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I'm buried up to my neck in horsewords.



In a world ravaged by the living dead, one man has outlasted those with far more strength, speed, and experience. His only advantages are his uncanny luck and peculiar inspiration. This inspiration has never led him astray and even promises a fresh start. All he has to do is build a strange device that follows no earthly science.

While Earth’s story might be over, this cog-jockey’s has just begun.

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Tighten all the things.

What you did there. :rainbowlaugh:

Because ponies

Your argument is valid.

flailing boldly where no man has flailed before.

Best ending to a chapter.

Two hours dungeon!


“We weren’t supposed to see that place. Nothing was.”

I have a crazy theory that Dave is the reason why the narrator survived the void so easily, and is not freaking out about the transformation; without the split personality he'd experience all this stuff himself and possibly lose his mind.



Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to see :P

this... was... HILARIOUS!!! on to the next chapter!!!



Thanks! Hilarious is what I was aiming for ^_^

Would you kindly give it a 'like' if that fits your opinions?

some parts confuse me (not cuz or your writing, its just that the whole split personality thing has thrown me off a few times) but i am genuinely enjoying this so far :D i loved the Inspector Gadget reference



Thanks, and don't you worry...I have plans.

You can get away with pretty much everything if you yell the right phrase before or while doing it.
In this case it is "FOR SCIENCE!"



Yup, designed Sterling Gears with that as her motto, more or less.

those scene breaks are much funnier than they should be XD
love the story!!!

Oh hey, a piece of technology that works with entirely different laws of physics. Let's take it apart, what could go wrong? :pinkiehappy:

I like science, its fun :pinkiehappy:

1. Explosion
2. ???
3. Cutie Mark!

(If it worked for the Mane Six... :twilightsmile: )



Ha, fair enough. Hadn't realized that actually :facehoof:

Although this one was a tad bit more painfaul.

Gears should try and build herself powered armor or some sort of magical exo-skeleton.
Or something that allows her to use magic to a certain degree.



I'd had something in mind for the first suggestion, but that'll come much much later if it does happen.

As for the second, that was the plan to some degree considering all she needs is a pattern and a power source. But she'll never have the insta-versatility a unicorn does. We'll just have to see what she develops next in the budding technology.

Yea i thought of it more in the way of something to strap around your wrist and can use it to do some minot things like the tk/stasis-module from Dead Space.


I believe I was purposely avoiding something like that along the lines of it using the magic to deftly interact with an object different than the one it was attached to. Not to mention delicate isn't Gears's style :rainbowdetermined2:

You had me at "tis a silly place"



Good to see people are getting the various references, not that Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a :duck:

ERMA GERD how is this not featured yet?



If it happens, it happens. I'm not too concerned about it. I'm just here to write the story. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it though.

actually, you had me at "SCIENCE!!" too...
and the part where stuff happens and science goes kaput
I also like spam in a can...
I liked the part with the explosions too
I actually like this fic in general
I love you



Thank you, I'm flattered.

Ponies count as sustenance in my book

That came out a bit ambiguously.

"Mmmh, cupcakes!" :pinkiecrazy:

I crested the hill only to run straight into a cliffhanger.




Hmm, yeah, good point. Fixed it so it's a bit clearer.

Yay! Moar of my favorite of favorites!

Wait... you're flattered!?!
Oh noes! Did I hug you too hard? Please un-flattern yourself!



Not flattened, flattered :P

Princess... Purple... :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

Brilliant... Just brilliant.

er mai gerd i love this story

Salutations, background pony!


“I’m sorry about Lyra. She’s a little excitable,”

Just wait until she finds out!

“Hey there, Princess Purple. What’s up?”

Let's hope Twilight didn't yet get to the banishing-ponies-to-the-moon part in her Princess curriculum. :trollestia:

I was tempted to ask where I could buy my own weapons-grade produce.


2736803 whew, you had me worried there for a moment!

does this mean i can keep hugging you?


As long as I can keep typing.

You're a really good writer. I really like the contrast between Dave and Sterling, and I keep finding myself laughing every chapter. This is gold, keep up the good work!


Thank you! I always find myself worrying about whether I'm keeping them in character or not, but I seem to be doing alright.


Absolutely! I feel the need to check for new chapters about twice a day by now, even after you just posted one. :D

2743717 we will see how much story we can squeeze out of you with a well timed pinkie hug.


If I could do twice a day, I would.

Not quite sure there's a big enough container for you to squeeze it into, and you might need a strainer to keep out all the other stories I have stuck up there.

I'll just strain it through my hopes and dreams, then mix in some nutmeg...

oooh oooh will pwincess woona see his/her dreams of ZOMBIES????:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

It doesn’t, but I did just get you to sniff your notes.



Sounds about right. Surprisingly, I hadn't seen that beforehand.

Oh good. You can't forget literary binding agents like nutmeg, after all.

Mayhaps, we'll have to wait and see.

Great story! So Great, it's possibly quite Powerful too. Outstanding flow and dialogue; not once did I trip over that awful fiendish gremlin of a jarring break in flow that many fics suffer from. Not only have you bought an old fanfic concept back from a dreary death, you have also taught it to dance and bake scones - good ones too.

Eleven out of ten for you! Keep up the output and I'll see about increasing your score to twelve :twilightsmile:

Oh, also, well done on the imaginary friend / conscience character of Dave. To my amazement, this character seems to actually work well, and fits the story fabric instead of tearing it like I honestly expected. Awesome!

PS. If you do your own editing too, well done on that score, the spelling and grammar are of a very good standard compared to most others :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much! It's very pleasant to hear a positive and in-depth analysis. When you mentioned an 'old fanfic concept' do you mean HiE or is there something else I'm unaware of? I actually do my own editing and am fairly confident in it when semicolons and colons aren't involved.

The only substitute for nutmeg I can think of that would safely diffuse the ticking time-bomb that is your excellent writing, would be some essence of vanilla. Unfortunately with vanilla, its 50/50 weather you'll end up fine or come down with a bad case of pinkie. (Piecriamus Pinkus)



Or you could cut the green wire.

Pfff! That's just a myth!
If the red wire was good enough for my father and his father before him and his crazy grandma before that and that one time last Saturday when my time machine sent me -400 years into the future where I arrived in the past, then its good enough for me!
Your chasing some foolish green dreams there Labbie, don't be fooled by the gherkins grin.

Edit: Another chapter. . . what? you thought I would say: "another GREAT chapter?" naw, that's implied.

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