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PK-117 is a Promethean Knight. Built by the Forerunners to fight the flood. His one goal was to die but kill as many Flood as he could. But during the middle of a battle, a bright flash of light sucked him away. During the teleportation process, he went into automatic stasis. His system needed to reboot for 1000 years. Lucky for him he will awaken on the day that the Crystal Empire returns. By the way, PK stands for Promethean Knight if it wasn't obvious enough

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I love the idea of the story, it's nice to see some more Halo stories with Forerunners or Promethens out there. But I believe you really need a editor or proofreader for your story, and I have some recommendations.

7070015 Requiem17 is an excellent editor for Halo fics. Needs longer chapters too.

Thanks I will like that very much

Not bad good so far and a little side note in the words of the orks from Warhammer 40k
" oi dos fanfic meds mor dakka"

and he busts in GUNS BLAZING...or he...stalks the nightmare.....that works to

interesting story. However, these kind of stories have a habit of dying out or going permanent hiatus. So, proof me wrong and shame on me. Proof me right and shame on you.

The clock's ticking. I consider two months of inactivity as this story being 'dead' and will then remove it from my 'favorites' watchlist.

On the other matters at hand... other than requirements of proofreading and grammar editing... it's an interesting piece, one which might become a gem... or another piece of trash, like so many crossover/displaced stories you find around here.

I am in the middle of school and I am having a lot of work to do so it will be until summer break until I can continue adding stories and new chapters.

Hmmm... Interseting

A Promethean Knight OC??? I approve!!!

Please sir may I have some more?

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7070015 I agree with you. This story is good, i will wait for your return dear author.

Pls mate i like this continue

So, is there going to be an update soon???????

7496674 Yes there is I am currently working on a new chapter

Comment posted by Irregular Quiche deleted Jul 1st, 2017

The story is awesome, I really hope to see more.

Happy Writing,
-Bright Light

Pleas continue.

I am sorry that I haven't fulfilled my promises but now I have a new computer and will be updating regularly so as the doctor would say Deronamoooooo.



Yep, I have just been very busy and haven't had much time. Head up the next chapter is going to be over a thousand words!!! Yay for me.

when can we expect new chapters

Soon I almost have the next chapter done

No offense intended, but is english your first language?

why do u think that wouldn't be offensive?

but no it is my second is german

Ok, tons of run on sentences and places where you need commas. The story itself could use some improvement, but with a bit of effort it could definitely be pretty good.

Nooooooooo😫😫😫 Please give us bigger chapters you're killing me


I am working on multiple stories and I just had surgery so I'm a little out of it right now. Just give some time and I'll work on these problems I promise.

Fair enough. I wasn't trying to be an asshol, just a constructive critic.



Haha! YASSSSS!!!!!!! AHEM... Continue please.

Promethean Knights are tough enemies and somewhat annoying and scary on their teleportation. Good story though.


You’re going to update more? YAY!

Yes, my friend, I am

It lives indeed

Hey, I am also going to start a new fanfiction about a displaced. It will be a Lord of the Rings crossover with the Witch King of Angmar otherwise known as the leader of the Nazgûl. I want you guys opinion if I should do it or not. I have only found 2 stories on this site with the Nazgûl and one isn't even that long. Let me know.

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