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Nikola Tesla in 1912 has created a machine that's able to transport an object from one location to another. When Tesla himself volunteers to see if the machine is able to transport humans from one location to another. The machine malfunctions and instead transports him from his lab in Colorado Springs to Ponyville, Equestria. Changing his form and appearance to that of an equine pony, he comes across the Mane 6 and tries to recreate his machine in Equestria. Will Tesla succeed and go back home, or will he be forever stuck in Equestria?

DISCLAIMER: This is no way historically accurate or scientifically accurate. This is a Science Fantasy story, so I can do whatever I want. And if you are wanting to avoid possible spoilers before reading the story, then do NOT read the comments

Rated Teen for:- Scenes of Violence, Light Gore and Strong Language

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3489972 I was looking for another HiE to read, and was quite shocked to see one about tesla :trollestia:

This story made me light up with joy!

This is a Science Fiction story

Heh, dude, the real Nikola Tesla already was a science fiction story. That guy was fucking rad.

Not a lot of people know this, but he invented a death ray at one point.

I'll watch this one, only because Nikola Tesla is in it.

He also dreamed of a world without power bills.


I'm glad we agree that Nikola Tesla is fucking awesome.

He was so awesome, Mark Twain thought he was an alien. That's right. He was so fucking awesome that people could not even believe a human could be so awesome, so they then immediately came to the conclusion that he is not human.

Nikola Tesla; inventor of the death ray, best friend of Mark Twain, and largely believed to be an alien.

Screw Chuck Norris. Nikola Tesla is where it's at.

"This is no way historically accurate or scientifically accurate. This is a Science Fiction story, so I can do whatever I want."
As a writer of hard sci-fi, this makes me want to rip someone's throat out.
It's disgusting how people can't distinguish fantasy and science fiction anymore, it's disgraceful.

I was going to read this story.

eeeeueggghhhg tesla fanboyism

will read anyways

edit: wait holy moly he becomes a pony? no dice

Now this is cool. I love a good sci-fi story that's closer to fantasy if the author thinks sci-fi is makin' up sh*t. That's seriously my favorite kind of science fiction, although I am into "War of the Worlds" right now.

3491754 I know. It's not like I even mentioned he becomes a pony in the description, silly :facehoof:

3491191 Nikola Tesla doesn't read books, he stares at them until he gets the information he wants :ajsmug:

While I don't necessarily agree with this comment entirely, it is worth pointing out that "science fiction" does not mean "do whatever I want."

That's really more "science fantasy." Otherwise known as Soft Science Fiction.
I think that this has its place, and I quite enjoy science fantasy. It does annoy me a bit to see people going "science fiction? WIde open field, anything goes!" It ignores the point of science fiction, which is to explore new horizons based on a sincere understanding of the principles and consequences of science and knowledge.

Science fantasy is nothing to be ashamed of, though.

Tesla does have a lot of funny fantasy spun about him—definitely don't believe everything you hear. I quite enjoy him as a sort of "public domain" character, though. His real history is quite fascinating all by itself.

Interesting premise and oddly appropriate. After all, this is the man one of his ex-assistants claimed might have been responsible for the Tunguska Blast -merely by trying to transmit a message through the planet to Moscow...

I prefer to separate soft sci-fi and science fantasy, the latter is more reserved for things that push a little too far.

I agree for the most part, though I can't enjoy anything that just says "science did it" or ignores very important details or implications.
...I'll admit I'm a bit harsh though, "That spaceship has non-rotating artificial gravity and no RCS thrusters? Screw this movie, it will never be worth my time."

Now people just slap "sci-fi" on crap so they can justify green-skinned space babes or absurd-ass planet hopping without the slightest understanding of anything involved. Or interdimensional/time travel just because "science and fields and stuff!"

And sure, science fantasy isn't something to be ashamed of, but that won't stop opinionated jerks like myself from looking down upon it with contempt. Though, that's most because it stands as a mockery of the time and effort put into researching and understanding what goes into hard sci-fi.

-Opinionated jerk, SNS

Edit: First downvoted comment, bitches be hating truths they can't handle.

Pretty demonstrably untrue, Boss_Hoss. I suggest you check the link I posted.

I highly doubt that NIKOLA FUCKING TESLA would somehow conclude that if teleporting a watermelon is a success, it's okay to go straight to human experimentation. Yes. If it's good for a fruit then it's alright for me.

I agree.
You need to try a monkey first, THEN it's okay to go in.

3497027 can't be bothered changing it now

Meh, humans are related to monkeys so close enough, don't feel bad. :)

By the way, does he still have his clothes on except that they still fit his body?

3497105 didn't think that one through, I'm not sure :unsuresweetie:

Just curious because of the cover image.

3497168 I guess he still has the upper half of his clothes on in pony form


Love the story Nikola Tesla FTW let see wireless Electricity

Tesla has some balls, going into that machine without even testing with live animals first.

That escalated quickly.
No, seriously, this is going a little bit faster than expected...

FimFiction didn't tell me this updated. But I found it, yes sir I did.

It's chapter 2 and he already has help and a place to stay, and the Mane 6 didn't even dismissed him as some crazy pony. I know he is fucking awesome but he must have some sort of hypnotic device to make them believe him so easily without proof.

3501257 just wait for the next chapter and they'll start to see the more crazier side of him

twilight is going to wake up to a machine or an explosion isn't she

You should have said for him to look at your profile picture. Just saying.

Doubt he's going to drink the milk and instead use it as an experiment for his teleporter...

3524825 I wasn't planning on writing that, so I don't think he's going to use it as an experiment, sorry :twilightsheepish:

Damn... Oh well, guess he should get some sort of nutrition in his body...
Calcium helps grow bones and stuff.

tesla is going to accidentally blow something up, isn't he?

3524985 then wait i shall

p.s. tesla is my 4th favorite person

3525005 each new chapter i shall reveal one

so "You'll just have to wait and see" :trollestia:

Dude, if Pinkie could be trusted with delicate machinery, he could have this stuff done in no time.
Also, pony tech is weird, they have trains and even a huge dam, but the best way of communication is by letter and the best known weapons could easily be described as medieval. Also, ponies riding horse-drawn carriages. Actually, isn't the train horse-drawn as well?

3525729 I think one of the trains is horse drawn. When Tesla says that the technology is "all over the place", that's just my own little personal commentary on the technology in the show

Well, it kinda is. "We can magically seal away all kinds of malevolent beings, we have portable light sources that aren't flammable, and we can build things that allow non-winged being to fly, but fuck me if I can't send a message without writing it down first."

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