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Why so VG? - dereturd

Vanoss and Delirious starts rough in Equestria. And gets even more rough.

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Life is Born, Life Dies- Pt.2

Life is Born, Life Dies

The Royal Sisters whispered something to each other. Atom just hoped he would be still accepted. The Royal Sisters stood from their thrones. And approached Atom. Who was still hoping he would get the qualifications.

"Atom, close your eyes." Celestia said, Atom followed, closing his eyes. The Royal Sisters held his forehead.

"Zul nol lot mudozaan. Mu wahl daar prustmun dovah prustmun. Ofan mok fos suleyk rok tolaan ahrk kovon ko. Wahl mok pruzaan lf pruzaan. Mu fent nu gon gor!" The Sisters loudly chanted.

'JEEZ! I THINK THEY MEANT EARS!' He intensely thought. The Sisters finished, and stopped holding Atom. Who was holding his head while it was shaking.

"Atom, to actually prove you are truly an apprentice.." Luna began, her horn lighting up. A white orb started to appear. There was transparent rings around it. And it felt powerful.

"Absorb this soul." Celestia finished Luna's last sentence.

'Oh goddess, oh goddess! What do I do, what do I do?!' He intensely thought. The soul began to rip itself into pieces. And parts of the soul then approached Atom and was absorbed into him. Atom was only astonished at what he did. But it felt relaxing, powerful and comfortable. The soul was then entirely absorbed. And now into Atom. Smoke was placed where the soul was, and the Royal Sisters were smiling.

"You are now declared, a true dragon apprentice." Celestia declared.

"Princess, is it that simple?" Atom asked.

"Yes, it is that simple. If you have the desire to show that your filled with determination." She replied. Atom heard the word determination. He was just tranced and analytical into that word. Something about that can match vengeance. Or maybe it is just mercy. "And also, since you are now and apprentice of ours and meet us all the time. You don't have to be that formal."

"I understand Tia." He said, starting to lose the habit of being formal.

"Well then Atom. We do hate it to break it to you but you have to start your duties immediately." Luna stated.

"As for that, we will move to Ponyville to help in rebuilding. Atom, you in the meanwhile secure Canterlot and help in taking medical attention." Celestia added.

"Understood." Atom said.

"Now go, we will still attend some duties if you don't mind." She said, as they both teleport away and to Ponyville. Atom proceeded to leave the castle and left to Canterlot with his baby brother.

Atom can still recall the time he was accepted by the Royal Sisters. They went on adventures like trying to find information about their father's creation. Wandering deeper into the Everfree Forest. Going along with a squadron of Royal Guards. It is the Dragon Age back then, and is still happening.

It was years then that past. Back at that time when he was accepted, he was just 7 years old. But now, 6 years had passed and he was now 13 years old. At that age he was the captain of Pony On Special Ops. And conducted secret missions to go on a search party or front line assaults. But he was still taking orders from the Princesses of course.

He was wearing a grey shirt with a grey vest and a headband with a plate symbol of some kind of figure whispering. He was also wearing grey bracers, and had a holster for his sword.

Still, he remembered he has to attend the birth of his cousin Star Steel's daughter. It was just in Canterlot's local hospital. Lucky for Atom, he was just about to encounter it.

There was this one phrase that could never shut up.

Life is born,
Life dies,

He only thought of that just because he remembered his friends in his missions.. died. And remembered his cousin having a child.

He only wished his 5 year old brother was here with him, but wasn't. Still busy in partaking school related activities.

He was in front of the hospital, he was about to be an uncle. But if Star Steel ever had him to ask his daughter's name. He knew the exact one. Sighing, he entered the hospital. Asked the reception where the designated room was and headed there by stairs.

He was in front of room 210. He was going to wonder about it. And was feeling nervous. Dang, he was just 13 years old, had a 35 year old cousin and is just about to have a child.

Does anypony even had that life?

He used his magic to open the door. And was greeted by Star Steel, Clank Glow, Sweet Daisy and Light Flight, which she was on the bed. Holding her baby while Star Steel was petting the baby.

"Hey everypony." Atom greeted, and was greeted back by his cousins and uncles. Especially Star, who was approaching him.

"So, Atom.." He began, holdng Atom's left shoulder. "What would you name your child if you had one?" Star asked.

"I would name him or her; Velvet Heart." Atom answered.

"Well, Atom. Thanks for the suggestion." Atom was just confused at what he said.

"Homey, I would call our child.." Star began, making his volume louder. "Skyglow Heart." He said, as everyone was agreeing on what was the suggestion. Skyglow Heart, Atom approached Light Flight, who was holding "Skyglow Heart".

"Light, may I hold her?" Atom asked, Light nodded, Atom then got ahold of Skyglow.

She was a pegasus with a pale sand coat, magenta eyes and had violet mane. He was shaking his arm, and was playing around with her.

"There there Skyglow." Atom whispered, as Skyglow was smiling and snorting. Star noticed and said-

"She likes you." Atom just chuckled.

A Special Ops soldier entered the room. Wearing shades, a fedora and a grey coat. Pretending to be somepony normal.

"Sorry everypony. But Atom, may I have a word with you please?" The soldier said, as Atom was giving Skyglow to Star. Who continued to comfort Skyglow. Atom said his goodbyes and left his room, following the soldier ahead.

"Captain, what do we do?" The soldier asked.

"Let's not talk here." Atom said, as the soldier nodded and both disappeared.

They teleported in an alley way, the entrance was blocked by crates. A good space for them to banter.

"Danger Close," Atom began, as the soldier named Danger Close took off his incognito attire. Danger Close was a colt and a unicorn that had a teal coat, a white mane and tail. Atom took out his bingo book and flipped through pages. "We're going to patrol around Everfree at this time. And on the way, if we do come across a cave, we have to explore it." Atom explained, closing his book and puts it on the pocket of his vest. "But first we need to contact Dreadlock." He said, as they vanished again.

They were outside a wooden door talking to Dreaklock, who was mare and a pegasus wearing a ski mask, a grey shirt and a black vest with purple streaks on it. She was chewing on some breadsticks she got from Canterlot.

It's a good thing they had bases everwhere in Equestria.

"So captain.." Dreadlock began, as Atom gazed her way. "Where will we start?"

"Right now." Atom answered, leaving and vanished into thin air as the two ponies followed his trail.

It was evening. They were roaming around the middle of the forest. Where the castle of the Royal Sisters is actually nearby. They separated and walked around. (Hovering around in Dreadlock's case)

Good thing Atom and Danger Close were unicorns.

They were using their spells to light up the area. All they could search and pay attention around was the wildlife and the plants.

The breeze went by, ladybugs were flying around. Owl noises were made. Racoons were atop branches. Ants were walking around in a path.


Dreadlock and Atom heard this. Quickly, Atom lept from his position and jumped from tree to tree. Dreadlock was simply flying up high until she can she anything blue. And she found him. She bomb dived and stopped before she could actually crash. She landed on her hooves as Atom came out from a tree, landing by Danger's side.

"It's a good thing you found this Danger." Dreadlock said.

"I was just pating attention around except in front." Danger muttered, getting up from his position. They were now standing on a rock-stone land. They landed in a small ravine, it was just like a microscopic scrape on Equestria. They roamed and patrol, Atom took lead while the others were looking around.

"Hey.." Atom said out loud, the two looked at his way. And they were staring at a fault rock. "Do you think this wall looks fake?" He asked.

"Yeah," Danger said, analyzing the structure of the wall. Dreadlock started to buck the fake wall as hard as she can. Only managing pebbles to fall down from uptop. "What now captain?" Danger asked, conjuring a bound battleaxe.

"You two go back to HQ. I report this to the Princesses." He said, the two nodded and vanished again. Atom started to roam that wall, he started to punch it lightly. But wasn't effective. He started to swing his sword at it but it wasn't effective. A little later, black tendrils started to grow out from beneath. The tendrils started to swarm and enclose the wall. Atom sliced the tendrils and was cut off, only for it to grow slowly back. 'Damn, this wall is tough. I gotta keep it not to enclose it entirely.' He thought, his horn glowed, then a green line stsrted to geow out from it. Right after, a clone of him made from a green aura appeared and started to cut off the tendrils. Atom left and proceeded to the castle.

He appeared in a flash outside the doors. He proceeded to enter the entrance as he was ignored by the elite guards. Atom opened the door to the throne room. And found only Luna there.

"Lulu," Atom said, now with his new habit of calling the princesses with his nicknames. Luna only chuckled, and then sat up straight and cleared her throat.

"Atom? What is it?" She asked.

"I found it." He said. Luna's eyes widened, as she figured out it was time to see her father's creation. "Do you want me to get Tia?" He asked.

"No no, I want to get her." She said, as she teleported out. After a while, the Royal Sisters teleported to the throne room and met Atom drinking water from his canteen. He then saw the Princesses, he closed the cap and slid the canteen onto his canteen pocket.

"Atom, lead us to the tree." Celestia said.

"By walking there or teleporting?" He asked.

They reached the fault wall. Which the clone was still slicing the tendrils. Not letting it enclose the wall. After the clone noticed the Royal Sisters it dispelled. The Princesses stepped forward, then lit their horns up.

"Sister, aim for the crystal in the middle." Celestia said.

'Crystal?' Atom thought. The duo then shot a beam of magic towards the 'crystal'. After they dispelled their magic, the three beamed at the wall. Which then the wall started to slide down. Destroying the tendrils from beneath. After, the wall completely slid down and saw what they saw.

It was true.

The Father of the Royal Sisters did his creation.

It looked beautiful.

They gazed upon a chamber with the walls made from pure crystal. There was a portion of a boulder of Crystal. With sime crystal plant life. And the black spiky tendrils. Then in the middle was a tree made out of crystal. It had no leaves, but beneath the upper part, there was the cutie mark of the Royal Sisters. Then there was six branches. Each containing a gem encased in crystal. The six gems had a color of red, pink, purple, orange and blue. Then in the middle of thr tree there was a star shaped symbol. It was glowing real bright. The roots were crystals as well.

The Royal Sisters faced Atom, who were smiling with pure joy.

"Atom, you have actually found the Tree of Harmony." Celestia said.

"Which that means you have unlocked your true power!" Luna stated. Atom grinned devilishly.

"Atom, please leave us in this chamber until we disover more about this Tree." Celestia said. Atom nodded, with his devilish grin still there. Then he vanished and left to HQ and home.

Atom was walking his way to HQ. But was still pondering on what his power was.

He just let it slide..


Until a scream was made out of nowhere.

Atom reacted quickly, as he jumped and leapt to where the source of the yell was. He was heading northeast. The yell keeps getting closed and closer. After, the yell was gone. He made it to see what he didn't want to.

His best friends and his teammates was there fighting off some kind of creature.

His teammates were losing to the creature who had 4 legs, a brown coat. And it was big. It also had some sort of star-spinning thing in front.

"Dreadlock!" Atom yelled, only to see his friend get caught by the creature with it's gaping star like mouth. Which then the creature chewed on her. Then after, it threw Dreadlock to a tree, where she was bruised and cuts around her, until blood started to flow from her ear. Atom then approached her, and started to treat her. He checked on her pulse. And was gone in an instant.

He was starting to grow on it.

He then stood by Danger's side, who was welding two small bound axes with his hooves and a bound greatsword with his horn. He ran and was about to slash the creature, until the creature punched and crushed him with it's two fists.

Atom had felt it.

Atom stood there, and was frozen. He didn't know if this would be a happy ending or not.

He didn't know it anymore.

The creature smashed Atom, again and again. Until he was deep in dirt and started to bleed. He was fading, until another smash came from uptop.

It was dark.

Was he dead?

Who knows?


His figure started to crash into crystal like pieces, they changed color from black to yellow. His body started to form again. After, the crystals had been put together and made a yellow pony figure. After, the yellow faded, and turned the figure into Atom. Atom's eyesockets was pure black.

Except for his left eye.

A pupil started to appear from it, it was flashing yellow and blue.

He was angry, he was sad.

He was drowned in despair.

The creature again took notice of him, the creature smashed him again.

But it's arm went through Atom like, nothing happened. He stood there. His expression blank. His left eye was flashing yellow and blue.


He killed the creature. Blood sprouted from it's head and dipped Atom's mane in it.

He didn't care if it was endangered or not.

It killed his friends. And he'll do anything to avenge them.

Avenge, avenge.

Atom's eyes went back to normal. It was kind of cliché on how if you were transformed into something and forgot and didn't know it. But for Atom, he witnessed what he did.

And he wanted to do it again.

He went back home, and sat at the porch of his home. There his young brother, Neutron came out and hugged him.

"Brother!" Neutron greeted. Atom pretended nothing happened bad. So his expression went to normal. His brother noticed the blood from his mane but did not know it was blood. "Brother, is this ketchup? Eeuck!" Neutron grossed out. Lucky his brother was not a fan of ketchup. Neutron sets down on Atom's lap. After, Atom thought everthing.

'A family is born, and a family is grown. Bonds are made. Then life dies. I didn't know what real pain was back then.' He thought. Memories of his friends and his family dying repeated in his mind. He started to cry. And knew what his power was.

He was truly immortal.

Tears started to flood from his eyes. Where then, his eyesockets were gone again. A pupil appeared again at his left eyesocket. And it was flashing yellow and blue.

It was his family's visual prowess.

"Brother your eyes!" Neutron noticed, and started to giggle. Atom then held Neutron's face.

'Will the day come when you will awaken this eye?' He thought. As Atom was draught in sadness and Neutron started to act like a baby.

'Will you ever know what true sadness is?'

Author's Note:

The voices from the great greybeards. We make this apprentice a dragon apprentice. Give him what power he desires and fits in. Make him the best of the best. We shall now start the test!

Translated from Dovahzul to English.

I lied about this being the chapter to recognize -C. That WILL be next chapter.