• Published 20th Mar 2016
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Why so VG? - dereturd

Vanoss and Delirious starts rough in Equestria. And gets even more rough.

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The Extras Pt.1

Vanoss yawned and stretched his arms. He opened his eyes, and saw Lui, jumping around his bed, Delirious holding a crowbar and tried to stand on two legs. MiniLadd who was still snoring, and Marcel who was strafing around the bedroom. Vanoss stood from his bed, and scratched his ass. He grabbed his shades and adjusted it. He then left the room followed by Delirious. Who then spoke up to him.

"Yo Vanoss."

"What?" He asked.

"Where did Wildcat sleep?" Delirious asked.

"Follow me, I think he might be still sleeping in the V.I.P room." He said, leaving the hallway to the next corridor.

They stopped in front of a double door room. Vanoss proceeded to open the door to see Wildcat fixing his bed. And Twilight wasn't there with him.

"Yo dude." Vanoss spoke up as Wildcat gazed his way.

"Whaddup?" Vanoss chuckled.

"You say 'whaddup' it sounds stupid." He said. Wildcat laughed as Delirious snorted.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" He said, afterwards doing his Patrick Star laugh.

"Ey' Wildcat, where's your ho?" Delirious asked, Wildcat snorted and Vanoss immediately smacked his head. Letting Delirious mutter a small 'ow'.

"Why do you call ladies 'ho'?" Vanoss asked.

"It's my damn hobby." Vanoss and Wildcat laughed again.

"No it's not your damn hobby!" Wildcat said.

"We fucking hear you sometimes calling them ladies you fuck!" Vanoss said, shoving Delirious while laughing.

"It's much better if we do like the Gmod push shit." Wildcat commented.

"Hey guys, could you fuck off your fuzzy moments bitch? We're meeting the Princesses at the discussion room!" A voice called, they turned to the source which was Marcel.

"Yeah got it!" Vanoss replied through a yell. "C'mon guys, stop fucking around." He said, as they followed him to the discussion room.

The crew arrived at the room, where the Royal Sisters and Cadence were waiting. The crew then took seperate seats and got comfy.

"Well then-"

"Wait Sunshine! Our crew is now called Weenie Boys." Vanoss interrupted Celestia. Which led the tall alicorn smiling and his crewmates sent laughing.

"Well then 'Weenie Boys'. I have a task for all of you." She began.

"I would like all of you to get acquainted and befriend the bearers of the elements of harmony." Cadence requested.

"Sure." "Yeah." "Sounds fine." The crew agreed.

"You will be taking a ride at my express." Cadence added.

"Wait, in your royal train?" Marcel asked. Cadence nodded. "Yeah, we accept!"

"So be it!" "Heck yeah!" The crew again agreed.

"And we're temporarily sleeping there am I right?" Vanoss asked. The Princesses nodded.

"Ok then. Hey guys let's pack up again!" Vanoss yelled, as his crewmates followed him.

"Don't mind me, I will just fix up as well." Cadence said, as she is off to 'powder her nose'. (Girl's talk for go to the bathroom)

"Tia, they're not that bad when you get to know them." Luna commented.

"I know." Celestia replied.

The crew was fixing their things inside the train, the others were waiting for Cadence to arrive.

"Sorry if I took long guys. Take a seat and we'll be off." Cadence said, as she took her seat on a vacant one while the crew was paired in seats. Vanoss with Wildcat. Delirious with Mini and Lui with Marcel.


The train then set off to Ponyville. Vanoss just took out his phone, Wildcat switched his attire to his wildcat shirt and zebra pants. Lui was busy eating gummy bears, Mini just checking the weapon addons on his Gmod menu and Delirious was about to grab Marcel's bear hat and book it as soon as they stop. Wildcat, after changing his clothes then watched what Vanoss was doing. He was busy playing Fallout Shelter, which he had 47 Vault dwellers.

"Yo Evan what other games do you have there?" Wildcat asked.

"Uhh, Monster Legends. Shadow Fight 2, and Fallout Shelter." Vanoss replied.

"So you don't have any other ones?" Vanoss nodded, then continued to kill the Radroaches infesting his classroom.

"Lui, mind if I have some?" Mini asked. Lui just grabbed some gummy bears and stretched his arms back to Mini, which then he took the delightful gummy bears. "Thanks." He said, as he chewed on the gummy bears in his mouth.

Delirious was still in position for his trolling. He looked out the window as he saw they're in Ponyville already.


The train came to a stop, as the royal guards step out of the train with the carpet rolled in front. Cadence then stepped out of the train and greeted the Mane.. five? But Delirious proceeded to snatch Marcel's bear hat, letting Marcel's blond hair flow out. As he snatched it, Marcel found him ahold of it as he chased him.

"DELIRIOUS!! GIVE ME THAT!" Marcel yelled, only to be responded by a barrage of Delirious' laughter. Delirious was out of the train, where then Marcel leapt and tackled Delirious. "GIVE ME MY DAMN HAT!!" He yelled.

"NO SCREW YOU!" Delirious yelled back. He did notice the mane five and Cadence watching what he was doing, where then Delirious ignored and booked it as Marcel was chasing after him.

Cadence was actually smiling at what was happening, but except for the mane five who was confused at what they were doing.

"Sorry, they're just a ruckus, you know?" She said, then stepped aside as Wildcat and Vanoss facedhoofed at what Delirious did.

"Delirious! That's not a good first impression!" He yelled, while Wildcat was laughing. Then Lui walked out of the train eating his gummy bears. "Then there's Lui casually walking out of the train eating his gummy bears." Vanoss narrated, Wildcat could only laugh his ass off.

"That sounds something he would do." Wildcat commented. Mini then joined the canadian and the pig, then realized they made a huge scene. Turning to the mares in front, they stood there awkwardly.

"So uhh... Did we disturb you or something?" Vanoss stupidly asked, Wildcat smacked him as he muttered a loud 'ow!'.

"Yeah we did you stupid!" Wildcat said, as they moved aside and regrouped with the other three. Vanoss then approached Delirious with a pissed off look.

"Seriously Delirious, you made a bad impression." He said.

"Well I felt in the mood." The blue pegasus shrugged.

"So you felt like to fuck Marcel in front of them?" Wildcat pointed at the group in the station, which they were still talking.

"That's why people think you're a gay clown." Vanoss said, as the group came to a small laugh.

"I think that's exactly why." Delirious said, before laughing another time. The Crew then saw Twilight and Cadence approaching them, kidding aside, Delirious got to his hooves and stood up, Lui picked up his plastic of candy, and Vanoss grabbed his shades and adjusted it. Then the Crew met face to face with the two princesses.

"Well then, Weenie Boys.." Cadence began, as Marcel and Tyler snorted while Twilight was giggling, holding her laughter. "As long as you don't do anything harmful and wild, feel free to do what you want." Cadence said.

"Hey pig ma-"

"It's Tyler or Wildcat." Wildcat interrupted Twilight.

"Well Tyler, would you like to join us in the convention for Star Swirl the Bearded?" Twilight asked.

"Actually, yes so I can learn more about Star Swirl thanks to Evan. But I'm covering my ears when there's spoilers coming." He conditioned.

"Oh yeah Tyler," Vanoss spoke up as Tyler looked at him. "Get me some of his books." Wildcat only saluted, and followed the two which they were already ahead. Delirious then wrapped a foreleg around Vanoss' neck. As they gaze at the three having some quality time.

"He grows up so fast." Delirious joked, and faked a sob and tried to make him look like he's crying in joy. Vanoss only smacked his chest as Delirious knelt down in pain.

"Much better." Vanoss muttered. Saying that gave him more air and space. The Mane 4 then approached the 5 crew members. The Weenie Boys turned to them, and started to act natural (which I'm trying to imply about people who's just shy to girls). Rainbow was the first to speak.

"So, uh.. hey?" Awkwardly saying that, Vanoss and Marcel snorted.

"Yeah sup.." Vanoss greeted, then followed a small sound of breathing from him.

"Yeah, how's it going?" Marcel asked.

"Good." "Fine." "Just goin' as usual." Rainbow, Rarity and Applejack simply and boringly said.

"ECTASTIC!" Pinkie shouted in joy with her arms up in the air. The Weenie Boys looked at her in confusion. "Soree! I get overexcited when there's new ponies in Ponyville!" Pinkie apologized, as she grabbed her party cannon.

"Hey Pinks," Delirious called out, as he handed out his hoof holding a bubble gun, but is unknown to the mares. "take it." Pinkie swiftly snatched it from his hoof.

"What is it?" Rainbow asked.

"It's a bubble gun." Vanoss said.


"No, it's a 'Bubble- Bubble.. Bubble Daryl gun'!" Delirious corrected, as the crew gave a small weak laugh.

"There's no other 'Daryls' there Delirious!" Vanoss yelled, pushing his friend while they laughed.

"What are those 'Daryl' you speak of darlings?" Rarity asked/spoke finally.

"Wait! Let me guess! Ohh, I love to guess! IsitasomeponyorsomeonewhoisanactorandplaysaroleonaTVshow?!?!" Pinkie said in a fast one word. While the crew stood there with there mouths agape. But Applejack didn't take the nonsense.

"Pinkie, that doesn't mean any-"

"HOW DID YOU KNOW?!" Delirious yelled in a questionable tone. Pinkie then shrugged.

"Just a hunch." She simply said before smiling.

"Wait, what IS THAT?!" Rainbow yelled and pointed at a direction. The group turned to a blue (Cerulean to Rarity's case) spinning object that is about to crash on them.

"DUCK!!" Vanoss and Rainbow yelled.

"Duck? Where? I don't see a duck." Pinkie and Delirious asked in unison. Applejack quickly grabbed Pinkie downwards while Vanoss also pulled him down.

"Get your shit together Delirious!" He said, the mares seeing they're language won't stop anytime, they decided to ignore any of those words they say. The blue object then crashed into a leafless tree. The group got back up and the mares saw what they saw but the crew was confused.

"Are you serious?" Applejack questioned.

"What in the name of fuck is that?" Mini also questioned.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no." Rainbow repeatedly said.

To the crew they saw a creature with bat and pegasi wings. A left hind leg, a dinosaur-like roght leg, a paw for a right arm, an eagle's claw for a left arm, a dragonic tail, a horn of an elk, and a another horn for something. He also had a head structure of a dragon (of some sort). But to the mares, they saw what they saw.

The spirit of Disharmony.


Author's Note:

Holy shit, I need a break. I don't know what do they even say in this episode. And I'm sorry for not updating. Another thing I have to think about for this story.