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Hello! I am a new writer in general and not just on FiMFiction. I have started my first story Remembrance and I have published it. I will work on it and add new chapters regularly.


Shortly after Twilight's coronation and ascension to the throne, Canterlot is yet again invaded by a horde of changelings, yet again led by Chrysalis. Twilight barely escapes the scene with her life. 10 years later, she wakes up not knowing who she is or what role she plays in this world. All she knows from a cryptic note she left for herself is her name and some other information about her friends. With her mentor dead and her friends gone, Twilight sets out on a quest to remember her life, her friends and what happened on that fateful day, for memories are powerful things. They can save Equestria. With the elements and the world against her, she has to be careful, as she cannot lose her sanity again. For if she does, Equestria will no longer have its desperately needed hero.

With renewed writing skills, I will be reworking existing content and eventually plan to finish this.

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Wait. Someone actually favorited it? Jeez! I thought that my first writing would never get attention!

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3051465 Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think that this would get the minimal attention it already has!


Your welcome! I added it to my favorites to btw its just really really good!:pinkiehappy:

3051576 Great! I thought that only a couple friends would read it.


I'm still having trouble making one hmmm maybe a bubble berry and rainbow blitz one? or something hmm.......... anyway i'm sure lots of other people will read it soon? Ohh!!! do you like cupcakes? *offers bothmuffins and cupcakes and cakes* You get to pick its to celebrate your frist favorite and reads!!!! *grins* :pinkiehappy:

3051615 Whichever. I submitted it to Equestria Daily. Spent about 3 hours editing it so it'd be ready for it. It's just a waiting game now to see whether they like it.


"Good luck!!" *hands cake that's shaped like the moon and says congrats on your first favorite and a another follower!!* :pinkiesmile:

You got me hooked I cant wait to read the rest good job

3091544 That's good to hear. Sorry, may take a while because I'm running it through with an editor at the moment! When I'm sure it's tip-top and ready to be submitted to Equestria Daily (Because I'm going to), I'll get the updates moving.

Hmm... I think my editor went on vacation or something, cause not a lot has happened for quite a while...

Sorry it's not updated yet. My editor went on some sort of break so now I'm trying to get a new one. I got other projects in the works while I wait though as well, look around Christmas.

Why did she feel the need to cast the Mirror spell? it seemed she just wanted to find a way out of caverns, she didn't need a mirror, did she?

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