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It's raining. It's always raining D: Why did I move here again...


Note: The rewriting has started!
Magnus is the sole survivor of a colony ship headed towards Betelgeuse. The ship gets thrown off course when a huge asteroid slams into the ship, which is then pulled into a black hole.

When the ship exits on the other side, he finds himself alone and in an unfamiliar shape. His only companion, an advanced A.I named Ana keeps him slightly sane during their six thousand year voyage through unknown space in a nearly derelict ship.

Everything changes when they find a small blue planet teeming with life.

The old version can be found here: Link

Editing by: Lab
All art by: Mister Aibo, DeviantArt, Fimfiction Profile

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Wow I was not expecting this today....

Quick better think of something funny or profound to type...

... Fuck!

My God it lives

You actually came back. I feel happy!

wait I remember this fic.....where did all the chapters go!:raritycry::pinkiegasp:

is there a copy of the old version cos I wanna re-read it now :twilightsmile:

Added a link to the old version in the author's note.

Told you it was just on hiatus :moustache:



Uh! Uh! :raritydespair:

Holocaust! :pinkiehappy:

Gah! :fluttershbad: No! I screwed it all up! :raritycry:

lol "I grGears in the Voidumbled as I slowly made my way back to the desk."


seriously though love this fic, glad its back :twilightsmile:

So that's where it ended up...
Man. I keep messing up the grand return with silly errors...

Damn, I'm surprised this story is being redone.

Good luck.

Thanks. I'll need it, considering how many errors my editor has pointed out...

I got to say that this looks like an interesting read.


I've only seen a total of four (five now) fan fics getting out of hiatus and I've been around this site for at least three years, I've taken to thinking that any fanfic in hiatus is dead.

I am loving this. :rainbowwild: Awesome rewrite man.

Nice to see this back. Nice work.

oh my this is amazing!

Yeah... That usually does seem to be the case.

.....oh wow, this is back huh? Saw this on my update list and sat there for a minute wondering what story this was, I didn't recall favoring any new stories. It is truly a pleasure to see this back up and running.:raritywink: Now on to the reading!

851 likes and 150 unique views?
I call shenanigans

Okay.. Seeing


has gotten me to put this on my read later list. Also... I have to say this since I don't think anyone else has...

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

It's a rewrite of a story that's been up for ages. Hence the odd stuff.

So did Magnus get turned into a mare or does he just have a feminine voice as a pony? Curious about that now cause of the voice sounding female line, I had been assuming it was a stallion. Besides that thought, really interesting story, I'll be keeping track of this one for sure.:pinkiehappy:

damn this one of, if not the best story on this site. it all felt natural. i have nothing bad to say about this story. i will fallow this closer than any other story i am following. Good luck on all your endeavors.:pinkiehappy:

Okay, seriously. What dah heck is up with this? I was actually thinking about this fic at some point just yesterday.

And now I see this update with a restart of all things?

He saw The Doctor!

I shot her a quick frown, but quickly went back to my search. I didn’t want to miss anything. “This is like the time you told me that there is no such thing as flying blue police boxes…” I grumbled.
“There was nothing there!” Ana said indignantly. “I checked everything. None of the sensors picked up anything, and the external cameras were clear!”
“What do you know? The sensors are stupid, you’re stupid… I saw it.” I looked down at her. “I even waved at the brown pony inside. He waved back too…”

LOVE it. Hope to see more soon...
Please? For flutters...? :fluttershysad:

Can Magnus even eat cake after 6000 years of nutrient paste? It might be a tad rich.

Your chapters keep crashing Chrome for some reason. It's on number 6 so far.

That's weird. Hopefully it works itself out. It doesn't happen for me, and I tried both Firefox and Chrome.

I see that Magnus isn't completely bat-shit crazy this time!! :rainbowwild:
Keep up the good work.

Oh wow, I remember this fic! I might give the original a reread before taking a look at the new version. And now that its off hiatus, are we gonna see periodic updates?

cant wait for more :twilightsmile:

nice to see it again^^

any ETA for the next chapter?

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:


The ship gets thrown off course when a huge asteroid slams into the ship, which is then pulled into a black hole.

:twilightoops: Well... I guess the Random tag is there for a reason.

I imagine Ana to sound like a mix of


while Magnus, since he is a girl in this one, right? Right.
I imagine him as Cortana from Halo.

My god, it finally happened! After many mindless hours of staring blankly at the screen this story has finally updated!

Can you describe how Ana looks? I don't know if she is a humanaized cybord, an android, or a ponified robot, or if she has a body at all; and I would like to know if Magnus is a mare or stallion when transformed.

Rewrite's looking really solid so far.

It's alive... it's Alive!

yay! I'm glad this isn't dead :D

When the ship exits on the other side, he finds himself alone, transformed, and immortal.


I enjoyed reading this story the first time around, except for the main characters mental breaks which I felt just overcomplicated things & made it hard to accept that the Ponies would be at all at ease around him.

I look forward to reading this revised version when I can view it on something other than my Android phone's browser, which has crashed every time I try to open the chapters. Could it be the animation at the top?

I've missed this story, can't wait to read the next chapter ^.^

Quick question, will this be taking place after Twilight became an Alicorn now?

I don't even remember this story. like- at all. this makes me feel really bad.

Oh Magnus, how I've missed his shenanigans.

Yeah. It was the main reason why it needed a rewrite. Things were getting out of hand, and it just didn't work out. It's a bit better thought out this time.

As for the crashing, it is probably the images at the top. I'll probably use the still version from now on and either link to the animated version, or just forego that. It would be great to get it to work, but this site isn't exactly optimized to support that sort of stuff.

I certainly don't blame you. It's been a very long time.

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