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What wouldn't I do for Mother?

What wouldn't I do for Love?

... What would I do if I had to choose?

((For the purposes of this fanfic, the episodes "Cutie Mark Chronicles" and "Hearts' and Hooves' Day" take place after "A Canterlot Wedding."))

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This looks promising. Will put on Read Later list.

Interesting take on the changelings, the way you portrayed it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Now if only the episodes were ordered the way you said you ordered them. :rainbowlaugh:

Moar! Moar! MOAR!
:fluttershyouch: Um, if that's okay with you.

Also, what happened to the real Scootaloo?:scootangel:

I should hope it makes sense! And I believe there is plenty of evidence that the order of the episodes isn't chronological order, but the real order is "up in the air."

Of course! You didn't think this is really it, did you? Nay, the "Sad" has yet to truly begin! MWAHAHAHAHA!
((Also, you might want to read over the chapter again more carefully))

1384281 those words that i ddin't understand what do they mean

Could you be more specific?

1386287 the ones you had italicized

Ah! I didn't provide translations because the meaning is supposed to be implied by environment (such as Gimarazrasu Maraza, Amaa Ufazun, and tagarsharuti) or inferred after a little logic (I gave you the meaning of Baygimariza and sort of Baymatabira, so Matabara should be obvious).

If you want more, then this might help (a blog I did describing a little bit of the Changeling language used in my other story--which has identical lore to this story).

Excuse me for asking, but who is Sweetie Bell? Is it an OC of yours? And, if I may ask, what about the 3rd Crusader - Sweetie Belle (with "e" at the end) :trollestia:.


I'm not asking sarcastically... I always thought it was "Bell" because of, well, the way pony names work and her singing voice (I don't think she's a "belle"... at least not yet!).


1386835 - I always thought that the FiM wiki was the best source for canon names. If you need a more canon source, how about Hasbro's shop.

...:rainbowderp: This is genius. It slips right in between the lines, covers the gaps... and will end in tears for somecreture or another.
Oh definitely following this.:pinkiecrazy:

Well that got dark pretty quick. :rainbowderp:
Poor Scoots; this is gonna get *brutal* when she's found out.

Let's save praise like that until at least after the story is more than half done, hm?

As for that and 1390516, "tears" is how it's going to start...

1407164 just giving you something to live up to. No pressure:scootangel:

Uh, no.
Where did you get that idea?

If you're curious, I have some stuff written up on the Changeling language here (note that some of that is now out of date, as some things have been changed, but the more basic ideas remain).

I scour the stories to find this one for weeks, only to find it on your profile... God damn-it, that's infueriating.
None the less. This story, is of top quality (in my opinion), and by an author I like a lot. So it's all good.

1431554 *face desk*
Sorry, I think I should take this as a sign I have been playing way too much Skyrim if every language is looking like dragon to me.

I shall also place this into read later! You know, wait till there is enough to really get immersed in the flow.:twilightblush:

*Pokes story with a stick* Pick up the pace, or else I'll be forced to read that HiE story to pass the time. *Shudders* :pinkiesick:

I actually didn't originally plan to end this chapter here, but I decided not only did it create a nice cliffhanger, but the next scene (which would have been the last scene of this chapter) fits the theme of the next chapter so much better.

((If the bits of Hasharbanu (Changeling Language) confuse you--and to be fair, there is a bit more here than any other chapter of any story I've written so far (I think)--visit my user page, where you can find a small selection of relevant translated words, as well as links to much more detailed, linguistic analyses.))

I keep forgetting to say, but. Whenever I click on either parts of your changeling language thing, I'm led to a blank google document. I don't know if it's just me, or what; just wanted to point it out if it isn't just me.

Oi... :ajbemused:
I haven't gotten any other note about this, but maybe I'll make a blog post asking about it... tomorrow. :ajsleepy:

Very creative and I WANT MOAR :flutterrage: but what the hey is Matabara ? I must of missed something....

I'm sure if you think about it a little bit, and compare the sentences where Matabara (and its variations) appear, you should get its general meaning.

This might help: SPOILERS:
the Matabara had been weakened too severely by Shining Armor and Cadance’s spell.
she corrects me, “Baymatabira, Amaa Ufazun.”
they—my sisters! Matabara!—would be killed!
Everything she’s done and plans to do is all centered on helping me and Matabira.
Could a more fitting punishment for ruining years of work towards a future where Changelings lived without fear of starvation and helping her brother kill countless Matabura possibly exist?!
I’m not going to be responsible for ponies finding, torturing, and killing Matabara.

Then I don't get why she wen't rogue, ok I kind of do. Nevermind I will find out :P keep going and MOAR :flutterrage:1828767

Why oh why did I let myself put off reading this chapter for so long?:raritycry:

This is great, Changelings versus Memetics.
I can't wait to see where this leads:rainbowkiss:

Well, we're almost done; the final chapter will be very short--after all, what can really be written about a Changeling corpse? Of course, this leads to the more interesting question of what could possibly be so important about Imitation's body in particular?...

so did forge stab scoots in the neck with his horn? oh and btw that last bit totally threw me for a loop

Well then. That was nice and cheerful. :rainbowderp:

well, since he has a dampener on his horn, he doesn't have the option of using a spell...

;_; but.. but..
:fluttercry: Imi was my favorite

Meh. What's the point in the next chapter?
Its over.

It's... over? I wasn't aware I had a coauthor...

In all seriousness: no. Read the story over again, and maybe you'll see the extensive foreshadowing. Really, it so all over the place that if you don't find it beforehand, it's going to seem embarrassingly obvious after the fact.

2477339 Indeed it was.
But the way you phrase some of your comment replies to your readers have made me think second thoughts on this. I AM hoping that Scoots will live through this, considering there isn't a tragedy tag, but right now I am not sure what you are exactly up to as of right now.

But I expect bitter disappointment to be the first thing in the making.

Well, if it matters so much that you wouldn't want to read on only to be disappointed, I will say that Imi is dead. Dead dead (Before anyone who reads this comment complains, this isn't a spoiler; if horns can't be regrown, then bringing back the dead certainly can't be done. Even if you can somehow justify it's possible, it would only bring Imi back to die again--this time by starvation). However, there are reasons this isn't labeled "Tragedy"; whether those reasons are enough in your opinion, I can't know and won't spoil, but to me they warrant leaving off the "Tragedy" tag.

What are you saying? Hmm? Hmm? Hmmmmmmmmmm?
Seriously, are you sayin' this story is bad, or that it defied the odds? I'd be inclined to assume the former on account of the fact you haven't favorited the story, if not for the other fact that you only have one favorite, and that story is related to your "Manehatten-verse".

Neither. Ah'm jus' makin' an observation. (An' it wouldn't really be defyin' the odds in the first place. Ta say somethin' "defies the odds" is missin' the point a' havin' nonzero probabilities at all.)

An' yeah, ah don't usually favorite somethin' unless ah've got a particular reason to.

Really not tryin' ta insult ya or tell ya yer wrong, jus' sayin', it's somethin' ta be aware of.

I'm kinda glad they didn't surprise her with the CMC or Rainbow, though I'm sure they could've done with some closure. It seems like every moment would've been rubbing it in that the outcome she wanted wouldn't have been impossible.

I do try to stay aware of it, only using it where the meaning is implied and/or easy to figure out (e.g. the meaning of Amaa Ufazun should be obvious by now), but obviously such is only done from my point of view, and it may be harder to determine the meaning of some of the words than I suspected.

However, I feel the need to point out it's not just word substitution (as that image shows) I'm doing, but developing/using an entirely different language, with functional, separate, and distinct (if yet incomplete--conlanging is long, hard work) grammar, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. I do take offense to any implication that all I'm doing is "calling elders fra'as."

And there it is: the ending.

I would be surprised if no one disagrees with me on the point that that I didn't label this a "Tragedy". To that I simply say that, from Scootaloo's point of view, it's not. -and if the opinion of (spoilers) the only character who dies doesn't matter? Well...

I also would be surprised if no one complains about how--or where--it ends. This is Scootaloo's story, and her's alone, I feel pretty confident in the fact that this definitely marks the end of her story.

>Racially intolerant ponies.
Yes please. :scootangel:
Rule 58 rocks...

This is a bit off topic, but I always kinda assumed Rarity's special talent is simply locating gemstones. I mean, her cutie mark is a bunch of diamonds - that doesn't really have anything to do with dressmaking. I'm pretty sure she could just as well have become a jeweler or something, only she happened to really like making dresses.

Ah... Cutie Marks. You might take note of the derision in this chapter I take in the usual way Cutie Marks are generally treated in both fanfics and, sometimes, the show. You'd think her Cutie Mark represents her ability to find gems, but why? Because of her spell? Because of her Cutie Mark's shape? Try taking this into consideration instead: When did her Cutie Mark appear?

Looks good, shall read later :derpyderp2:

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