• Published 20th Mar 2016
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Why so VG? - dereturd

Vanoss and Delirious starts rough in Equestria. And gets even more rough.

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Gay-min Pt.2

"Where the hell am I?"

A red earth pony who is a stallion with upright spiky black and white hair sat up. On his flank had a symbol of two badass fonted letters in caps-V and G. He was in a middle of a forest he assumed considering there was herbal life surrounding him.

Yet again he was worried.

Sure enough he thought he was dreaming. He remembered he was just sleeping on his bed right after he rendered a video of his.

He stood up on two legs, the first step he took he tripped. Face first.

"Ok now I'm fucking.. Wait.." He paused.

He raised his legs to look at his hooves. HOOVES. The worst part is that he was a fucking horse. Out of every animal there could be he'd take a category of any bird. But anything but horses. He noticed his shades as well. He grabbed them and glanced at it before wearing it directly.

"How did my eye mask turn into shades?" He wore it and shrugs.

But there was minimal things that could make him nonetheless happier. He realized his body or lower body felt a little heavy. He dipped his hoof near his flank to only get a Combat MG from his crotch.

"Oh sweet! My weapons!" He said out loud.

He assumed that he wasn't dreaming, when he tripped he felt pain. His muzzle was the one to get hurt mostly. But since He just knew he had his GTA V weapons, he had to try it out.

He pulled out a pistol and aimed it towards his head. He pulled the trigger.

You commited suicide.

He respawned at his previous spot and glared at the puddle of his blood.

"HELP HELP!!" A voice yelled repeatedly.

He perked up as he followed the trail of the voice. It came from the east. No. The northeast. Wait. Was it the east? Damn he was confused. He kept on wandering until he stopped by when the voice was practically hearable and close to him.

Unintentionally, he put his hoof by his chin and looked upwards to be greeted by a blue stallion who was a pegasus which had brown emo mane and blue eyes with a white hockey mask strapped by his face along with red small stripes by the cheeks and forehead. He also had a tatoo of some sort as a symbol of a mask.

"Vanoss?" The pegasus asked.

"I ain't taking chances." He drew out his AP Pistol and shot the pegasus, killing him.

He sheathes his handgun and continued to wander a bit.

For a while now he found the edge of the forest. He quickly trotted to it as to see it was a cliff. By the west of his side was a small road sloped down towards the small town.

"Oh God.. Fuck no.." Evan paused, glancing at the beautiful but horrible view on Ponyville.

"Hey man-"


Vanoss tripped and fell down the cliff, sure it was a small height but he crashed with almighty pain.

"Ahh.. Fuck.." He muttered. Delirious slid down the cliff and to Vanoss.

"Wow man, karma." He laughed as he reached out a hoof.

"Yeah right." Vanoss said lowly, grabbed his hoof and got up.

Vanoss noticed his wings and looked at it.

"You have wings, why won't you use it?" This led to Delirious confused, eyes widened. He looked at his sides and he was right. Two small blue wings folded and closed together.

With no response, he started to flap. With little effort, he was already inches from the earth. Vanoss just chuckled and shoved him which led Delirious to fall down violently.

"My turn to help you up." He said smirking as he reached out a hoof like Delirious did.

"Fuck you." Was all Delirious could say after grabbing his hoof and stood.

"Still, though. Where the hell are we?" Vanoss asked.

"Does it look like I fuckin' know bitch?" Delirious said back.

Two figures from above started to freefall, one was white and the other was night blue or navy blue is what they thought. The figures landed roughly as smoke arise from the ground and upwards. The two coughed and closed their eyes. They opened their eyes again in awe to meet two tall ponies with wings and horns.

"Who are you both?" Vanoss asked.

"Fear us not. We are harmless so to speak." The blue one spoke. While Delirious giggled thinking about Yoda.

Holy shit on a stick, it can talk.

"We are the ones to summon you in this world. We have seen great power both you and your friends." The white one said.

"Hear us out. We are the princesses of this realm. She is my sister and her name is Luna," Luna waved her hoof. "she controls the moon and night. She can hear and read what you think."

"She is my tia. Celestia. Princess Celestia." She pointed towards her sister.

"I control the sun. We have gathered you here to prevent a war from happening." She pulled out her hoof towards Delirious.
"Will you comply?" She asked.

"Fuck no bitch. We have no intention of listening to both of you." Vanoss angrily said, pulling out his pistol from his groin as he shot Delirious and himself.

That was unreal.

A pool of blood started to leak and cover the green colorful grass. The two sisters bowed their heads in what they witnessed. Death by themselves?

The duo respawned yet again in the forest. High-fived (or hoof-high?) and laughed.

"Got 'em!" Vanoss said.

"Let's wander somewhere to a city then." Delirious declared as Vanoss agreed. Before continuing Vanoss stepped on some sort of paper. He read it, after he just puts it in his crotch. Shrugs and left the scene.

"I dunno man. Probably back at the forest." Delirious assumed.

"Lets check it out then." Vanoss agreed.

Just as they were abut to leave the room until a dark purple swirling portal opened from behind. They heard the noise it made and turned tail. They watched.

A stallion--which is an earth pony-- fell unconcious. He had a human skin type coat and a hairstyle of Andrew Garfield's during the shooting of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He wore bright yellow flip flops and a suit tie. He had some sort of tatoo as a symbol of glasses. He had a facial hair of 'The Fop'.


Author's Note:

Ha! Told you I updated!

Now you know what happened to the 15 wounded.