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My name is Celestia. I am the ruler of the country known as Equestria. I raise the sun every morning, and my sister guides the moon across the sky at night. My student is now a Princess as well, something that I am so very proud of.

But not everything is fine.

I have been able to hide it from my sister, my student, her friends and every pony that comes to me during court.

My name is Celestia.

And I'm falling apart.


A/N: Super-short story I just put together because I wanted to. Everything was done in less than 60 minutes, so it might be a little spotty.

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I have traveled this world for decades. Yet I have seen no sign of life but the predators that hunt their prey.

I have made a home among the jagged peaks of a near dead wasteland. One day a creature fell from the sky, badly wounded.

She calls herself Chrysalis. She tells me that she is the last of her kind.

Or so she thought.


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Note: The rewriting has started!
Magnus is the sole survivor of a colony ship headed towards Betelgeuse. The ship gets thrown off course when a huge asteroid slams into the ship, which is then pulled into a black hole.

When the ship exits on the other side, he finds himself alone and in an unfamiliar shape. His only companion, an advanced A.I named Ana keeps him slightly sane during their six thousand year voyage through unknown space in a nearly derelict ship.

Everything changes when they find a small blue planet teeming with life.

The old version can be found here: Link

Editing by: Lab
All art by: Mister Aibo, DeviantArt, Fimfiction Profile

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[2nd Person]

You are the son of a wealthy sports store owner. One day during your walks a heavy thunderstorm rolls in. You stumble into a ravine, finding two small creatures lost in a world not their own.

You take in the two small foals, and try to help them to the best of your abilities.

Shamelessly inspired by My Little Dashie... Please don't hurt me...
First thing I show the public, so... be harsh!

Oh man, why is this so embarrassing...

Image is copyrighted to MadMax http://fav.me/d4p0am0

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