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In a world where ponies and humans coexist in what can hardly be classified as harmony, Canterlot's daily regime is interrupted when one of these controversial creatures falls out of the sky and, to his surprise, doesn't die. This man seems to be the same as the rest, and calls himself "George Trestale". However, through a complete accident, George discovers he's developed magical abilities far beyond anything he could imagine. Unfortunately for him, almost none of them work correctly, and on top of that, he has no idea who he is or where he came from.

Thinking himself to be a god, and wanted by Celestia on the sole pretense of being human, our main character is tasked with running from the authorities, finding out what sort of power he's supposed to have, and most importantly, discovering who on earth he even is. Such begins the story of George Trestale, the unluckiest "god" in Equestria.

Rated Teen for some violence and language.

~ Edit From the Future! ~
This was my first remotely successful story, and as a result it's not exactly all that good, nor is it representative of my current writing ability. You can of course read it if you want, just expect things to be somewhat sloppily executed.

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This looks like it's going to be fun.

Have a track.

Hell yeah! Love this story

6697495 I read part of it a couple years ago. I liked it, it might have subconsciously inspired this story but I didn't have it in mind when writing it.

You cannot avoid Pinkie Pie.

Du kan ikke unngå Pinkie Pie.

your a bitch twilight. A bitch.

This fic is killing me man. Making my sides split.

Rainbow, don't you dare be doing this to this fine gentlemen here.

i predict either the princesses, the royal guard, the main 6 or Lyra.

This is fantastic so far, keep it up! :)

Anthropia... Already?

6709595 Well, we are a whole 9 chapters in. Sorry if the story is a bit too fast paced. Don't worry, though, I have plenty more planned. And George's attempt at getting there in the first place may or may not go well in and of itself.

6710234 I can't wait! This story is great:pinkiesmile:

When can I expect the next chapter, Fam?

Why do I picturing him approaching the human ruler and addressing them with, "'Sup, bitches!"

6710850 Chapters for this story are released on a "When I feel like it" basis, but it's usually every couple days.

6711160 I could totally imagine George doing that.

Twilight really needs a spanking, not the good kind

Well, Twilight is about to get rekt

6713363 not the good kind OR the bad kind.
We want the ~Bad Kind~ Giggity

6711727 Two paragraphs later, he realises that some dick stabbed him in the back, and he was passing it off as over-strained muscles, while wondering why every other person that sees him is screaming and pointing.

he, is really, really unlucky.

First off, if you think I'm just going to let you call me 'Twilight', especially after what you humans did, you're wrong.


I like the premise, and the main character is certainly amusing, but I see two problems so far: You really didn't sell me on that whole "fear of heights" thing. Like, not at all. You would have been better off not mentioning it.

The second is Celestia. He gave her a very concrete piece of evidence (hue) to prove his story of how he got there. Not to mention that by the time he got to the castle, you'd think a pegasus would have already been by to mention the human that just slammed into the city streets and shrugged it off. or one that saw him falling. Or she could have sent a guard to check. Even now, when she thinks he's dead, she's still not making any move to check on that. Even if she believes that he's lying, making assumptions about a known enemy is never a good move.

He's the god of bad fanfiction. There, I said it.

6738483 You make some fair points, I didn't consider some things there. I should probably go back and fix what I can. That, and put a bit more time into the concept of consistency.

As for the "fear of heights" thing, I feel like even if he knew he couldn't die, he would still have some instinctual fear of heights left over, especially considering he only recently survived a fall. Not to mention, the first fall was exceptionally painful to him.

6738518 Time to get the pitchforks

"Well, that was fun." I took the train schedule out of my suit pocket and looked at it. Alright, when's the next train that'll bring me closer to Anthropia? Let's see, that would be... a week from now?!

I quickly threw the schedule to the ground, stood up and cried out to the heavens.


I was halfway to reflexively saying something snarky about how dumb that sounds, but then I actually stopped to think about it for a second and realized that... yeah, you know, that actually makes perfect sense. Equestria. Anthropia. Sure, why not?

It's probably good that you didn't stick to linguistic consistency, though. Anthropos is Greek, Equus Ferus Caballus is Latin. "Homoria" would sound a lot more ridiculous, though.

6738696 Yeah, "Homoria" or "Homopia" were names I considered, but I was like "no those sound dumb as fuck". I'll admit, "Anthropia" isn't the best sounding of names, but it's better than all the others I came up with. Besides, even if it doesn't fit as well with the naming scheme origin, it does fit in with the tradition of dumb-sounding names.

"I was given this map by the previous human. She gave it to me with a bottle of cumin."
"Cumin? Why?"
"I must admit, that was a lie. I was simply in need of a rhyme."

:rainbowlaugh: I don't see people do that too often, but it always makes me laugh.

Couldn't agree more.

Laughing at the fact that I escaped unscathed, I stopped listening to the cabin and looked out in front of the train. My happiness was suddenly cut short upon seeing that the train was now stopping in Ponyville.


:facehoof: Oh for the love of... Have you considered changing the name of this story so the name of the character is in some way an anagram for "Murphy's Law" or something like that? Because I am starting to think if he's the divinity of anything, it's of everything going wrong that possibly can.

6738757 Perhaps "Murphy Law"? Heh.

I'm kidding, that's way too on the nose.

Humphrey Walt. Two extra letters, but otherwise it's right there.

6738780 Heh, I just might introduce that name in some way. I probably won't be changing the story title, or changing the main character's name, but we'll see how things go.

:rainbowlaugh: Maybe as an alias or something. Well, I'm looking forward to that part, then.

One, that entire ordeal with the train now serves as nothing but pointless filler.

That's hardly a nice thing to say about your own story, no matter how true it is. :derpytongue2:

You know I'm kind of wondering if he will get his powers fixed eventually, I mean it's a great story but I'm just curious.

And begin the chase music.

And as if it were predicted by an ancient civilization, a letter from Twilight appeared in front of her.

On a calm Sunday afternoon of the 1005th year, her ulcers shall break free from their confinement and the starbutt shall aid in their escape.

now he knows how to make MOLOTOV COCKTAILS

"I knew you had malicious intentions, human! You thought you could make an attack on me!" she said.

What the hell did the humans do????

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