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An elite trained veteran ranger, served the NCR for 20 years, gave up and wandered the land of America. He saw Vegas liberated, he watched Los Angeles fall, he helped the messiah of Washington, he even irittated the Institute before going into hiding.

Though the wasteland never leaves him, this time however, they finally did, in a form of being transported to Equestria and trying to hide and find peace in his living. Will he receive his very needed wish?

This is a rewrite of A War Inside You, and is based on my Alternate Start Character in Fallout: New Vegas. His supposed gear will be stated in the story, however it’s no self-insert story, rather an OC story.

HEAVY WARNING: I will use mods in this story. As opposed to some vanilla stuff, don’t worry, nothing really complicated.

This is in no way inspired or taken on by Shadow Step's A Second Chance! I have not read that story (yet).

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Yadda yadda yadda, You’ve heard of our kind; The Displaced. Becoming a small trend actually, I’ve been sent to Equestria because I cosplayed as Obito Uchiha from Naruto. Yeah, you’re probably bored at this rate.

I’m sent to Equestria with all of Obito’s memories, abilities and even his appearance as well. But when you’ve managed to piss off the Royal Sisters, well.. you know you’re in a pickle, especially when you’re imprisoned in the crystal cave for who knows long?

Luckily, that seal in my prison is about to break. But I don’t have any possible plans except.. whatever I could think of.

yeah yeah yeah, been reading too much displaced, I know.
Inspired by these two things. The Price Of Power by kingrulerword.
And My Little Pony: An Uchiha’s Wrath by Lord Nopony.

If you enjoy please don’t hit the like and give comments as to how this story sucks.

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A biker club president of an illicit business, a CEO of an organization of SecuroServ with special vehicle warehouses, a Gunrunner/Smuggler, with secret headquarters and military hangars, smuggling contraband across the state, and a VIP owning a military/government facility with the needs to contain a ‘Doomsday Scenario’, all together to make a strike in Canterlot City’s big storyline.

This will be hard for them, and will not be good for the protagonists of CHS.

just a story about GTA:Online crossing over with MLP, to just have fun around the fundamentals and elements of the series

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With the Galactic Federation gone, Rick and Morty planned to make rainbows return to their neighborhood for some reasons. So they find planet 5E4960 and travel there.

And when they do travel there, they're now stuck for 2 weeks because Rick's portal gun won't work. They also have to put up with the ponies' shit.

edit: This got featured on the 'Popular Stories' list in 5/3/2017, just after it's release. :D

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Evan Hugh, loves Green Arrow, Supergirl and others from CW. But unlike all of them, The Flash was his favorite.

Being Zoom for the con, he got a lot of attention from Flash fans. Until he got scammed by a guy with a Batman costume.

Stuck in Equis temporarily, he has to cope with beings he barely knows. Can he get home before he gets angry without Mac & Cheese in Equestria?

Also ponies are afraid of him.

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She wandered. She left. Her friends lived their lives. But what about her? She's the new world's stranger.

She lived her lives to the fullest. She was a murderer. But she changed now. Her other friend was happy seeing this.

This happened after the events of the Pacifist Route. Before that she started the Genocide one.

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The Everfree was unnatural. Even though there are vicious monsters, they can be easily pacified, expert animal tamers like Fluttershy feel it’s a piece of cake if they were ever told to. However, those things are nothing compared to the ones made in metal.

One day, Daring Do was exploring the Everfree Forest, leading her much deeper and into the swamps, and saw a 33-foot tall thing standing above a dead hydra. With this knowledge, she has contacted the Mane 6 for help.
Another adventure awaits for them.

This will be intense for her and the others.

Added "Alternate Universe" tag. Because this happened when the Decepticons got the Allspark (TF: The Game, Decepticon Campaign).

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Applejack was on her normal day like always.

Until came the newspapers.

Two ponies are now infamous around Equestria for robbing banks and such others. The mane six however try to put peace between the two. But gets worse.

Will they befriend the thiefs of thiefs or will they have a war?

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After Adam (Skydoesminecraft) and his friends finished their session, some connection brought them all together. Together in Equestria.

Watch here!

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