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Kyle Slater was your typical soldier in the Alliance army. He was one of the few Human monks, but aside from that there was nothing truly remarkable about him. However, when the Iron Horde began their initial invasion of Azeroth, the unstable Dark Portal hurled Kyle across the universe to an uncharted world.

This strange new world appeared friendly and inviting, but dark forces threatened its safety. Facing a familiar foe he had hoped to be defeated, Kyle was forced to rely on his strength and wits to survive. Still, he was a soldier of the Alliance. This wouldn't be a problem. He was prepared for anything.

Except, perhaps, colorful talking Ponies.


World of Warcraft crossover

Beware the comments - They contain spoilers.

First Fic attempt. Please let me know what you think and where I need to improve.

Featured 10-29-2014! Holy cow, you guys are awesome!

Goodfic Bin approved!

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I've not read this yet, but I most definitely will! :yay:

Well, it's finally an Alliance story, and finally not a Death Knight.

It's like double victory on your part!

This is pretty good, so far! Keep it up!

(and to think, at first I was worried when you used the Chieftans of the Iron Horde...)

4237872 Yeah, I know the picture doesn't really relate to the story, but I couldn't find a decent picture of a human monk (Or a pony monk, for that matter.) and I thought that it looked cool.

So i guess he went to Siege of Orgrimmar?:applejackunsure:

Comment posted by Firestar463 deleted Apr 29th, 2014

The Horde have started every Fight with the Alliance so far in Warcraft history. They harbor the last active remnant of the scourge's power.

If she had really saw his memories, she'd be less curious and more wary. At least, imo.

Keep it up!

This is a good story I shall be keeping my eye on it

Ahh, Warcraft's version of the Seven Deadly Sins. From the continent that brought us the most condescending Panda Bears in existence.

"Oh, Alliance soldiers! You are fighting for the wrong reasons; you should fight for Home, and family!"

"..." *stab*

It's not like the Alliance was created for that purpose when there was a legion of Greenskins pillaging their way across Lordaeron.

Regardless of some of my gripes about Pandaria, keep up the good work, mate!

You know, Monks still amuse me. Using your fists to punch a fully armored Kor'kron Warrior or Knight of the Silver Hand to death seems silly to me.

4359622 well its the concussive force being delivered by the blow that does the damage and with enough training it is actually doable, also the chi help protect the limb from damaging itself

4359622 The original monks in earth history designed their fighting style to do exactly that. They were extremely poor and incapable of buying the armor and weapons needed to defend themselves from raiders and thieves while helping the local villages. So they made their bodies the weapons, and won far more often than not

I wonder what Twilight wrote down about his teeth

Anyone ever notice useally biased on either the horde or alliance players

4369045 The reason being that the characters in WoW Fanfics generally either come from the Alliance or the Horde. Think about how much sense it would make for a Human, raised in the Alliance for all of his life, to feel sympathy for the Horde and not hate them for sacking Stormwind, raiding all of the Eastern Kingdoms, etc. Especially if said Human is a soldier in the Alliance Army, which has spent all of MoP and a good part of Cata fighting directly with the Horde.

Personally, I've played this game for close to three years now, and played just about equal amounts on both factions. I understand the viewpoints and positions of both sides, but for the sake of this story I'm looking at it from an Alliance-heavy view.

Also, quick update, I just started a new job and training started the day I posted CH. 8, so I haven't had the chance to even start Ch. 9. Sorry, it'll be a while longer.

K wonder what would happen if a worgen showed they would all run awy screaming probally

Why would a Pony have the name "Hand Brake"?

4420188 ... DOH! Altered the name.

I hope you just go the route that Scoots parents are poor not abusive or drunks, you know break the norm

You know, I've spent some time thinking about what the opposite of magic would be in Warcraft. The Light? The lore states that, unlike magic, a Paladin/Priest harnesses their inner will and faith (albeit, in different ways - a Paladin is more 'specialized' in it, as it were), and, in the Tillers Short Story and in previous Warcraft works, Light users are shown to be able to counter magic, and, in the case of Humans, many Paladins/Priests (during the Second War era, at least) are shown to be rather intolerant towards Dalaran/Magi. The Sha of Faith would be quite the irony :P.

On the other hand, Death Knights are supposedly a strong counter to magic as well. Creating anti magic zones and shields to counter act magic of any form that they come in contact with. Perhaps the opposite of Magic is Death? That would be ironic, of course, considering that the Death Knight is kept 'alive' by powerful necromantic magics. Sha of Death does have a nice ring to it, but Death is less an emotion but a state of not being. Of course, Magic is not an emotion either...

The Blood Elves have created anti-magic warriors through magic as well, in the Spellbreakers. Again, using powerful magic to counteract magic, and not exactly the 'opposite'.

Maybe the only real counter/opposite to Magic is Magic. After all, it seems, unless there's a Sha made out of robot parts and Technology, the only that seems to beat magic is magic.

So whats the opposite of friendship?

4453763 I'd have to agree that in the Warcraft-verse, Magic is its own opposite, simply because it's so varied. Frost vs Fire magic, Nature vs Fel/ Unholy, etc. Technology is another semi-counter, but more because of what it isn't rather than what it is.

Of course, the Pony-verse is an entirely different story. I have the final Sha already planned (Of course ;) ), but I'll leave it up for speculation.

For now.

4453827 So far, ponyland has been playing by Warcraft rules, or, at least, does in some way, since Celestia is thanking the Titans.

I mean, if it had it's own rules, would a Monk's power necessarily work, even though he does not use magic? Or a Paladin, who does not use magic either? What if a Mage was in Equestria; a Mage whom draws his power from the innate magic in the air and Leylines. Would Equestra be the same? Or could, say, an Earth Pony be able to learn any of those three, since the methods/techniques/faith/casting requirements are different.

4453925 Whether Equestria / Equuis does play by Warcraft's rules in this story is still up for debate. The way I'm setting things up is that, as a Windwalker, Kyle draws his power from two sources. The first is from himself - the energy that he has himself, fueling his physical strikes and such. The other source is Chi, the life force that permeates all life (I took a bit of inspiration from the Force from Star Wars and magic from the Inheritance Cycle for how Chi works). This Chi fuels his 'magic', like Crackling Jade Lightning and Spinning Fire Blossom, and is a universal force. So long as there is life, there is Chi, and therefore it can be harnessed.

Mages, on the other hand, have a deep focus on Mana, and also on the leylines that criss-cross Azeroth. How Equestria's leyline system (Or potential lack thereof) works may affect how magic fueled by mana works.

As for the Earth Pony / Pegasus learning how to use this kind of magic... well, keep an eye on Scootaloo and let's see what happens ;)

In a story I am writing, the opposite of Magic is defined as Order. Specifically, Magic is the power to make the rules of the universe bend to the will of sentient beings, and Order is the power to enforce consistent rules that affect everything equally. (In that particular cosmogeny there's a connection between Magic and Chaos, explaining why Discord is so damn powerful, and Harmony is what ponies worship rather than Order because Harmony is not the absence of chaos, but chaos controlled by order, and Harmonic magic involves harnessing the primal chaotic force of magic through willpower and systems of rules, aka spells.)

However, for purposes of your story, Magic's opposite might best be defined as Antimagic; something like Tirek that drains magic and grows strong from it, but does not actually then turn around and use it as magic like Tirek did. It just feeds, the way the Sha of Greed fed on Filthy Rich's greed. If it's smart, it will target Trixie, not an alicorn -- Twilight and the other alicorns are all smart enough to realize that if something is eating magic, don't directly use magic against it, but Trixie would likely keep throwing more magic at it in an attempt to subdue it, thus falling right into its trap.

If Friendship is Magic, that means that the Sha that corresponds to Magic also corresponds to Friendship. The opposite of friendship is enmity (The extreme ill will or hatred that exists between enemies). Boom. Sha of Enmity.

Poor Kyle... Gonna suck for him

Can't even cheat and start at Karazhan, either!

(All of Azeroth's leylines run beneath Karazhan, which is why Medivh picked it for his Tower, for those who didn't know.)

mmmhm this is gonna be......interesting:moustache:

So, which Sha shall this be. Hmmm.

Will anyone else from horde or alliance be coming through I'd find a worgen image coming through ponys would freak out

4522231 I've toyed with the idea of having someone else come through. I'm going to say no for now, since the method Kyle used to get through is so unstable and erratic, but who knows what the future holds?

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Comment posted by poisonicefire deleted Jun 10th, 2014
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Isn't first part the name supposed to be Matthias instead of Kyle if the dream was of him dream/premination of his brother finally waking up

4523213 Got rid of a few comments of yours. Please use the edit comment feature in the future instead of posting several comments in a row.

As for your question, I left it in Kyle's name on purpose because, while it was from Matthias's point of view, Kyle was also seeing it and feeling it in his dream.

Interesting. Read Later for now!

actually makes a lot of sense.
Who better to serve deceit than changelings.
And maybe even treachery, though that one is a bit more of a gray area. If the espoused reasons for the attempt to take over Canterlot at the wedding is to be believed, and there is absolutely no reason to doubt it, Chrysaliss is loyal to her hive, and there is also no reason to suspect the hive is anything but loyal back.

Hmn, ya know despair and/or cruelty would make a lot of sense with Sombra's backstory. Not directly involved maybe, but the two evils certainly were strong during his reign of crystal empire.

As for the final sha - I'm calling dibs on it being animosity.

get it cause Scootaloo rides a scooter

This chapter in a nutshell.

But seriously, it matched up pretty much perfectly with my WoW crossover canon which I'm never going to write.:twilightsheepish:

Welp, that solves the Mystery of what the opposite of friendship is. Which now begs the question: Why the hell are they wondering what Magics' opposite is, when they should have thought about what the opposite of what magic represents?

Hatred technically should have been obvious as the opposite of Friendship. This is one of those 'Should have seen it coming' moments

So I was listening to this while reading this chapter.

I have to admitt I've not played WoW in years and I've not cleared any raids, I was always more of an RP player.
But after finnishing the 4th chapter you have earned my like and fav^^
Keep up the good work

4319881 Remember they stated that Kyle is only 25 years old meaning he can't have seen every battle, and what he knows of prior wars he has either read in books or heard from someone else making the information biased by the one who tells it.
And Celestia might be curious to see why the horde has done what they have done

4522335 IF someone would try it the same way Kyle did I bet it would be Matthias, being worried about his brother and all I mean, though it would be kinda funny to have a small group of both Alliance and Horde races to come in to find Kyle

4613256 Funny little tidbit, My original idea for the story was going to be us following a group of five Alliance soldiers who got zapped to Equestria because their mage mucked up a Time Warp and Portal spell while under stress. I decided to go with a single human because A) easier to keep track of, B) allows for more personalized development, and C) The whole Sha thing felt a lot better when it was just one person versus an entire party.

Chapter 16 in development. Stay tuned. Also might be looking for an editor to help me out if anyone is interested.

4612667 If he's 25, he was born in the same year as the Fall of Stormwind. Stormwind trains it's kids at a young age to learn how to fight, so let's say he's at least out and about by 16 (even if we stretch it to 18, he doesn't miss much in the Eastern Kingdoms in those two years, Horde wise). He spent his childhood in Lordaeron if he was a Stormwind native, at the least, so he was witness as a young child to the Orcish Hordes depravities in Lordaeron as they pillaged their way across the countryside.

That means the Horde bullshit he was witness to as an adult:

The Rise of the Forsaken and the beginning of their atrocities against Humanity,
The Warsong/Horde's reinvasion of Ashenvale,
The invasion of Stromgarde's (an Alliance member after Lordaeron's fall) sovereign territories (Arathi Basin),
He'd cross the Dark Portal and get to see how the Orcs screwed their own homeland,
Both the battle at the Wrathgate and the Forsaken's backstabbing, and then some good ol' fashioned Orc stupidity at the Broken Front,
The Horde launching a war of aggression in the wake of the Cataclysm in Ashenvale, Hillsbrad, Gilneas and Tol Barad,
The Horde essentially dropping a Mana-Nuke on Theramore (imagine what a manabomb would do to ponies! Even it's powered down form could wipe out Canterlot, since they all run on magic!),
The invasion of Pandaria (where the Alliance fleet rode in to save the Pandaren, according to Alliance questing).

I won't blame the rest of the Horde for the madness we (the player characters/faction leaders) get to witness beneath Orgrimmar, as, by that point, the Horde player character and the majority of the non-Orcs have turned on Garrosh. And, as you'll notice, there's two races in particular that make the entirety of the Horde into a bunch of warmongering jerkbags who seem to have a boner for murder.

The Horde have literally spent the entirety of WoW screwing over everything they touch, and I'm kind of annoyed it all gets dumped at Garrosh's feet. The Forsaken were allowed to build the plague under Thrall. The Warsong got away with attacking the Sentinels in Ashenvale under Thrall.

The Orcs haven't changed at all since Warcraft 2. They cheered in the streets when Night Elves were skinned alive by the Twilight's Hammer (even though they didn't know it was the Twilight's Hammer). They are a race of alien invaders who, for some reason, managed to get the rest of Azeroth to think they belong a spot on Azeroth.

If I was an Alliance soldier, I'd be pissed the Varian didn't seize the moment and finish the fight once and for all. The Skyfire was in the sky above Orgrimmar, he had the best of the best of all of the Alliance in Orgrimmar, Dark Irons drilling in via Mole Machines... and he walked out.

Anyways, /rant off. Even from Kyle's memories, I wouldn't want anything to do with the Horde.

EDIT: Here's the most up to date Warcraft Timeline, if anyone was curious.


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