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After the cataclysmic events of The World's End, Shaun Riley, Nicolas Angel and Gary King meet at a pub in post-apocalyptic London, the trio manage to make a group out of themselves and decide they should all travel with each other for survival. But as the trio go on their journey, they happen to find a portal left by The Blanks, they all accidentally enter the portal and find themselves in Equestria where the trio embark on another crazy adventure

Rated Teen for: Very Strong Language, Bloody Violence and Sexual References

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 61 )

I been waiting for someone to do this!:rainbowkiss:Yes!

4256305 No one else would. So I had to do it myself :pinkiesmile:

Thank you kind sir! For making my dreams come true.

And cue the fire breathing dragons mintaurs and diamond doogs and my favor it the awesom griffins -buster

Faved this anyway. :pinkiehappy:
Love to read it, but I still need to see "At World's End"
Though I have seen Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz. :twilightsmile:

Oh my god... I have been waiting so long for this...

Even though I didn't know I was waiting for this, I totally was!

Reading when I have a chance!


DAMMIT! With that title, I was hoping for a Lucky Star crossover!

oh my word this is one of the greatest ideas i have seen if this is as awesome as it sounds then you have my fav friend

I'll be expecting failed attempts of garden fence hopping in this story, except for Nicolas I think.

Faved, by the way. Keep it up.

4258546 You ever seen the Cornetto Trilogy, man?

My God... you are awesome, you know that?

This was great, and seeing as how I wont be able to tell if there's a new chapter while writing this, I can't wait for more!

Also, is Gary's sword actually called Shinji? Because all I can think about when I see that name is Shinji Ikari.

If you get that name, grab yourself a cookie out of the cookie jar. Then constantly run away from your home every single day of your life.


4259615 Nope but this story made me have interest in the trilogy i will watch it when i can, right now work is being a b**ch:ajsleepy:


There isn't one. Why do you think I got mad? :fluttercry:

4260021 I meant to this Lucky Star thingie. It might sate my boredom.

Read it, find it hilarious and can't wait for Nicolas to unleash some of his badassery.

I saw the story:derpyderp2:, I went to see the movies again:rainbowlaugh:, I read the story:eeyup:, like and fav:twilightsmile:

Great job, it's like watching Simon Pegg get along with himself just flawlessly times two and I love it. Keep it up writer.

Your Antagonist

So when are the three of them gonna kick some Timberwolf arse? (Usually in these stories, Timberwolves are the first to getting stomped by the new arrivals)

I love this. I'd like to see Gary tell the girls the same story he told his support group in the opening of his movie where he and his friends first tried the Golden Mile

Amazing chapter. I liked how all three shared their stories with each other. And I can't wait to see them defend themselves from the Timberwolves. And I can't wait to see how they'd react to seeing Celestia and Luna if ever they do.

4265949 Maybe he's just going to incapacitate them and haul them off to jail?

In the hands of Nicholas, anything can be used to deadly effect.

Cannot wait for next chapter. :rainbowdetermined2:

Awesome story so far BronyBoy.

Good chapter the way they went postal on the Timberwolves. I sure hope Applejack can come to their rescue from her brother.

"Shaun. Gary. Listen, I have a plan, but you need to listen..." Gary began.

Lil error I noticed.

Awesome stuff, but please, you've got to have a moment when the three of them try to vault a fence at the same time and it collapses under the sure awesomness of our three heroes. :pinkiecrazy:

4364797 i.imgur.com/p26EVRL.gif
No, sorry. I'm not even a big fan of that movie

Heh. Worth a try, huh?

"Certain characters" Cornetto-related, MLP-related, or is it a surprise?

4364825 could be all three, I'm not spoiling anything

So it'a a surprise? Very vell then.

Once again it's so hilarious. But for them to be dragged off to the pound instead of jail is so demeaning for them. I really hope they make it through the rest of the night. And I really want them to see the princesses. Gary would probably think 'If they were human I'd have sex with them'

I already know what my response would've been when confronted in that situation.

"A pound!? You want me to sleep in a pound!?"
"Well, you're not a pony, so-"
"So that means I've got the status of stray animal just because I don't walk on four legs!?"
"Sorry. This is just until we figure out what to do with you."
"How 'bout I kill you then? Will murder get me into a proper prison?"

Glad to see the trio was bailed out and now they're on their way to see the princesses. I can only imagine each of their reactions. as well as the princesses reactions to them.

Man the ponies are just dumb sometimes. "Let's treat the creatures that can obviously talk and have culture like animals."

Objection! (Would have said this last chapter but i was late). What about non-pony creatures (griphons, breazies, donkeys, chimeras, and trolls if you count the comics). Would they be treated like this? No, because they are also sentient beings.

4420249 au contraire, my good friend, for because they are foreign to the world the ponies don't exactly know how to treat them. Well, that's the conclusion I came up with. :applejackunsure:

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