atom was about to walk outside when he stepped on the mail. Noticed, he grabbed it with his magic. The envelope opened and pulled out the letter.


You are required to have a meeting with Princess Celestia. She requests your presence tomorrow morning. Don't worry about school, we've taken care of it.

Yours truly,

This may be the first time he was ever surprised at something. Nothing at all has impressed him in his entire life, nothing at all.

And this was it.

It was morning, he gathered what he needed and went off to the chariot bays nearby.

His predictions were right. The second he approached the private service chariots, the guards let him in. He took a seat and sat down on the chariot's couch. Just about he was to talk, the guards already knew where he was headed. And it was in the Everfree forest.

It is a mysterious tactic on why the Princesses ever built their home inside the territory of a dangerous zone in all of Equestrian history. But they all think that they need their privacy. They won't be easily convinced to move somewhere else.

He kept on pondering why he would be called in arms by the Princesses. Was it too necessary? Will it change his life?

Questions never ever shut up.

It has been awhile but he finally landed. The castle is, like a giant structure of a church but has some shacks outside. It might be the guard's quarters or just some miscellaneous buildings he suppose.

He set hoof on the dirt, proceeding into the entrance. Where it's also guarded by elite guards of sorts. He approached the double doors. Without a single word the guards automatically opened the door for him. As there was a guard also inside.

The interior had different kinds of colored glass with some mosaic built-in. The walls also had armored pony mannequins. It had alot of purposes, but right now it's just decorations. The entire entryway had a red carpet leading to the main room which also is the throne room. At the same time, it forks to other ways to other rooms.

The guard inside escorted him to the throne room. Where the Princesses would meet him. And he wanted to know the bio of some elite guards.

"Excuse me sir," He started as the guard looked at him. "but what's you're name?" He asked.

"Bonecrusher." He simply said. He had a sand-like color of his armor and had a trident on his back with the same color. He was a simple pegasus and had a sand-colored claw for a cutie mark. To Atom it was like 'mess with me and I'll eat you.' But to Bonecrusher, it was 'im a guard.'.

Atom took note of it in his mind as to be prepared for something coming.

The big door opened, revealing the throne room and six hallways leading to other places. But nopony could ignore the presence of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. With their rightful tapestries on top of their throne.

Atom faced Bonecrusher, who just nodded and left him. Also closing the door behind him. The young unicorn trotted to the small steps. Which the two Princesses acknowledged his presence and looked at him. Which Atom knelt and bowed as the two royal sisters smile.

"Atom, we must talk in private. Follow me." Princess Celestia said, as he followed her into a room with a coffee table in the middle, a couch, a bookcase beside the door and a plant pot with a plant and a blue carpet underneath the table.

"Come, take a seat." She said as Atom listened and sat. "I have seen many likes of your type Atom. And took them to my school. A school for special unicorns." Atom just rolled his eyes. "But, for you. I have a request for you. I ask you to be me and Luna's apprentice." She said, Atom's eyes widened. "You will learn and partake in different tasks and lessons. All of which your mind can handle. Many adventures await for you Atom." She said.

"But why are you doing this for me?" He asked.

"That is what I am about to say next, I am doing this for you to help us find the tree of harmony. Which contains the powerful magic of the elements of harmony. Those elements have six kinds, Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter and Loyalty." Before she could continue, Atom quickly interrupted.

"Question Princess Celestia, what is the sixth element?" He asked.

"That my little pony is magic. When you use them all you will get the most powerful magic of all, friendship." She said. Atom only grunted.
"I will also say that if you join us and follow your tasks, and be friendly enough. You will have a special power of your own." She said as Atom sat up. "We do not know what will be that power, but it is you who will discover that." She continued. "So what will you do?" She asked.

Atom could only look down and think of the situation. He could talk it out with his parents, but what of his uncle? If he wouldn't know then he would cry coming to his dad and saying he is gone. Until he gets to his parents first.

"Princess, I do not know what to decide yet. But please set me up a chariot for tomorrow." He said.

"Very well. Return to this castle or send a letter to me if you wish to join. If not, I understand." She said. As they walked out of the room. Atom could only look at the window as it was already dusk. He had to leave know but the ride back would take time as well.
"Goodbye Princesses!" Atom said, as the sisters could only wave.

He ran to the chariot and told them to go back to Canterlot. The guards understood as they traveled back to thr capital of Equestria.

After a long of 3 hours. He has returned but it was already 8:56. He knew he was in a good zone.

There was only few ponies left around the streets, so he trotted back to his home.

He reached the steps and opened the door. Only to see his uncle there arms crossed while glaring at him. Atom dropped his saddlebag and closed the door behind him.

Why did he go home so early?

"Atom, where the hay were you?" His uncle yelled.






"Look, go to your room. AND YOUR GROUNDED!!"




Chewy screamed, Atom could only sprint outside and jump through the railing. He was trembled in fear and the feeling of death. He ran through the streets while Chewy chased after him.

"ATOM!!" He yelled.

Ponies were running from the explosion. A lot where screaming and muttering different things. There was a sight of fire, he turned the corner and looked what was the cause.

He dropped.

A black dragon with red eyes and medium-sized spines placed on his back was flying above a crater with a dead skeleton remains of a dragon.

"Sahloknir, ziil gro dovah ulse!" It said. He payed attention to what they were saying. "Slen Tiid Vo!" It said again as a thunder struck the market place down. The royal guards finally came to action and landed down on the streets. Then the skeleton dragon got out of the burial mound and looked at the black dragon above.

"Alduin, thuri! Boaan tiid vokriiha suleyksejun kruziik?" The skeletal dragon said. He assumed the black dragon's name was Alduin.

"Geh, Sahloknir, kaali mir." 'Alduin' replied back. He knew Alduin was talking to this 'Sahloknir'. The skeletal dragon was burning, as some scales started to grow and return. Then looked at Atom again.

"Ful hi los fin Saviik? Hi los ni fin gein Zu'u prodah." Sahloknir said. Atom stepped back as a cactus green armored guard landed in front of him.

"Sahloknir, I must go to the weak town nearby. Take care of them." Alduin SPOKE in EQUINE. Atom's eyes widened, he understood what he meant but was pulled by his uncle as Alduin left Canterlot and to Ponyville. Sahloknir's scales grew back as he blew out fire from his mouth. The guard in front tried to use his magic but did not work. Chewy knew they would DIE. He quickly took action and leapt in front of the two.

Atom could only weakly smile at what happened.

Chewy was charred while screaming to death. Brawl used his magic to teleport Atom to the chariots and block the next attack.

Atom looked at where he was. He was at the bay. He sat on the seat and told that to go to Ponyville. The guards nodded and quickly went to Ponyville.

The destruction was quick. Meteorites fell on the buildings as it crashes to other ones. Leading to fires or damages. But worst of all Alduin had shot fireballs from his mouth. And even used a wide big flame to destroy the town hall. Ponies were running from different directions. Everything was in a zone of chaos. Atom's ride landed roughly as he jumped out and trotted to his home. He was scared to see his homes in ruins, but worst of all his parents. He was scared that his baby brother may be joined in the debris or even, what he thought of. He only had hoped that his family was safe somewhere.

And he was right.

Tears flooded his eyes. One escaped and dripped through his cheek. He saw his father caught in the roof as a pool of blood was soaked in it. His mother was caught in the debris too. But was holding Neutron Star in her hooves. Atom had reached his mother and tried to free her from the debris but it was no use. He caught his brother in his green aura and held him in his hooves. His mother could only smile at him but quickly told-

"Atom.. please promise me to take care of your brother." Her mother coughed blood. Atom could only sob with his baby brother crying.

"Y-y-yes." He only said. His mother closed her eyes, Atom quickly left and back to the chariot. He could look back and witness the darkest day of his life. A fireball was about to hit her and he could only close his eyes. He sat on the chariot and quickly said to Princess Celestia's castle. He looked back at the last second to witness-


Water finally flooded his eyes, and yelled in anger.

It was morning. Alduin left Ponyville in ruins as there was small amount of survivors from the attack. Canterlot was half-destroyed thanks to Sahloknir. But thanks to Brawl, he had dissipated the soul of Sahloknir.

Atom had slept on his chariot with his baby brother sleeping but dirty as well. He woke up and sat up to see that several ponies had been around the area of the princesses, and he realized it was time.

He met Princess Celestia in an angry mood but changed when Atom came in. He wanted the ability to avenge his parents.

"Princess. I will take your offer."

He wanted revenge.

"Holy shit that was long!" Vanoss yelled from his seat. He bookmarked the first chapter and threw his book at the backseat, which was entitled-

"A Legend: The Tale of Atom."

Author's Note:

Sorry for not updating guys, I had a full-on break but still managed to upload. :fluttershyouch:

But did you get the reference of the dragons I got? :raritywink: