• Published 20th Mar 2016
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Why so VG? - dereturd

Vanoss and Delirious starts rough in Equestria. And gets even more rough.

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Power of The Atom

Several royal guards and many-many ponies have surrounded the Jewelry store and some avenues. There were rather wooden walls to block the crime scene.

Shit got real last night.

Finally, a chariot arrived with two passengers. One was an alicorn while the other was a unicorn. A unicorn with dark blue and blue mane matching the tail with a pure white coat and a shield for a cutie mark. Twilight and Shining Armor were contacted due to some necessary duties. Rather, they are here to investigate what happened.

The two ponies proceeded as the guards clear way for the two to access the scene. The siblings look at what they see: a long road with craters on the right and left roads. There was a small pool of blood some meters away. While there were several ponies assisting the wounded guards.

"I'll check the guards, you look around." Shining Armor declared as Twilight nodded.

The captain walked to the carriage along with 15 stretchers to load the wounded with. Armor walked by a bruised guard who was in the process of being carried on the stretcher.

"Tiger Eye sir!" The orange fox-like coated pony said and coughed.

"Tiger Eye, what happened?" Armor asked his subject. As Tiger Eye flinched.

"We.. pursued some kind of.. vehicle. It had.. some kind of.. protection." He described.

"Did some of your comrades try to blast it?" Armor asked.

"Yes, but did... nothing to harm against that.. machine, sir." He coughed blood. As a nurse came to wipe the blood and clean him.

"How did you get in this state?"

"They.. threw ..an explosive of.. some sort." He coughed more blood.

"I may have survived but.. I wasted my magic to.. heal some of my.. comrades near me."

"Thank you for your efforts Tiger Eye. You deserve to rest in your barracks." Armor said as Tiger eye smiled and closed his eyes. Proceeded onto the carriage.

Twilight wandered around the avenue. She took note of a hole in a wall with some scorch marks on it. And some broken wood chips and carriages. Good thing the wooden transportations weren't touched, moved or tampered with. If it was, they'd miss all the details. There were 2 carriages and the last carriage which burned in the process. She assumed considering there was some scorch marks as well. The craters got to her attention. It may be a small crater but she hasn't learned nor heard any explosion spell of such. Not unless they got some kind of physical weapon of such.

She wrapped up or theorized all she could think of what happened, so this is what she wrote:

A carriage of some sort must've been pursued and chased. With the passengers of the carriage used a cannon or spell or something else. That must've caused the craters. But how would a cannon reach 18 feet above from the street? Maybe it was a spell. Or beyond that. Some unicorns must've rode the 3 carriages and pursued the culprits riding a transportation of some kind. So the explosion of the carriage on the lead must've burnt some of the carriage. While the others just.. crashed.

Shining Armor asked the other guards/witnesses and described the culprits, their weaponry and their vehicle. A vehicle painted in black with some yellow coloring on the skirts of the heavy vehicle. It also had a symbol of some.. owl? That's what his witnesses described it. It also had some kind of light beneath the vehicle. Yes, the size of the vehicle is equivalent to a single carriage or maybe 34 ponies stacked on each other. They also found a banner of some sort that wrote:'Hoodini'.

The two ponies riding the vehicle what got him, one was an earth pony with a red coat and black and white spiky hair with a cutie mark of V-G. While the other had a mask with stripes, a coat of blue, a shaggy mane of color brown with a mask of his for a cutie mark. He had heard of some sort from the 2 princesses. That was what they at least said.

It was confirmed that the craters weren't caused by magic considering he had noted the culprits were no unicorn or alicorn. His witnesses told him of something small, rectangular but explosive. Either exploding at their command or just, when sensed something hit it. They also told him some kind of weapon like a crossbow but shot small dangerous projectiles at them automatically. They can also stop their firing at will.

Twilight met up with his brother. They both made and contact as her sibling told her theories.

"Okay, I've put all what could've happened yesterday in this parchment." She said.

"You can address that to the princess later. But we got to go. I think I know who we're up against." He said as they trotted back to their chariot and to Canterlot.

"Craig Thompson you son of a bitch." Delirious said to the sleeping vessel of MiniLadd.

"You should give him some soup." A voice said, he looked behind as Vanoss was holding a bowl of warm soup for his unconscious friend.

"Yeah, good idea." Delirious agreed, taking the soup from Vanoss' grasp and held it with the help of his wings. Slowly, he grabbed a spoonful of soup and feeds MiniLadd.

"We have to definitely move." Vanoss said looking out the window. Delirious puts down the bowl of soup and looks at the nearby window. His eyes widened.

Below them a crowd of ponies and guards surrounded the near building. Maybe a hint of 'we have to fucking move'.

"They're definitely on to us." Said Vanoss again.

"When do we leave?" Delirious simply asked.

"We're gonna have to arrange our schedule." Vanoss said, leaving the room and to where they keep their weaponry.

"Is that so Twilight and Shining Armor?" Princess Celestia asked.

"I believe it is what I have thought so far." Twilight responded. As Celestia rolled the parchment back.

"Very well then.." She said. Thinking the matter at hoof. "Shining Armor, gather some guards and spread them across the towns that I have suggested earlier." She declared as the captain saluted, leaving the three princesses. She and her sister, Luna, had been far beyond surprised after Shining Armor had mentioned the 2 ponies. She quickly thought of something, but was interrupted by Luna's calling.

"Tia? Tia.." Her sister said waving a hoof in front of her. Thinking it may be a little childish.

"Twilight, gather the elements." Was all simply she could say. Twilight, still curious, decided not to question. She nodded and teleprted back to her nearby home. With no detail or hint of what would happen next. Celestia turned to her sister and began to discuss some minor or major things. "Lulu, we can still banish them if they cause more harm to my little ponies." She said.

"But Tia, what shall happen if all else fails?" Luna asked, not in her Royal Canterlot voice.

"We just then have to follow their orders." She replied. "But how in Equestria did those two live and resurrect?" She questioned. Luna puts her hoof at her sister's shoulder.

"Maybe that's why they are thine powerful. They have the power of Atom." She said. As her look became much more of something they realized."Tia," Her sister turned to face her.

"I think we brought the war."

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