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After some pressure from her sister, Princess Luna decides to join up for a dating website in order to meet a nice pony and settle down. Who she finds, however, has more in common with her than you would think.

Teen for sexual themes and a bit of adult humour.

Contains a large portion of ridiculousness and shenanigans. Caution is advised.

Artwork by the wonderfully talented dishwasher1910 on DeviantArt.


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There used to be a LOT more chapters than just 7 (Author's Note notwithstanding)
I'm guessing they're being rewritten? I was just past the part where we find out the truth about Omi.

Of course it's silly, that's why we're reading it here! :pinkiehappy:

I love this story! Loved the Star Wars reference in this chapter as well! :pinkiehappy:

Note: Up until the eighth or so chapter, it will be mostly the same story with only a few minor corrections and a few things removed or added.
That's fine, I need to reread this anyways.
It turns out that the two Lunas, or Tuna if you will,
ohgod wat
That's a pretty good joke.
It also makes me uncomfortable (in multiple ways) about the sandwiches I made yesterday.

Uh... I think you took Discord out. So maybe she shouldn't mention chatting with him.

The chef started back. "State your name rank and intention!" he demanded and regained his composer at somepony stealing into his kitchen.
Luna stepped into the light. "Princess Luna. Princess..." she paused and rubbed her chin. "Fun." she grinned like a madpony.

Doctor Whooves Getting Interrogated when He Appeared In Twilight's Spaceship....(Vid Reference on Youtube I Guess...?)
:twilightsmile: : State your name, rank and intention!
Doctor ; The Doctor, Doctor, Fun!

"as red as the fields of roses outside the Dark Tower". Your coolness factor has been increased :rainbowdetermined2:. Dark Tower references make my day. Thankee Sai:twilightsheepish:

You know, ever since the statue garden was shown, I've often wondered if Celestia uses it as her version of "capital punishment". Truly horrifying if you think about it; trapped in an endless hell from which there is no escape.

Im glad you got rid of the discord meeting lulu so soon because im pretty sure celestia would never let discord be free of his prison not even a little bit free.

Ah the dreaded hangover. Thankfully a feeling I don't know very well. I'm 18 so the worst I ever got was an annoying headache and even then I've had worse than that headache. 1 pill cleared that right up and I'd puked the previous night. My point is made clear here:

PS due to internet obligation: first


What is it, updates? Thats rid..., ah screw it, this storys awesome

An update? Is the world about to end? It can't; I haven't finished my story, yet. :pinkiegasp:
Ah, yes. Sick sibling silliness. Celestia: WIN! Luna: Pwned!

Oh no, Lyra's caught whiff *face-palms* prepare for shit-storm level omega!

Intermission music - genius.

This chapter was amazing!:pinkiehappy:

oh, it begins the real shitstorm

I've got to say that i'm very happy that you rewrote this it's much better this way. Great chapter by the way, loved Celestia

These really no point to rate it mature if theres no clop.

Why is it labled alternate universe?

Trollestia strikes again! Fantastic :trollestia:.

well then...awkward innuendos aside that made me get disturbing images, I am happy that you are back to writting this. I just hope that you don't overboard with them so I can sleep at night. Also I suggest Spike read fifty shades of grey if he is into "that type of story"

moved to fast

Should be "too"; I hate that one

You're going to Ponyville.

Forgot the quote at the end

No words be spoken

I think there's a "could" missing there

wait, so Spike is reading "magazines", that he "isn't old enough to read", in the common room, with Twilight right next to him? thats... thats wierd.

I dont know why... but I think I shall be favoriting this one

It just draws me in for some reason:rainbowlaugh:

1310288 The chapters that used to exist had enough clop for it to warrant a mature rating, so he probably plans to add it back in later on.

1310289 Humie version of ponies. Might take that tag off tho.

1310345 yeah well, 'Murricans be dumb. As well as most of Europe. And part of Asia. And e'rrywhere else not Britain.

1310288 'S not, 's Teen.

1310805 ima delete ur comment b4 u gets banned.

1310866 (s)he was a firster :applejackunsure: Don't want anyone gettin banned on my stuff.

The original had... A complete total of no clop, or even innuendo. The only thing that would warrant the tag was a short mention of foreplay.

Will there be clop?
Because you just very much skipped over it, seems suspicious.

Look Mr.Bubbles, a good fic

This story is strange to say the least


so wait? its illegal to go "first!".....:trixieshiftleft:

or am i missing something, I AM new to the site....:trixieshiftright:

the untranslated version
luna:alsikhflkanfhoeifhkdnkj,fgbyfuyiediuwhdiu *starts laughing*
lulu:olfsdvldfhjdhfljneafljhlfjefbkjefbkjef pspsapaspnfgeufiwlgkuk *gets kissed passes out*
luna:awwww*passes out*

Good story :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

And I think that there will be some strange moments if(When, my bad) Lulu meets the Mane Six she will know variosu things about them despite not having met.

LYRA KNOWS!!:pinkiegasp: Or will anyways, I am looking forwards to updates and seeing what happens :twilightsmile:

I need to write a Lyra/Gilda('s Hands) shipfic.

1311081 As of recently, administrators/ops on this site are banning people who comment first and just say "FIRST!", rather than give criticism or just say what they like.

Ima just tell y'all that brekkie is a semi Canadian thing too. I should know, I am Canadian. :yay: Canada FTW!

I'm Australian and I call breakfast brekkie sometimes.
So it's not just British. Unless I stole it from the British. But how?

wow, i have to say, your taste in music is alot like mine. (Shouldn't forget Alestorm though. FEAR THE PIRATE METAL) I dawwed at quite a bit, and also agree with the choice of games. You Know how to pick em. Lookin forward to more.

Double stache. :moustache::moustache:

1311940 ive only ever heard it in england so... Heh

1312087 there will be pirate and pirate music themes in later chapters

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