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The Original Mad Scientist in Equestria - Br0nyb0y123

Nikola Tesla creates a machine that malfunctions and teleports him to Ponyville, seeing that he has become an equine horse. Will he make it back home?

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Chapter 1: Electric Illusion

Colorado Springs, Colorado. 1912. A dark laboratory in the woods. The lab had chalkboards with mathematical equations on them, it had small electrical pieces littered around the place, and thousands of pieces of paper, with notes of experimental methods written on them. But the main object that stood out from all the other objects and pieces was the large machine in the lab, the machine was a pod with two large metal rods sticking out of the top, occasionally flashing a stream of electricity between the two rods. Nikola Tesla and his temporary assistant, Byron Mason were recharging the machine in order to attempt their next experiment, transporting a watermelon, from end of the room to the other, using the transporting pod of course,

"Excuse me, Mr. Tesla?" Byron asked the inventor.

"Yes, Byron" Tesla replied.

"What exactly are we attempting to do again, sir?" Byron asked once more.

"We're attempting to re-create the same experiment of transporting one object from one location to another, just simply with a watermelon this time" Tesla explained to his lab assistant.

"Why are we attempting the experiment the experiment with a fruit and not a wooden box or piece of metal this time?" Mason questioned.

"Because if this experiment works with the watermelon, Mason. Then we can finally see if this machine....." Nikola explained as he pointed to his invention, whilst still facing Mason, "....can transport humans"

"That can work?" Byron puzzled.

"That depends, Byron. You see, the watermelon has the same density structure to that of a human skull, so if we're able to transport the watermelon successfully from this end of the room to the other end of the room without any extreme consequences, then the chances of transporting a human can end successfully" Tesla added.

"That sounds amazing, Mr. Tesla" Byron complimented.

"Thank you, Byron" Tesla replied.

Tesla paced himself back and forth, rolled up his sleeves and placed his thumb and index finger on his chin, thinking of what the consequences would be if he transports a human from the flick of a switch. Tesla pondered to himself that the possibilities could be endless.Tesla had been working in this machine for five months, and hasn't slept in three whole days, his assistant, Byron, however, was allowed to go home to sleep and come back in the morning to help Tesla, and usually when Byron would return from the hotel he's staying in, there would be twice as many papers on the floor and three times as many equations on the black boards. Byron Mason met Nikola Tesla at a convention in North Dakota, when Tesla was showing off one of his new inventions at the time, Tesla learnt that Mason had a profound respect for him and Tesla offered Mason, who is a professional civil engineer, to work with him on the experiment he's currently working on, and much to Mason's surprise, he accepted Tesla's offer.

Tesla went over to the watermelon, picked it up and walked over to the pod with it, Mason opened the door for him and Tesla placed the watermelon gently inside the the pod and closed the door, sealing the watermelon in the pod. The door of the pod was made of thick glass, which the electricity can't penetrate through, the thick glass was also used for observing the teleportation of the object,

"OK, Byron, remember, if this experiment succeeds, then the human testing will most likely succeed as well" Tesla reminded his assistant.

"Yes, Mr. Tesla" Byron responded.

"Of you may, can you please get ready to flick the switch?" Nikola asked.

"Of course" Byron replied.

Byron walked over to the switch that was used to power the machine, it was at a ten foot safe pace away from the machine, so Byron wouldn't be able to get himself injured from an electrical shock at all,

"OK, on three, you flip the switch as always" Tesla said.

"OK" Byron replied.

"One....." Tesla paused.

"Two....." He paused once more.

"Three!" Tesla shouted.

Byron flicked the switch quickly and the electricity ran through the wires to the machine, through the metal rods and into the pod. Flickers of electricity ran inside the pod, through the watermelon and then finally a large flash of light appeared, leaving a vacuuming sound in it's place,

"Turn the machine off!" Tesla commanded.

Mason obeyed Tesla's instruction and quickly turned off the machine, the electricity died down along with the bright light inside the pod, once the light died down, Tesla looked inside the pod through the glass door to see that the watermelon disappeared, much to Tesla's expectations. He turned around to face the other side of the room, awaiting the watermelon to re-appear in that spot,

"Will it appear in the same place as the other objects?" Byron asked.

"Yes, I'm sure it will" Tesla replied, "In a few seconds I think"

Byron turned to face the same direction Tesla was facing, towards the other end of the room, to see the watermelon reappear there.

After three minutes, a bright surge of light occurred at the other side of the room, it crackled with electricity and beamed brighter and brighter until it made a small booming sound then the crackle and light died down. Tesla went over to the other side of the room and saw the watermelon in the place of the surge of light, the watermelon looked as if it was in the exact same condition it was when Tesla placed it in the machine, though Tesla himself wasn't to sure. Byron came over to the watermelon as well,

"Is it contagious?" Mason asked.

"Not quite sure, Byron" Tesla replied, "Lets check"

"OK, Mr. Tesla" Byron agreed.

Tesla put on gloves before picking up the watermelon and placed it on one of the many tables in the lab. Byron then got a large kitchen knife and passed it to Tesla, who then split the melon in half with the blade and then stuck a thermometer in the cut watermelon,

"Is there anything wrong with it?" Byron asked.

"Well, there is only one change in the watermelon" Tesla replied.

"What's the problem?" Byron asked.

"It's only three degrees colder than it's meant to be" Tesla explained.

"That's all?" Byron puzzled.

"That's all" Tesla replied.

"My God, Mr. Tesla, does that mean we start..." Byron started to say.

"Yes, Mr. Mason, the human experiments will begin" Nikola interrupted him before he could finish.

Byron placed his hand on his forehead,

"Oh my God, this is a miracle for Science, Mr. Tesla" Byron was overwhelmed.

"I know" Tesla said with confidence, "That's why we're starting the human experiments today"

"Mr Tesla, can we take a rest please, you need one as well, you've been working yourself out for hours" Byron tried to convince Tesla.

"Byron, listen to me, this is the final part of everything we've been working on, once we complete this final experiment, we will celebrate, I promise you" Tesla told his assistant.

"OK Mr. Tesla" Byron replied, "How will the the experiment plan out?"

"You're going to flick the switch whilst I'm in the pod, and we'll see if humans are capable of this kind of transportation" Nikola explained.

Byron had a sigh of confidence and took and took a deep breath, "OK, Mr. Tesla, lets do this"

Tesla and Mason both went over to the other side of the room, Mason went over to the switch of the machine, Tesla stood outside of the pod, feeling nervous yet optimistic about what the results may be. Tesla looked to his side at Mason, then he looked out the window further away, to see it was starting to rain, only very lightly though. Tesla stepped inside the machine, and rain went heavier, much to both Tesla and Mason's ignorance,

"Can you hear me from out there, Byron?" Tesla asked from inside the pod.

"I can, Mr. Tesla" Byron replied.

"OK" Tesla said before sighing, "Pull the switch please"

Byron pulled the switch and the electricity ran through the wires and to the machine, through the metal bars at the top of the pod and then inside the pod itself. The electricity didn't shock Tesla as the waves were very light, running through his body and giving him tingles through his bones.

Before Tesla was able to have his atoms moved from the pod to the other end of his lab, something bad happened. The rain outside has gotten into the electrical current outside the lab, which was connected to the switch that powered the pod.

As soon as Tesla just disappeared into thin air, the machine malfunctioned. Once Tesla disappeared, the machine broke and exploded, making Byron jump in fright,

"MR. TESLA!" Byron shouted.

Byron went up to the trashed pod and dug through the machine parts, but didn't find his boss' body. He searched for a good five minutes but found nothing, Byron then came to the conclusion that Tesla would reappear at the other end of the lab, he waited for about ten minutes, but Tesla didn't appear,

"I'm sorry Mr. Tesla" Byron spoke to himself.

A beautiful day in Ponyville, the Sun that Celestia had risen was shining off of the straw roofs of the cottages and sparkling against the lakes and rivers surrounding the town.

Behind the shops and small apartment complexes was an alleyway, an alleyway that hardly anyone went through as it was grimy and dirty and wet. A surge of light and a crackle of electricity came through in the alleyway, no one noticed, even when they walked passed, it was too far down the alleyway to see. The light and electric crackle fizzled away to reveal Nikola Tesla, who fell to his knees once he arrived in the new world.

He was sweating from his forehead and wiped his head with his hand, except it wasn't a hand anymore, it was a hoof. Tesla stood up and noticed he was on four legs, he started to become frightened,

"What is this?" He thought to himself in panic.

He tried to walked but stumbled onto the ground, not used to his new form. Nikola felt his face and noticed that he was no longer a human, but that of an equine horse. Instantly, he knew that he wasn't in Colorado Springs anymore, and didn't know where he was. He exited the alleyway, struggling to walk, he looked to see that everyone surrounding him where also equine horses, ranging from many different colors, some had wings and some had horns sticking out their forehead. He looked around until he saw a sign telling him where he is,

"Ponyville?" He questioned to himself as he came closer to the sign, "What kind of a place is this?"

He turned around and then saw a bright pink pony jump in front of his face, frightening him to high heaven,

"Well it's a very wonderful place!" The pink pony bounced around, "I just noticed you're new here, and I decided to speak to you because you looked confused and lonely and....."

Nikola was definitely terrified, not only has he been turned into a pony but now one was speaking to him. Tesla felt uncomfortably around this energetic pink pony,

"....but anyways, my name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but you can just call me...... PINKIE PIE!" The young pony introduced herself in a gleeful tone, "What's your name?"

"Stay away from me, fiend!" Tesla backed away.

"That's not very polite" The pony called Pinkie Pie said, "I just wanted to know your name"

Tesla backed up slowly and watched other ponies pass by him, looking at him as if he was crazy. He looked behind him and then galloped off, away from Pinkie Pie,

"Well, what a strange pony, maybe I should ask Twilight about him, she'll know what to do" Pinkie Pie said to herself as she galloped away.

Author's Note:

Sorry about any historical or scientific inaccuracies if there is any.

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