• Published 15th Nov 2013
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The Original Mad Scientist in Equestria - Br0nyb0y123

Nikola Tesla creates a machine that malfunctions and teleports him to Ponyville, seeing that he has become an equine horse. Will he make it back home?

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Chapter 2: Welcome to Equestria

Tesla hid himself in another alleyway, thinking of how he ended up in this strange world, he knew the machine back in his lab was malfunctioning as soon as he disappeared but he never would've thought it could transport him to a different world and change his appearance,

"OK, this can't be possible, horses can't talk, and I'm not even a horse, I'm just going to think I've passed out and this is all just a strange dream, I just need to wake up" Tesla spoke to himself.

Tesla rubbed his forehead with his hoof, it felt weird for him. He thinks that if he punches himself in the face, then he'll wake up. So he hit himself in the face. And did it again. And again. And again. Nothing changed, except Nikola's face started to hurt a little. He leaned on the wall nearest to him and slumped onto the ground like a half-filled sack, he sighed in annoyance and started to slam his arm against the wall behind repeatedly,

"DAMN IT!" He shouted.

He seethed his teeth in anger, and looked over to the way leading out of the alley, where several ponies were passing by, some even looking into the alley, glancing at the angry Serbian-American inventor. Tesla regained his cool and relaxed against the wall, closed his eyes, and just gave in to the fact that he couldn't wake up, because he was already awake in this world

Tesla continued to relax on the wall until he heard a voice from around the corner, the voice got louder as the seconds went by, meaning the pony was heading closer toward the alleyway, the voice sounded familiar, it was squeaky and quite high pitched, it was Pinkie Pie,

"So Twilight, he was all grumpy and he called me a fiend" the pink mare said, "He looked awfully confused as well"

Tesla recognised the voice and sighed,

"Oh no, please. No" he begged.

Pinkie continued to talk to what Tesla thought were her friends, he already knew this was going to end badly. Pinkie Pie along with her friends, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy passed by the alleyway, but Rainbow Dash floated back to see the depressed Tesla against the wall,

"Yo, Pink!" She called out, "Is this the dude? He has a moustache and looks well groomed as you said"

Pinkie and the rest of her friends went back to Rainbow Dash and all looked down the alleyway to see the now not caring Nikola. Pinkie's friends looked at her, awaiting her response to Rainbow Dash's question,

"That's him" Pinkie said.

The six mares approached the ponified inventor in the alleyway, and Twilight asked,

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Funny, now that's the second horse that's spoken to me" Tesla said to himself.

"I beg your pardon?" Twilight asked.

"I created a machine that transported me to a different universe, now I'm a horse and I'm speaking to horses" Nikola replied calmly to Twilight.

Twilight looked Tesla in confusion, then she looked at her friends, who were just as surprised as her, and she shrugged,

"Em... I came here to ask you to apologise to my friend for calling her a fiend, please" Twilight said.

"I mean, horses can't talk, right?" Tesla continued from his last sentence as he stood up from the ground.

Twilight and her friends became slightly more baffled than ever at Nikola, somehow the apology Pinkie was hoping to get didn't matter anymore,

"Darling, are you alright?" Rarity asked, "Are you lost?"

"Oh, for Christ's sake, I'm fifty-six years old and I'm getting asked if I'm lost as if I'm some fucking child" moaned Tesla.

"Mind yer language, hon" Applejack told Tesla.

Tesla sighed, "I'm sorry, Miss. And also to you, Miss Pie, I apologise for calling you that name" Tesla politely apologised as he tried to get passed the six female ponies, "Now if you'll excuse me, I need figure out how I'm going to get home"

He walked passed them and made his way out the alleyway. Twilight looked at her friends in complete and utter surprise. How could a pony not know he's a pony at fifty-six years old? Why was he yammering on about alternate worlds? And finally, why was he surprised that ponies could talk? It surprised all six of the ponies, so Twilight being as curious as she usually is decided to try and figure it out, she went out the alleyway, her friends followed,

"Excuse me, Mister!" She called out.

Tesla who was halfway down the sidewalk, stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Twilight,

"Listen, I think I can help you!" Twilight shouted from thirty feet away, "You just need to come with me"

Tesla stood quietly to think of answer, would he rather wander this strange world he isn't used to, or would he rather try and find a way to get back to his own world? He chose the latter.

Tesla and the six mares were now at Twilight's library/home, and Tesla is trying to describe how he managed to end up in Equestria,

"Can you please repeat that?" Fluttershy asked quietly and shyly.

"Pardon me, Miss?" Tesla couldn't hear.

"Sorry, she's a little bit shy around new ponies" Rainbow Dash said to him, "She asked if you could repeat again, please?"

"Of course" Tesla replied, "OK, so I created a machine, a pod of sorts that allows me to move one object from the pod to another location. The first experiments were successful, the machine was able to transport simple solid objects, like metals and woods, we then moved onto doing the experiment with a watermelon before testing it out on people, just because the watermelon has the same density structure as a skull, the melon transported successfully without any negative consequences what so ever. Then it was on to people experiments, and I was at the right place at the wrong time. I volunteered to try the experiment out myself, but malfunctioned once I was in it, the malfunction had created a powerful surge of electricity, much more powerful than it was intended to be. The surge was meant to transport me to the other end of my lab, but instead I was transported to here and the thing I don't know is how my appearance was changed" Tesla explained.

"I think I have a book somewhere about trans-dimensional traveling" Twilight said, "Spike! Can you come here please?"

The baby dragon Spike came into the main lobby of the library where Tesla, Twilight and the rest were,

"Yes Twilight?" Spike asked.

Tesla then got startled at the sight of the dragon, he has never seen one before, so he was surprised. Nikola backed away towards a book shelf and pointed at Spike,

"What the hell is that?" Tesla questioned.

"Who, me?" Spike asked, "You never seen a dragon before, buddy?"

"Dragons? They exist in this world? Aren't they meant to be fearsome monsters?" Nikola asked.

"Most of them are" Spike muttered to himself, crossing his arms, and knowing the fact that he isn't as monstrous as other dragons.

"You don't need to worry about Spike. He's just a little sweetheart" Rarity said.

Spike smiled and shrugged, "Thanks Rarity" he blushed, "But anyways. You called for me, Twilight?"

"Oh yes" Twilight realised, "Can you get me that book on trans-dimensional travelling please?"

"Sure thing, Twilight" Spike replied.

Spike went over to the wheeled ladder and moved it over to the section labeled T-V, he climbed up the ladder and took the book out of one of the shelves and slid down the ladder and went to Twilight and handed it to her,

"Thanks Spike" Twilight said.

"You're welcome, Twilight" Spike replied.

Spike leaned over to Twilight to whisper in her ear,

"Who's the dude with moustache?" Spike quietly asked.

"You know what, I don't actually know" Twilight replied, "Excuse me, mister. I don't believe we got your name" Twilight said to Tesla.

"Oh yes, my name is Nikola Tesla" Tesla introduced his name.

"Nikola what-what?" Pinkie asked.

"Tes. La" Nikola replied to the pinkette slowly.

"Oh, OK" Pinkie said.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Tesla. As you probably heard from Spike, I'm Twilight. Twilight Sparkle. Pinkie already introduced herself to you earlier" Twilight said.

"Hello" Pinkie said.

"My name is Rainbow Dash" RD said.

"I'm Rarity. It is good to meet you as well Mr. Tesla" Rarity added.

"Name's Applejack, Nikola" She introduced herself as she raised her hoof, expecting a hoof shake.

Tesla looked at her hoof and felt like he was slightly cringing, Tesla hates to shake hand, it's apart of his OCD, he also has a strong disliking of jewellery and round objects. He seethed and teeth and said,

"Sorry, Miss Jack, but I don't like to shake hands....I mean hooves, I'm going to decline you hoof shake, sorry" Tesla politely apologised.

"Oh that's OK" Applejack replied.

Tesla looked at all the ponies and noticed they all had strange names, and the ponies themselves thought his name was strange as well. He noticed he hasn't learned all the ponies names, he looked at all the ponies once again, and noticed that one name he hasn't learnt was the small yellow Pegasus' one, Tesla went over to Fluttershy and greeted her,

"Hello, I'm Nikola. What's your name?" He asked politely.

"I'm Fluttershy" she said really quietly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that" Tesla replied.

"I'm....I'm Fluttershy" she spoke much louder.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Fluttershy" Nikola smiled.

Fluttershy felt happy and gave him a small smirk, still as shy as she usually is. Tesla turned back to face Twilight and said to her,

"Should we look in that book?"

Twilight nodded, "Yes, we should"

Twilight opened the book and flipped through a few pages as Tesla waited for her response. Twilight stopped at a certain page and then asked Tesla,

"Nikola, can you come here please?"

"What is it?" Tesla asked.

"There is nothing in this book that says anything about dimension jumping with electricity, however, you can dimension travel with magic, if you know the right spell" Twilight explained.

"Magic?" Tesla questioned in a joking tone.

"Yes, magic. Why is that so hard to believe?" Twilight asked.

"Twilight. Magic is illusion, it's a game of trickery and wits" Tesla replied.

"Ah, but in my world, it's real, there is no tricks or wits about it. It is real, pure magic" Twilight told him, "I don't think it's possible to transport a person with science anyways"

"That's funny, because they said that in my world, and I managed to make it possible" Tesla nonchalantly replied to her.

"Whatever" Twilight shrugged, "But anyways the book says that you can't teleport home because all the spells names have been forgotten or lost"

"Damn it" Tesla exclaimed, "Guess I'm going to be stuck here for a while until I can recreate my machine and experiment"

"Where are ya gonna stay?" Applejack asked.

"Don't know" Tesla replied.

Tesla placed his hoof under his chin and tried to think of where to stay,

"Is there any hotels around?" Nikola asked.

"That wouldn't be any use, darling" Rarity said, "You don't have any money, do you?"

"Shit, you're right, Miss Rarity" Tesla realised he didn't have any of his dollars, which wouldn't be useful as the ponies currency is bits.

"Well, you're welcome to stay in my home for the time being" Rarity told him.

"Thank you for the offer, Miss Rarity, but I also plan to conduct experiments in the place I'm staying, and I might be a burden on you" Tesla explained.

Rarity thought about his reply and agreed not to let him stay at her home. The other ponies thought of reasons of how Tesla couldn't stay at their homes,

"You can't stay at my home because its pretty far of the ground" Rainbow Dash told him.

"There's no space in mah house, sorry Nikola" Applejack apologised.

"My landlords, so to speak, wouldn't allow it" Pinkie said.

"My home is really small and I have a lot of pets that don't neccessarily like other ponies" Fluttershy explained to him.

Tesla wasn't bothered by their excuses, whether if they were truthful or lies. He itched his moustache with his hoof and thought of what Byron is doing in his own world,

"You can stay here if you want" Twilight said, "I have space in my basement where can sleep"

"Yeah...sleep" Tesla said remembering his bad sleeping habits, "Do you like I would be able to conduct experiments down there as well?"

"You can try, technology wouldn't be considered advanced enough for conducting the kind of experiment your plan to do" Twilight said.

"It wouldn't be considered advanced in my world either, yet I'm still able to do it" Nikola replied.

"Fine" Twilight smiled.

It was now night time in Ponyville, every pony was in their homes and a lot of them were asleep. Twilight went downstairs along with Nikola to the basement, she opened the door and the basement was in a bit of a mess, there was cardboard boxes with pieces of metal, Hearth's Warming decorations and old photos in them, there was also a chair there and the room didn't have any lamps but instead the room was drunk in neon lights,

"Well, welcome to your new room for just now, Nikola" Twilight said.

"Thank, Miss Sparkle. I very much appreciate it" Tesla thanked.

"It's the least I can do" Twilight smiled, "Sorry, but there's only a chair instead of a bed here, hope you don't mind that"

"Nah, it's fine" Tesla said, "Thanks again, Twilight"

Twilight stretched and yawned, "Well, I'm going to bed, Nikola. See you in the morning"

"Goodnight, Twilight" Tesla said.

"Oh, and one last thing" Twilight realised.

"What?" Tesla questioned.

"Welcome to Equestria"

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