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Heaven Sent - Sixpence

The last survivor of a colony ship headed for Betelgeuse happens upon Equestria

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Chapter 02: Landfall

“All right. Now, let’s get a closer look at what we’ve found,” Ana said.

Far below, in the belly of the ship, a small bay blinked to life. A tiny army of small circular objects began rolling in neat lines towards a port that opened as the first object was about to hit. Seven of the atmospheric probes immediately deployed in the corridor and crashed into the walls, creating a jam. One particularly impatient probe took a “running” start and crashed through the blockage, pushing the defective ones out of the way.

Not very long afterward, several screens flickered to life as the probes entered the atmosphere and began transmitting images.

At first, it was nothing but interference and clouds, but soon, we began to see the contours of the landscape below us taking shape.

“Alright, I’ve sent the probes to scan the biggest continent first. It’s night, so we won’t disturb the populace, hopefully.” Ana grinned and sat back to watch the screens as they came to life. A good lot of the probes simply disintegrated when they hit the atmosphere, but most of them survived.

I, on the other hand, sat with my muzzle pressed against a window, staring out into space above the planet.

“Don’t you want to watch the screens with me, Magnie?” Ana asked as she noticed that I hadn’t moved. “I assure you that this’ll be much more interesting.”

“Not yet,” I muttered and quickly wiped the fog away. “I’m looking for something.”

“And what, exactly, would that be?” she asked and stepped up to me, trying to figure out what I was looking for.

“Cake,” I stated firmly.


“Cake,” I confirmed.

“In space?” Her tone was more deadpan than I appreciated. “There’s no cake in space.”

I shot her a quick frown, but quickly went back to my search. I didn’t want to miss anything. “This is like the time you told me that there is no such thing as flying blue police boxes…” I grumbled.

“There was nothing there!” Ana said indignantly. “I checked everything. None of the sensors picked up anything, and the external cameras were clear!”

“What do you know? The sensors are stupid, you’re stupid… I saw it.” I looked down at her. “I even waved at the brown pony inside. He waved back too…”

“Sure… whatever,” Ana said with a roll of her eyes. “I’m gonna watch the screens. At least there might be cake on those.”

My head snapped to her. “There’s cake on the monitors? Why haven’t you told me?” I sprinted as fast as my legs would carry me over to the wall the screens were on. They each showed dark, blobby things that might have been the world from high above, but there was no cake on the monitors or the feed. To be sure, I licked one of them, only to get a tongueful of dust and grime.

Ana just gave me a deadpan stare as I turned to her, a pout firmly plastered on my face, only slightly ruined by the tongue hanging out.

I had gotten exceptionally good at pouting after spending a few years in front of a mirror, practicing hard. You never know when a proper pout might be needed.

“Oh, stop it. You’re not that stupid, right?” She sounded almost uncertain. “Whatever, just wipe your tongue somewhere and let’s watch…”

Instead of walking all the way to the bridge facilities, I got a brilliant idea. With a grin, I leaned down and gave Ana a good, long lick up her back. She might not have had any actual fur, but she was still velvety and it felt rather nice.

She shivered and pulled away just as I was about to finish the tongue-wash. “Eeew. What did you do that for?” She pulled even further away as I tried licking her some more. “Stop it!”

I didn’t, and for a few minutes we rolled around on the floor, her laughing and squealing as I tried to reach her with my tongue.

We only stopped because one of the probes had found something, and a loud beep sounded from one of the monitors.

“Heh, it’s good to see that you still have some life in you,” Ana said, jumping back up onto the desk. “Alright, let’s see what we’ve found…”

“Ooh, shiny,” I said when the screen lit up. On it was a live feed that showed what looked a lot like a medieval village at night. Only a few lights were on in windows, and not a soul was outside.

“Righty. Low-tech, but it’s civilization,” Ana muttered and pressed a hoof to the screen. The image brightened considerably, and more details began to show. Suddenly, the screen was filled with pink. “Oh gods!” Ana squealed and recoiled

The pink quickly changed into the face of… something. It had two bright blue eyes set in a bright pink face, and it seemed to be talking rather fast, shaking the probe as it did.

“She’s pretty,” I said and waved at the screen. To add to Ana’s already building confusion, the creature waved back.

“That’s a pony,” she stated with a frown. “How can that be a pony? And how did she… How did you even know it’s a she?”

“Dunno,” I answered, grinning at the screen. The very pink pony grinned back, showing a row of pearly whites.

“Right. Let’s turn on the audio and hear what ‘she’s’ saying.” Ana flipped a switch, and sound started pouring out of the hidden speakers.

“—ndthenshewaslikewhoa! Imeanofcourseitisan—”

Ana cut off the audio.

“Aww, what did you do that for? I wanted to hear what it was!” I said with a pout. The pony on the screen looked confused for a moment, it looked almost a bit sad.

“That… That was English,” Ana muttered, staring at the screen where the pony had began rummaging in a saddlebag. “That’s impossible. Let’s try that again, there has to be something wrong with the probe.”

“—ow what will cheer you up! Cupcakes! You like cupcakes, right? If not, I could tot—” Ana cut the stream again, and was about to say something, but I cut her off.

“Cupcakes! Ana! Let’s go, now!” I practically jerked her off the desk and began running for the elevator.

“Let me down!” Ana yelled from under my foreleg as I hobbled along at full speed. “We don’t even know if the atmosphere is safe yet!”

“I don’t care! She’s got cupcakes!” I squealed and began mashing the call-elevator button. “Cupcakes, Ana! Cupcakes! That means they have cake too! Let’s go!”

The elevator didn’t come, even with me pressing the button so fast that I could swear smoke was starting to come out.

“Not yet! We have to make sure we won’t get killed by stepping out of the ship!” Ana finally managed to wrest herself from my grip and began trotting back to the screen, where a huge blue eye was staring at us. “How does she do that? There’s no way she can see us through the probe! It’s one way only!”

I pressed the button a few more times for good measure, before grumbling something nasty about Ana’s heritage. “Fine!”

“And how did she even notice it? The probes are completely silent, and they’re fitted with active camouflage… There’s no way…”

“I bet it’s because she’s pink.” I grumbled as I slowly made my way back to the desk. “I wish I was pink. Then I’d know everything too.” I gave the pony on the screen a small smile, and the pink pony smiled back.

“Pink has nothing to do with it. She’s probably a mental patient or something,” Ana said, narrowing her eyes at the pony. “She certainly looks crazy enough.”

I bopped her on the head and shook my head. “Don’t be mean. I’m sure she’s nice.”

The pony on the screen nodded vigorously, as if to answer. Then her eyes went wide, as if she had remembered something important. She gestured for us to wait and scampered off.

Ana sighed with relief. “If she’s an indicator of the rest of the populace, I don’t know if I want to go down there.” She shot me a look. “One Magnie is enough.

I grabbed her head between my hooves and brought it close to mine. “They. Have. Cupcakes!” I said as I stared deeply into her eyes. “We’re going down there even if the floor is on fire!”

She pulled her head free with a frown, but her eyes didn’t waver from mine. “Very well, the other probes are reporting that there are other cities and villages, and the air should be breathable.”

Onscreen, the pink pony returned, this time with a haggard-looking purple one that looked as if it had been pulled out of its bed.

It looked up towards where the pink one was pointing but only rolled her eyes. Ana turned on the sound.

“—ie… There’s nothing there…” the purple one said in a distinctly feminine voice. “Why did you pull me out of bed again?”

“It’s right there! The round thingy with the ponies inside!” the pink one stated firmly.

“Pinkie… That’s empty air. There’s nothing but the night sky that way…” The purple one was starting to look somewhat annoyed.

“Ana?” I said. “Can you let them see the probe?”

“What? No! That’d be silly. We can’t let them see us yet.”

“But, Twilight, it’s right there! Can’t you see it?” the one appropriately named Pinkie said, now trying to force the one named Twilight to look at it.

“Why not?” I asked. “I don’t want Pinkie to be ridiculed by Twilight. Come onnn!”

“Fine, fine. Don’t blame me if she blows it up,” Ana said as she pressed a few buttons on the screen. The image flashed a bit as the camouflage dropped.

“What… What in Celestia’s name is that?” the purple one, apparently named Twilight, exclaimed, looking shocked.

“I dunno!” Pinkie squealed in delight. “Isn’t it great!” She jumped up and hugged the probe, making the image jiggle.

“Pinkie! Stay away!” Twilight shouted, looking frightened on her friend’s behalf. “It could be dangerous!”

“No we’re not!” I shouted at the screen. “We’re nice! I promise!”

None of the ponies on the screen reacted to me.

“I have to alert the Princesses!” Twilight yelled, looking concerned but happy that Pinkie hadn’t been reduced to dust. “Keep hold of it! I’ll be right back!”

“Oki-doki-loki!” Pinkie squealed and hugged the probe tighter.

“Right…” Ana said, cutting the feed. “That’s enough of that I think.”

“Aw, but I wanted to see what’d happen!” I said with a pout. “It was getting good.”

“You know what? I think it’s safe to say that we should get down there and defuse the situation,” she announced with a slight smile. “If what the purple one said is right, their princesses will be there soon, which makes me think that it would be a perfect situation for first contact!” Ana actually squealed at the words “first contact.”

“First contact, with cake!” Cake was what we came here for in the first place after all.

No more than half an hour later, we were standing by the blast door that led to the only docking bay that still had functioning ships. I had an overnight bag clenched firmly in my teeth, and my eyes were narrowed in concentration.

The door didn’t stand a chance before my determined stare, and it opened with a groan much like Ana’s.

“Why did you pack a bag?” she asked, exasperated. “You don’t even wear clothes…”

“Mrblrgh,” I stated confidently, a smirk on my lips and my head held high.

“Why do I even bother…” Ana said, stepping over a pile of debris and into the docking bay.

The bay itself had seen better days. It was huge, as with just about everything aboard the ship. Two fighter-craft were piled on top of each other in one corner, and five shuttles looked strangely as if they had been interrupted while doing the deed. We were never a military ship, but we had the ability to defend ourselves if the need ever arose.

“Okay. There should be one craft that’s still operational and still in its cradle,” Ana called out to me as I tried to pull free the bag. It had snagged on the very same pile she had so easily gone over just before. “By all that is holy, can’t you just leave that ratty old thing behind?”

I spit out the strap and turned to her. “No!”

“And why not?” she asked and walked up to the bag, easily dislodging the clasp that had found its way around a piece of steel.

“It’s important,” I mumbled and picked it up by the strap once again. “Hrbl?”

“Yes, Hrbl. Let’s go. I think the shuttle is just a bit further in.”

It was slow going getting through the hangar—part of the roof had caved in, crushing one of the larger ships. Parts of wiring stuck out of the floor where the metal tiles had been ripped out recently enough that sparks were still spraying from them.

The lighting was rather spotty as well, both from time and the recent emergency. So it was rather dark, and I kept stumbling over debris as we walked.

“Rr wthr yt?” I asked, starting to feel a bit grumpy as I had just stubbed my hoof on another piece of junk.

“Yes. We’re there alright,” Ana answered. “At least, I think that’s what you asked. I still don’t understand why that bag is so important, and I can’t understand squat of what you’re saying .”

She stepped forward and put her hoof on a plate in the floor. With a loud squeal of metal on metal, two large doors in the floor began opening. Trash and debris began falling into the growing hole.

I groaned at the loud noise and covered my ears, while Ana just grinned and rolled her eyes at my antics.

Meanwhile the shuttle had begun to rise, old and unused flywheels adding to the racket.

The ship itself wasn’t all that much to look at; it was rounded in the front and square in the back, four nacelles sprouted from the sides like stunted wings. The only windows on the craft were in front, and they were so grimy, I couldn’t imagine they’d give much of a view.

Then there was the dust. While we had walked, we had only slightly disturbed the thick grey layer on the floor, but with the flywheels kicking up quite a lot of air, it quickly became hard to breathe without coughing. Even Ana had to breathe with her mouth closed. I didn’t have any such filters, so I descended into the coughing fit to end all coughing fits.

With a loud clunk, everything went silent. It didn’t last long, because then the shuttle itself started running self tests, blasting us with hot, static-charged air. It made my coat and mane stand on end, and for a while, I must have resembled a fluffy ball.

When everything finally stopped, most of the dust had been blown away. Aside from what had stuck to me of course. Ana didn’t really have natural fur, so it all ended up practically glued to me.

I had my eyes squeezed shut, but I could hear Ana rolling around the floor laughing at something.

“Wht?” I grumbled through the strap that was miraculously still in my mouth.

“Oh, no-nothing at all.” Ana squealed, descending further into her laughing fit. “Y-You look like a giant fu-furball!”

I put on my best angry face, but all Ana did was laugh harder. Then I had a thought, and began shaking myself like a dog. It worked, and dust began flying everywhere, including onto Ana.

She had previously been saved by the wind simply blowing the dust over her and away, as there wasn’t anything for it to catch on. It didn’t save her now though, when the dust simply buried her like snow.

“Whsh lshng nnw!” I said triumphantly as she began to cough and sputter.

I simply grinned and stepped onto the bottom part of the descended platform, letting her wallow in the dust and glare angrily at me.

“That was low…” she grumbled as she jacked into the shuttle’s internal systems.

I blew her a raspberry and tried strapping myself into the seats, which were quite obviously not made for quadrupeds.

“Whatever, it’s time to see if this old bird can still fly,” Ana said as the platform we had entered the shuttle on closed. “Let’s not keep them waiting!”

The small ship began to rumble and shake, and I soon found myself tangled in the straps in a rather uncomfortable position. “I’m stuck…” I declared with finality.

“Great! Let’s go then!” Ana frowned, and with a mighty creak of metal, the outer doors began opening. The forcefield that was supposed to keep the atmosphere inside the bay flickered a few times, then died.

The air quickly slipped out, and with it, most of the debris, a few ships, and us…

I screamed as we hurtled out into space, and for the first time in millennia, we were outside the ship.

“Make it stop! Make it stop!” I screamed as we spun around like cats in a washing machine. “I’m gonna be sick!”

“I’m trying! I’m trying!” Ana yelled back. She was furiously flipping switches with one leg, and holding on to the flight-stick for dear life. “Just a seco—Got it!”

The ship shuddered as it fired small bursts of compressed air to counter our spin. It whined furiously as a huge flywheel spun faster and faster, until I thought the shuttle would tear itself apart.

“Too la—” was as far as I got before my stomach decided to voice its objection and empty its contents into the slowly settling interior. “Urgh…”

“Aw, did you just…?” Ana said with a groan. “This shuttle doesn’t even have nanites unless it’s in the bay… That’s gonna stain.”

“Urh…” I moaned as the shuttle finally settled. “I’m alright now, I think…” A quick check confirmed that I hadn’t inadvertently puked on my bag. Somehow I hadn’t gotten any on myself, instead most of it was dripping down the opposite wall. My diet didn’t really consist of much, so it didn’t smell that bad, just a slight odor of stomach acid wafting through the cabin.

“Good, we’re not too far from our original descent vector.” Ana pushed the throttle forward, and I could feel the acceleration building. “I just hope the shielding holds, or this is going to get rather hot.”

“Hot… right,” I said while trying to get into a somewhat comfortable position. The shuttle didn’t have gravity, so it made it both easier and more complicated to get out of the straps.

I fidgeted with the seat for a good while but finally found a position that wouldn’t choke me once we began decelerating. Going from our ship and down to the planet wasn’t very fast, so I had enough time to get somewhat comfortable, at least until the straps finally figured out that someone was in the seat and tightened.


The sky over Ponyville was barely starting to brighten when the morning rains hit. The pegasi had moved a small cloudbank so that it would be carried over the village by the winds, giving the plants a much needed drizzle before a cloudless day could begin.

Almost nopony was awake to see the impromptu meteor shower that started when the debris from the hangar hit the atmosphere. Nopony but four were awake when the sky lit up like a fireworks show.

Twilight Sparkle sat beside her mentor, Princess Celestia, as it began. Pinkie was squealing and jumping around at the lightshow, and Princess Luna sat still, frowning.

They watched in relative silence as the sky filled with light and sound. Bigger pieces of debris, like the runaway fighters and shuttles made it far enough that they broke the sound barrier before breaking into tiny pieces that flared brightly and burnt away.

All of them watched in awe as a particularly big piece exploded, rattling the windows in every house on the countryside.

After a few minutes, the world once more fell into silence, and even the birds and insects had gone quiet. A few tired ponies had poked their heads out to see what the racket was about, but living in Ponyville had made them able to ignore anything but the biggest crises.

Then, the sky lit up once more. This time it was only a small pinprick of light that slowly grew bigger. In its wake, it left a huge cloud of smoke, and it seemed to be changing direction, heading for Ponyville.

“Woohoo!” I yelled as we soared helter-skelter through the atmosphere of the new planet. “This is fun!” The straps had adjusted to my size and shape quickly enough, but I still clung to the armrests for dear life.

Ana was gritting her teeth in concentration, trying to wrest control of the ship. “Sure, now it’s fun! Why couldn’t it have been fun earlier?”

We were tumbling rather severely, and the engines whined like dogs denied a treat. The shuttle had been poorly configured for atmospheric flight due to negligence, and we stalled almost immediately when we hit air.

“I’m getting dizzy! Woohoo!” I squealed as we spun around.

Ana punched a control panel hard enough that smoke began pouring into the cabin, and with a loud bang, one of the nacelles that hadn’t fired burst into action, shooting us forward in a fairly straight line.

“Alright! Almost got it now!” she yelled as the smoke thickened, making it impossible for me to see more than a few meters in front of me. I began to cough violently. “And… There! Got it!”

The shuttle settled, and we began cruising along instead of falling sideways.

We flew for a good ten minutes before Ana began decelerating and descending. “Alright, we’re there in two minutes. You ready for this?” she shouted into the cabin.

“Wh—" another cough cut me off. "What?" I yelled back over the noise. It had become louder and louder the closer we got to our destination, and by then, it was almost unbearable.

Ana tried repeating it, but the noise was drowned out by the engines. Realizing that it was futile trying to keep up conversation, she focused on her instruments.

My coughing got more serious as we slowly neared our destination. Ana had spotted a park on the outskirts of the village before we left and had decided that it would do well for a landing zone. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any late-night, or rather, early-morning strollers out in the rain.

With a surprisingly gentle motion, we slowed to a halt and settled down onto the ground.

Celestia, Luna, Twilight and Pinkie made their way through town in near silence. Only Pinkie’s humming broke the peace. They had figured that if the falling object was adjusting its course, it might hit Ponyville, and they were ready to catch it should it get too close.

The sound they had heard coming from the object got louder and louder as it descended, and more and more ponies came out from their homes to observe the spectacle. The sound wasn’t too far from that of a dragon perpetually roaring, which had many of them ready to flee. Some of them even had bags ready, learning from experience that it was a good idea to have a few valuable items stowed away in case of emergencies.

The object circled the town once, and ponies averted their eyes from the strong light coming from what seemed like the back. Foals cried in fear and hid under their parents as they themselves shot pleading looks to the princesses, who walked towards the object’s destination. They trusted them to take charge, should the object be hostile.

Normally, Celestia would have let Twilight handle it, but the fact that it came so soon after a major magical disturbance far above Equestria had made them fear what could possibly have done such a thing. Luna had confirmed that “something” had suddenly appeared near her moon, and that its size was nearly that of the moon itself.

As the object that had fallen from the skies slowed down, it became apparent that it was a vessel of some sort. It vaguely resembled the gondola of a modern airship, but the resemblance ended there. Four large tubes were fastened to the sides, and fire occasionally blasted out from small orbs placed all over it.

The noise was nearly deafening as the vessel stopped above the park, the fire below it roaring constantly as it descended towards a grassy hill. The smell of burnt grass and dirt was blown towards the quartet as they approached.

The sound slowly died down as the vessel settled on the grass, resting on six legs that had extended from its sides.

With a final blast of hot air, the sound died down completely, leaving the ponies’ ears ringing.

Twilight cautiously walked closer, her eyes glued to the dirty metal covering. On the side, barely visible through the soot was a globe, followed by the words “HS Ascension.”

There was a loud clunk, followed by a grinding noise, and smoke billowed from behind the vessel. It looked like the maw of a beast was opening, spilling its greasy contents over the singed ground.

With a thud, the bottom of the platform hit the ground, and the princesses, Twilight, and Pinkie gathered behind it, spells at the ready. Pinkie took a pose on her back legs, with the meanest expression she could manage on her face while her forelegs swiveled in the air.

Lights spilled through the fog, revealing an imposing figure that was at least a head taller than the princesses. What they guessed to be the head was strange and malformed, with great tentacles waving menacingly in the morning breeze.

The creature took a step forward and promptly stumbled. It fell down the platform with a loud thunk, and part of its head detached and rolled forward, stopping at Celestia’s feet.

It was a small alicorn, blackened with soot and eyes spinning.

The lump at the bottom of the ramp slowly got to its feet, revealing another alicorn, this one the size of Celestia, maybe slightly taller. It was thin as a rail, its ribs showing clearly through it’s matted coat.

It fixed Celestia with piercing blue eyes and spoke.

“Bring me to your baker.” It sounded distinctly female, and the glare promised no quarter.

Author's Note:

Second chapter up. Third chapter being worked on furiously by the writer monkey.

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Sure, I'm missing out on some opportunities for romance, but the tag is still there.

Female alicorns ftw!!!!

Ignore the neighhhhsayers! :heart::heart::heart:

Instant reaction to description: Why would a colony ship be headed for one of the stars most likely to Supernova in less-than-astronomical-time?

Very impressive though I don't get why he/she/whatever was turned into an Alicorn, I'll give it a pass since the story is good. Hope to see more.:pinkiesmile:

“Too la—” was as far as I got before my stomach decided to voice itstheir objection

Couldn't decide on a word?

Luna had confirmed that “something” had suddenly appeared near her moon, and that its size was nearly that of the moon itself.

Luna has a small moon. Think she is experiencing moon envy?

Second chapter up. Third chapter being worked on furiously by the writer monkey.

Go writer monkey, GO! We believe in youI

I had the same issue. I think it is the gif images. Killing the page once the text loaded seemed to fix it. I am using some pretty old hardware on a slow connection, not sure what your situation is.

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