• Published 15th Nov 2013
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The Original Mad Scientist in Equestria - Br0nyb0y123

Nikola Tesla creates a machine that malfunctions and teleports him to Ponyville, seeing that he has become an equine horse. Will he make it back home?

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Chapter 3: It's all about the Science

It was a bright but cold day in Ponyville, the Sun was shining but the winds kept the heat away. Twilight had woken up from her slumber, her mane in a mess and feeling groggy. She looked down at her assistant, Spike who was sleeping in his smaller bed beside Twilight's, was snug and cozy, Twilight smiled at the sight of her dragon sleeping. Twilight stretched and yawned and got out of her bed, she approached her mirror and looked into it, at her reflection,

"Wow, my mane is a wreck just now, it's like I've dragged myself through a hedge" Twilight spoke to herself.

She magically opened her drawer and levitated out a brush and comb, and brushed her mane then combed it and put the brush and come back in her drawer,

"Much better" Twilight said as flicked her mane and got it sitting in her typical fringe.

She went downstairs and went over to her desk to try and finish a letter to Celestia she started the night before,

Dear Princess Celestia,

I do regret to inform you, but neither me or my

friends have learnt anything about friendship, but instead, we've seem

to have found a strange pony who says he is from an alternate world,

he is a very eccentric individual who is a bit ou

The letter finishes there, as Twilight isnt sure to describe Nikola, having just met him. Twilight doesn't know much about Tesla other than the fact that he seems rather intellectual but unstable. She isn't even exactly sure why she let him stay in her home, she kind of takes him as a bit of crazy pony, though Twilight is friends with Pinkie Pie and craziness pretty much surrounds her daily routine.

Twilight decided she wanted to make breakfast, not for herself, not just now anyways, but for her pet owl, Owlwiscous. She went over to a cupboard which had most her breakfast foods in there along with Spike's food and her pet owl's. Owlwiscous' diet mainly consists of mice and worms, so Twilight has a box of dead mice in the cupboard, and this is when being a Unicorn has its advantages so she doesn't have to touch the dead mouse and just use her magic to levitate to Owlwiscous' cage. Once she made it to the cage, she opened the cage door and placed the deceased rodent in her pet's cage.

Twilight thought if she wanted to ask Nikola if he wanted breakfast, she decided to see if he wanted breakfast. She made her way down the stairs that led to the basement, she opened the door that was at the end of the stairs, and inside she saw Tesla working on a large piece of machinery, and then placed the large piece into a much larger machine, fitting the piece into an empty space as if it was a piece fitting into a jigsaw puzzle. The machine was unlike anything Twilight had seen before, it was large and a scary looking, she felt uncomfortable around it,

"Nikola, what the hell is that?"

"Oh, Miss Sparkle" Tesla said as he realized Twilight was standing at the door, "This is a um....machine I made last night"

"How the f..." Twilight almost cursed, "Where did you get the parts to make this?"

"In that cardboard box over there..." Tesla pointed out.

"Wait, that was just bits of scrap metal, don't tell me you just made this out of the scrap in the box?" Twilight was stunned.

"No, I went round to a scrap yard as well, got some metal and other bits and bobs there" Tesla replied.

"Wait, you did this all last night? You went to the junk yard last night? Did you not get any sleep?" Twilight asked.

"To answer all your questions, Miss Sparkle. Yes, I did this all last night. I did go into the junk yard and no, I did not get any sleep" Tesla answered as he continued to add another extra piece to the machine.

Twilight wanted to get angry at Tesla, but she couldn't. The machine was too grand for her to get mad at Nikola, she was highly impressed with the machine,

"Does it work?" Twilight asked with curiousity.

"Partially" Tesla replied.

"Partially?" Twilight questioned.

"Yes, the machine can transport objects from one place to another, however, it can only transport small objects..." Tesla began to explain.

"Example?" Twilight asked.

"I don't know, something like a tea cup, or a pencil" Nikola replied, "Something among those boundaries"

"Still, this is brilliant, you've able to transport an object without Magic" Twilight praised.

"Miss Sparkle, it's not about the Magic, it's all about the Science" Tesla replied.

"Magic is more powerful than Science, Nikola" Twilight said.

Tesla laughed sarcastically at her comment,

"Magic? More powerful than Science? You're talking rubbish" He said.

"I am not. You see, Nikola, Science isn't as powerful because there isn't as many uses for it as there is for Magic" Twilight told him.

"That's because all of you ponies have seemed to rely more on Magic and simple ways to live rather than trying new things with Science, which is exactly why my machine can't work as well I was hoping it to be" Tesla replied.

Twilight thought about his reply and she was intrigued of how his machine couldn't work as well,

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I mean, your people's technology isn't as advanced as it is in my home world, it seems to be all over the place, if you get my idea. My machine needs a strong electrical pulse, which is how I was able to transport much larger objects in my home world from one place to another, and it generated a much more powerful and larger pulse and transported me here, and that pulse is something your world doesn't have yet" Tesla told her, "I was able to create the electrical pulse in my home world and..."

"So, how come you're not able to create it in this world?" Twilight interrupted and asked.

"Well, Twilight, it took me seven months of my precious life to get it created in my world, and as you can see, I'm a horse now, it's going to take me much longer to get it created in the form I'm in" Tesla replied.

"But you managed to create this, last night" Twilight said as she pointed to the machine whilst still facing Tesla.

"Well, Miss Sparkle, this machine is simple compared to the large pulse. It took me nine hours to make this machine in this pony form" Tesla explained as he pointed to himself, "It only took me three and a half hours to make this in my home world"

Twilight decided not to continue on this conversation as she thought it would end up in a heated argument between the much more intelligent inventor, so she changed the topic,

"Well, the reason I came down here is because I was going to ask you if you want any breakfast?" She asked.

"No thank you, Twilight" Tesla replied.

"Are you sure?" Twilight asked.

Tesla thought for a minute if he was hungry or not, and then made his decision,

"Actually, can I get a glass of milk, if you have any, please?" Tesla asked.

"Of course. Is that all?" Twilight made sure.

Tesla nodded at her to confirm,

"OK then" Twilight said as she exited the room and made her way up stairs.

She desperately needs to tell her friends about what Tesla has made.

Author's Note:

My humble apologies if my stupid dialogue doesn't make any sense. Also, if you see any spelling errors, bad grammar or missing words, please let me know.

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